Helen Razer
is a writer and broadcaster. She is The Saturday Paper’s television critic and gardening columnist.

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Television May 30, 2015

Into the rainbow with the Muppets

At last the Muppets acknowledge that their humour works best hand in glove with ‘adult’ themes.

Television April 25, 2015

Broad City set to become this decade’s Seinfeld

Broad City offers a welcome step back from comedy focused on self-improvement.

Gardening March 21, 2015

War of the weeds

To keep the peace in any garden, you must be unafraid to let slip the dogs – and shovels – of war.

Television March 14, 2015

Q&A’s false democracy

Tony Jones invites Q&A audiences into an illusory democracy, where “representation” belies equality.

Television February 14, 2015

Portlandia shines while sketching the truth

How Portlandia’s organic, free-ranging satire makes us laugh at our artisanal pretensions.

Gardening January 31, 2015

Singing the praises of kale and cauli, baby

When it comes to being a great green, the brassica family of cauliflower and kale does it easy.

Gardening November 29, 2014

Lies, damned lies and exotics

Gardening half-truths go back at least to Joseph Banks, but his more noble legacy is our love of exotic plants.

Television November 22, 2014

TV medical dramas suffer from a reality bypass

Only an incurable fan would think today’s medical dramas have any instructive value.

Gardening October 25, 2014

Herb your enthusiasm

Why spend a fortune on herbs at the supermarket only to watch them decay in your crisper drawer? Get hooked on growing your own.