Helen Razer
is a writer and broadcaster. She is The Saturday Paper’s television critic and gardening columnist.

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news May 31, 2014

Dirty deeds of soil health

Improving the quality of your soil is a time-consuming labour of love, and compost is a rotten way to go about it.

news May 10, 2014

Propagate and prosper

It may not be sexy, but nothing beats the satisfaction – or the economy – of growing plants from scratch.

news May 03, 2014

The past imperfect

Mad Men’s glimpses into another era make us just as uneasy about our present.

news April 19, 2014

Spring bulbs

Despite the regal appearance of spring flowering bulbs, their simple cultivation makes them a common pleasure.

news March 29, 2014

National Geographic Channel’s Cosmos a win for learning

When a man known for vulgar humour combines with a beautiful mind, the resulting TV is no joke.

news March 08, 2014

Girls stripped bare

Since when does creating true art have to go hand in hand with ‘keeping it real’?