Hugh White

is emeritus professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University. He is a former deputy secretary of the Department of Defence and wrote Australia’s 2000 Defence White Paper.

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Comment February 18, 2023

The most profound shift in defence in two centuries

“The ultimate reason for that is the big brutal fact that the DSR almost certainly evades: we will face the dangers of the decades ahead alone. The Albanese government doesn’t understand this any better than the Morrison government did. Richard Marles …”

podcast February 22, 2022

’The New Cold War’ Part Two: The US vs China

Today on 7am, Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the Australian National University Hugh White, on the changing power dynamics in our region, and the risks of war between the US and China.

podcast October 26, 2021

A war over Taiwan

Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University Hugh White on how Australia could be drawn into a war over Taiwan, and why it could turn nuclear.

podcast September 21, 2021

Everything wrong with Australia’s nuclear submarine deal

Australia has entered into a new trilateral military alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States, called AUKUS.

Comment September 18, 2021

From the submarine to the ridiculous

“The old plan was to build a conventionally powered version of a nuclear-powered French submarine. It was crazy. The new plan – to buy a nuclear-powered submarine instead – is worse.”

podcast May 10, 2021

Does Dutton really want war with China?

The relationship between Australia and China has already reached an all time low, but now senior political figures are starting to talk publicly about war. Today, Hugh White on how likely a hot war with China really is, and why our government seems to be talking up the possibility.

News May 08, 2021

Hugh White on how a conflict with China ‘would very likely become a nuclear war’

As the Morrison government attempts a policy of containment against China, it risks the real prospect of war and one of the biggest failures of statecraft in Australia’s history.