Imran Mohammad
is a Rohingya refugee who was held on Manus Island for four years. He learnt English while in detention.

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News April 07, 2018

The plight of Rohingya women

As the minority Rohingya people flee persecution in Myanmar, none face greater hardship and suffering than Rohingya women.

News January 27, 2018

A new year’s resolution for Manus

With another year of their lives lost to an unknown future, the refugees and asylum seekers trapped on Manus Island dream of resolution, security and healing in 2018.

News October 28, 2017

Closing Manus Island

As the October 31 closure deadline looms on Manus Island, the asylum seekers held there fear for their uncertain future.

Life July 18, 2017

Four years on Manus Island

This week marks four years since Imran Mohammad was sent to Manus Island. He despairs for his and his fellow asylum seekers’ uncertain future and yet is thankful for the humanity of people he will never meet.

Opinion June 03, 2017

The situation on Manus

“We don’t expect any hope from the Australian and PNG governments. It has always been felt that we would never leave this island alive and it has become apparent the abuse and torture implemented by both countries is unending. All we want to say to both …”