Isabella Trimboli

is a writer and critic based in Melbourne.

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Culture November 20, 2021

2022 Sydney Festival director Olivia Ansell

Sydney Festival’s new director, Olivia Ansell, wants to remind the city of its unruly histories.

Culture September 11, 2021

Musician Marcus Whale

Marcus Whale’s singular music spans popular and classical forms to expose the monstrous transcendence of desire.

Culture May 15, 2021

She Walks in Beauty

Marianne Faithfull’s meditative new album, She Walks in Beauty, reflects her lifelong love of the Romantic poets, although it elides their more radical edges.

Culture July 11, 2020

Jarvis Cocker pops the questions

More than 40 years after starting the iconic band Pulp, Jarvis Cocker continues to evolve as an artist. He speaks about the raves of the late ’80s, his concerns about the growing costs of humanities degrees, and his latest album, Beyond the Pale.

Music February 29, 2020

Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene

Despite its hypnotic melodies, complex dynamics and cohesive sound, Grimes’ album Miss Anthropocene falls short of its aim to revitalise our engagement with the climate crisis.

Portrait July 06, 2019

MONA FOMA and Dark Mofo’s Hannah Fox

A swim, au naturel, with associate creative director Hannah Fox.