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is a dual Australian Sports Commission Media Awards winner who writes about the business of sport.

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Sport October 21, 2017

Champion stayer: Linda Meech, 37, jockey

Linda Meech on her long career as a gypsy jockey and how she recovered mentally after a serious race fall.

Sport October 07, 2017

Winning ways: Graham Arnold, 54, soccer coach

Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold on starting a new A-League season with a clean slate after last year’s triumphs.

Sport September 16, 2017

High achiever: Rory Lobb, 24, Australian rules footballer

GWS Giants’ Rory Lobb on making the finals again and the taxing workload that goes into playing in the AFL.

Sport September 02, 2017

Career goals: Jamie Maclaren, 24, soccer player

As the Socceroos strive to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, striker Jamie Maclaren talks about putting in the hard work and never giving up.

Sport August 19, 2017

Coach approach: Anthony Griffin, 50, NRL coach

Penrith Panthers coach Anthony Griffin on the importance of talking to your players, and the great Sydney rivalries.

Sport June 24, 2017

Sumo lovin’: Thomas Traill, 18, sumo wrestler

World Games representative Thomas Traill on the power, technique and challenging outfits used in sumo wrestling.

Sport June 10, 2017

Striking out: Jamie Abdallah, 26, mixed martial artist

Mixed martial artist Jamie Abdallah on the art of cage fighting and his bid to break into the UFC.

Sport May 27, 2017

Routine pleasures: Danielle Prince, 24, rhythmic gymnast

She says she’s unco-ordinated on the dance floor, but in the rhythmic gymnastics arena Danielle Prince is a five-time national champion.

Sport May 06, 2017

Hitting the wall: Tamika Saxby, 24, squash player

Squash champion Tamika Saxby on rebuilding her game’s profile and finding that crucial sport–life balance.

Sport April 29, 2017

Victory’s secret: Kevin Muscat, 43, soccer coach

Coach Kevin Muscat on the respectful atmosphere and cultural diversity at A-League’s Melbourne Victory.

Sport March 25, 2017

Power supplier: Brendon Ah Chee, 23, Australian rules footballer

Port Adelaide’s Brendon Ah Chee on his unusual surname and improving the Indigenous space in the AFL.

Sport March 18, 2017

Marathon man: Liam Adams, 30, marathon runner

Liam Adams on the pain and pleasures of the long-distance runner.

Sport March 04, 2017

Game of throws: Bevan Calvert, 30, handballer

Australian handball team captain Bevan Calvert on building domestic skill levels.

Sport February 04, 2017

The bantam menace: Jason Moloney, 26, boxer

Super bantamweight Jason Moloney on his love for boxing and the battle with the scales.

Sport December 17, 2016

Defence force: Laura Alleway, 27, soccer player

Matildas and Melbourne City defender Laura Alleway on the professionalism in women’s soccer.

News December 10, 2016

Amateur sportspeople more likely to be found doping

With complex anti-doping regulations, mislabelling of supplements, and sporting bodies wanting to keep investigations in-house, drug tests are more likely to uncover cheats among amateurs than professional athletes.

Sport December 03, 2016

Mind craft: Rowena Webster, 28, water polo player

Olympic bronze medallist Rowena Webster on how she got her head back in the game.

Sport November 19, 2016

Jersey boy: Tarek Elrich, 29, soccer player

Tarek Elrich on the A-League’s growing strength and doing his bit for charity.

News November 12, 2016

FFA, FIFA, match-fixing and sports integrity

As a soccer player banned for match-fixing seeks to have Football Federation Australia permit him to rejoin the game, a former FIFA integrity official warns such a move would make a mockery of the fight against corruption in the sport.

Sport October 01, 2016

It’s catching: Dan Rule, 29, ultimate frisbee player

Dan Rule on the lure of the hovering frisbee and the spirit of fair play.

News September 24, 2016

FIFA pushes for Football Federation Australia reform

It may not be long since FIFA itself was rocked by scandal, but now soccer’s world governing body is in Australia to push through reforms to Football Federation Australia.

Sport September 10, 2016

Among Giants: Nick Haynes, 24, Australian rules footballer

GWS Giants defender Nick Haynes ahead of his team’s qualifying final against the Sydney Swans.

Sport August 20, 2016

Riding high: Ben Hannant, 31, rugby league player

North Queensland Cowboys’ Ben Hannant on the NRL’s future and being a proud father of six.

News July 23, 2016

High stakes as online gaming bets on Northern Territory

Relaxed regulations surrounding online gambling have turned the Northern Territory into a haven for sports betting agencies.

Sport July 16, 2016

The playmaker: Elise Kellond-Knight, 25, soccer player

Meet Elise Kellond-Knight, the midfielder helping drive the Matildas first Olympics campaign in 12 years.

Sport July 09, 2016

Blades of glory: Alyce Burnett, 23, kayaker

Olympic kayaker Alyce Burnett on being the nerdy underdog.

Sport July 02, 2016

Back in the game: Blake Austin, 25, rugby league player

Canberra Raiders’ Blake Austin on the beautiful language of sport.

Sport June 04, 2016

All around the world: Bailey Wright, 23, soccer player

Socceroos defender Bailey Wright on Ange Postecoglou and the challenges of playing World Cup qualifiers.

Sport February 13, 2016

Turning tables: Melissa ‘Milly’ Tapper, 25, table tennis player

Paralympian Milly Tapper’s dream to also compete in the able-bodied Olympics.

Sport December 12, 2015

Trials and tribulations: Clint Kimmins, 31, ironman triathlete

How athlete Clint Kimmins rebuilt his life – and career – after a stint in jail.

Sport November 28, 2015

The hungry gamer: Matthew Simmons, 26, online racing driver

How an Australia Post courier got signed by the Nissan GT Academy.

Sport November 07, 2015

Golden boot: James Troisi, 27, soccer player

Socceroo James Troisi on the World Cup qualifiers and the emerging Australian style.

News October 17, 2015

Inmates powerless against theft within prison system

At time of arrest a person’s valuables are bagged to be securely held until the prisoner is released. But reports suggest that within the prison system theft – by guards, police and fellow inmates – is widespread.

Sport October 10, 2015

Ultimate power: Simplice Ribouem, 32, weightlifter

Weightlifter Simplice Ribouem’s journey from Cameroonian asylum seeker to Australian Olympic Games hopeful.

Sport August 29, 2015

Wing man: Tommy Oar, 23, soccer player

Socceroos midfielder Tommy Oar is set to take on Bangladesh and Tajikistan in World Cup qualifiers.

Sport May 30, 2015

Scoring goals: Kyah Simon, 23, soccer player

Growing up, Kyah Simon was inspired by Cathy Freeman. Now the Matilda hopes to motivate a new generation of sports stars.

Culture May 09, 2015

Musician Allen Murphy’s mentoring role in remote Australia

A chance trip to Australia led Allen Murphy on a three-decade journey of Indigenous discovery.

Sport April 25, 2015

Singular goal: Ange Postecoglou, 49, soccer coach

Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou on his dream to conquer the world.