James Brown

is the research director of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

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Opinion June 06, 2015

China building islands, not bridges

“Chinese land reclamation is really about creating new facts on the ground … and extending potential PLA military control southwards.”

Opinion May 02, 2015

The new Space Race

“An analysis published by the RAAF’s Air Power Development Centre last November grimly concludes “weaponisation of the space domain is likely to take place”. ”

Opinion March 28, 2015

Unravelling the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

“This is about more than just eliminating obstacles at the border – it is about more fully integrating 12 national economies and the policies that regulate them.”

Opinion February 21, 2015

Time for decisions on navy’s new submarine fleet

“Nearly every naval power in Asia is increasing its submarine force over the next two decades, suggesting our neighbours aren’t willing to bet on a benign Indo-Pacific in the future either.”

Opinion December 20, 2014

Fighting a siege mentality

“For me, this was not a terrorist incident. There was no co-ordinated media plan, no clear message, no obvious outcome the gunman was seeking. ”

Opinion December 13, 2014

Aust government leaves Antarctic plans on ice

“Antarctic science is critical to our understanding of climate change … Yet in recent years Australia’s scientific program has contracted.”

Opinion November 08, 2014

Defence’s silence is loud and clear

“Not until three months later did the Australian public become aware that its military stood accused of committing a war crime.”

Opinion October 04, 2014

Burning questions over ADF deployment to Middle East

“The government has not yet made a detailed case for why the ADF needs to be fighting in the Middle East, nor what national interests our military is fighting to protect.”

Opinion August 30, 2014

China-Australia relationship needs to broaden from trade

Global Times concluded: 'For many Chinese people, Australia is a good place for business, travel and higher education. That’s about it.'

Opinion July 26, 2014

MH17 and our place in the world

“The image of Australian bodies loaded into an industrial train in Eastern Europe forces us to confront questions about what kind of power we want to be.”

Opinion June 21, 2014

The truth about pragmatists

“As parties have had to chase an increasingly swinging vote, their policies have become more pragmatic.”

Opinion May 17, 2014

Dream homes

“Real estate is a part of the conversation growing up ... It’s a hunt, a game of musical chairs, but it feels like the music stopped some time back in the 1980s.”

Opinion April 26, 2014

After the Last Post

Beyond Anzac Day’s commemoration, the government must grapple with an increasingly difficult defence picture.