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is a Melbourne-based writer and editor.

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News May 06, 2017

Chechnya’s gay purge

As homosexuals are rounded up, imprisoned and brutally beaten in Chechnya, and families engage in ‘honour killings’, the country’s leader says the gay population will be eliminated by Ramadan.

News April 01, 2017

Palm oil plantations displace more than orang-utans

The Western focus on saving the endangered Borneo orang-utan from palm oil plantations overlooks the industry’s effect on indigenous communities and the climate change impact of the loss of peat forests.

News February 11, 2017

Environmental concerns for Timor-Leste cement project

While plans to build a major cement project in Timor-Leste have brought the welcome promise of jobs for local people, the environmental and social costs could be catastrophic.

News May 02, 2015

Threat to far north Queensland cassowaries a case for worry

Cassowaries play a vital role in Indigenous culture and rainforest replenishment, but the rare bird’s numbers are rapidly falling in Far North Queensland as human recklessness takes its toll.

News November 22, 2014

Future Fund betting on the nuclear arms race

Australia’s Future Fund invests in nuclear weapons development and our banks are happy to provide capital as well.

News September 27, 2014

The unusual suspects of the protest movement

Protesters at the People’s Climate March in Melbourne found themselves being sold superannuation. Organisers say the movement needs to embrace a corporate presence to effect real change.

News June 28, 2014

Malaysia detains Sydney environmental protester indefinitely

A Sydney woman is being detained without charge in Malaysia after protesting that an Australian mining company there is failing to safely dispose of radioactive waste.

Environment April 05, 2014

The fracking industry’s PR blitz

The oil and gas industry is waging a PR campaign to counter public concerns about hydraulic fracturing. It extends to recruitment in school classrooms.

News March 15, 2014

It’s still not easy being Green for Senator Scott Ludlam

A late-night speech to an empty senate gave Scott Ludlam some notoriety online, but will it bring him votes in the West Australian election next month?