Jane Caro
is a Sydney-based novelist, writer and documentary maker.

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Opinion September 29, 2018

Enemies of public schooling

“It is the secular nature of public education that Morrison and his fellow conservative believers don’t like. It’s why conservative prime ministers from John Howard onwards have sneered at the lack of values in public schools. What they really mean …”

Opinion May 12, 2018

Ruining Gonski’s school funding plan

“The LNP have been brazen about their commitment to what they call ‘independent’ schools, including those that charge high and ever-mounting fees. They have claimed their partiality towards these palaces of privilege is ‘part of their …”

Opinion December 23, 2017

Religious school discrimination

“A country that permits and encourages private religious schooling should understand that such schools will expect to discriminate in their student admission and teacher employment practices in favour of those who are members of their faith communities, …”

Opinion September 16, 2017

Women’s entrappings of high office

“In the past few years, almost a quarter of the small number of women who lead nations have either lost office because of charges of corruption or other criminal behaviour, or are fighting such accusations, or have members of their families who have been …”

Opinion June 24, 2017

Gonski’s troublesome twin

“While Birmingham and Turnbull adopted the original funding formula’s idea of an SRS – simply what a school needs to do its job properly – they appear to be using it in a way that risks abandoning the principle of funding schools according to student …”

News February 25, 2017

Gonski funding under threat despite positive outcomes

As the federal government shies away from the full funding of Gonski, the successes of the model are becoming clearer.

Opinion December 10, 2016

Anti-euthanasia laws hurt families

“When he opened his eyes and saw his children, he realised he was still alive. He groaned, wept and turned his face to the wall. It seemed he must go on suffering.”