Jennifer Down

is the author of Our Magic Hour and the forthcoming Pulse Points.

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Portrait September 30, 2017

Composer Him Sophy

A conversation with Him Sophy, creator of Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia.

Portrait July 29, 2017

Actor Steve Coogan

Unravelling Steve Coogan and The Trip to Spain.

Portrait April 29, 2017

Documentary filmmaker Hollie Fifer

Hollie Fifer on documenting the David and Goliath struggles of locals versus industry in Papua New Guinea.

Portrait May 16, 2015

Healing wounds

Artist Rushdi Anwar on the idea of home in a world of migrants and refugees.

Portrait April 04, 2015

The literary vision of Stella Prize judge Tony Birch

Meet acclaimed Melbourne novelist and father-of-five Tony Birch.

Portrait February 07, 2015

The Carlton few

Singer and actress Jane Clifton takes a trip down memory lane in the old ’hood.