Jenny Valentish
is the author of Everything Harder Than Everyone Else: Why Some of Us Push Our Bodies to Extremes, which will be published in June. 

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Life June 09, 2018

Vickie Roach and Women Transforming Justice

Vickie Roach spent much of her adult life in prison. Fourteen years since her last conviction, the Yuin woman is not a prison reformer – she’s an abolitionist.

News June 02, 2018

Pill testing as harm minimisation

As an ardent campaigner for pill testing and decriminalisation, Matt Noffs has called for the government to consider new policy to minimise the harm caused by recreational drugs.

Travel December 02, 2017

Lewes Bonfire

The rival bonfire societies of Lewes, East Sussex, vie to deliver the biggest spectacle of fireworks, costumed processions and burning effigies, in a working-class festival of rebellion.

Life October 14, 2017

Russell Brand’s AA reform plan

Is comedian and author Russell Brand’s repackaging of Alcoholics Anonymous for the masses just entertaining his messiah complex? Or is he truly aiming to be a global ‘mentor’?

Science January 28, 2017

Drug research and lived experience

Few researchers working with prohibited drugs such as heroin and psychedelics admit ‘inside knowledge’ of their use, but some argue that the culture of non-disclosure is irresponsible.

Health November 19, 2016

The neglected world of comorbid disorders

Anorexic and abusing ice, Katelyn was let down by a health system unequipped to meet the challenges of comorbid disorders.

Culture August 08, 2015

Writer and editor Jessica Hopper on rock’s gender trap

Pitchfork editor Jessica Hopper talks to Jenny Valentish about perceptions that ‘girl’ is a genre and women aren’t great critics.

Life August 01, 2015

Breaking the cycle of addiction

The trouble with beating addiction is that it isn’t confined to one substance or activity.

News May 30, 2015

Roo shock for wildlife rescue

Wildlife shelters and native animal rescuers are struggling, with no Victorian government commitment.