Jesse Noakes

is a writer and campaigner from Western Australia.

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News February 04, 2023

How politics is hindering the Kimberley flood emergency

As Western Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, the state faces the vast task of post-flood rebuilding in a way that prepares for more extreme rainfall events.

News January 21, 2023

Banksia Hill and WA’s youth justice crisis

A New Year’s Eve riot at Western Australia’s Banksia Hill youth detention centre was the culmination of an escalating crisis in which vulnerable children are denied the basic rights of education, recreation and restorative justice.

News November 19, 2022

The network behind direct action climate protests

Behind the recent string of climate protests in art galleries and museums – here and overseas – is a network of organisations with backing from environmental philanthropists.

News September 10, 2022

Labor approves removal of sacred rock art on the Burrup Peninsula

As Tanya Plibersek grants final approval for a fertiliser plant on the Burrup Peninsula, Woodside has quietly begun expansion of its enormous Pluto gas project.

podcast August 03, 2022

For some renters, being evicted is a death sentence

Today, writer and campaigner Jesse Noakes on the deadly consequences of evictions, and the new push to protect renters.

News July 30, 2022

The deadly consequences of rental evictions in WA

As a homelessness crisis unfolds around the country, the Western Australian government has undertaken to review tenancy laws to finally remove ‘no grounds’ rental evictions.

podcast June 15, 2022

The truth about the ‘gas crisis’

Journalist Jesse Noakes on eye watering energy bills and why the one state that’s avoiding them is not necessarily the example the rest of us should follow.

News June 11, 2022

Labor’s flawed answer to the energy crisis

Australia’s gas crisis is not caused by a supply shortage – it’s the result of an export system the Coalition allowed donors to essentially design. Labor’s first answer is more fossil fuel.

News May 14, 2022

The death of Ricky Lee Cound

The suicide of Ricky Lee Cound in a prison south-east of Perth has sparked a fresh campaign for the recognition of sovereign rights and government accountability for Indigenous deaths in custody.

News March 26, 2022

Mark McGowan’s message for federal politics

As the pandemic recedes from discourse, and the cost of living and climate change become voter priorities, what does Labor’s political strength in Western Australia mean for the federal election?

podcast February 07, 2022

Australia’s largest new fossil fuel project

Today, contributor to The Monthly Jesse Noakes on why the Scarborough project is being called Juukan Gorge in slow motion.

News January 22, 2022

WA’s health system is falling apart even without Covid-19

Western Australia’s plan to reopen its border to the rest of Australia was pushed back late this week, amid warnings of a coming catastrophe in the country’s worst health system.

News October 30, 2021

‘A cop can shoot a person in cold blood and get away with it…’

The first trial in a century of a WA police officer for killing an Aboriginal person ended in an acquittal, from a jury without a single Black juror.

News October 23, 2021

How the fight to save WA’s native forests was finally won

The battle to save WA’s remaining old-growth forests required activists to mobilise public opinion and pressure the government to see the financial, climate and biodiversity benefits of leaving those forests intact.