John Hewson
is a professor at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and former Liberal opposition leader.

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Opinion December 11, 2021

What Adrian Mole tells us about Scott Morrison

“Surprisingly to many, the Coalition has consistently maintained its poll lead over Labor on the question of who would be ‘preferred economic managers’. Although there are a host of other issues that will feature in the coming election campaign – …”

Opinion December 04, 2021

Jacqui Lambie did what John Howard and the Liberal Party wouldn’t

“Now the various independents’ movements are gaining genuine momentum in a number of key seats, having identified good, strong, community-based candidates and launching their campaigns for the next federal election, it is instructive to contemplate …”

Opinion November 27, 2021

Scott Morrison’s election lies

“It has been a widely held perception that politicians can play fast and loose with the truth. As with those who sell used cars, they manipulate data and events to suit what they think will be to their short-term political advantage. Donald Trump elevated …”

Opinion November 20, 2021

Morrison leads a can’t-do government in a won’t-do country

“Is Scott Morrison’s latest slogan – ‘can-do capitalism’ – simply an overarching abrogation of his responsibility to provide good government in our national interest?”

Opinion November 13, 2021

Scott Morrison’s safety word

“It has been demonstrated that incumbent state governments have been advantaged in their elections, but this sentiment is unlikely to be translated as support for the Coalition federally.”

Opinion November 06, 2021

When will Morrison learn that a slogan is not a policy?

“When will Scott Morrison and the Liberal National Party realise that three-word slogans are not a policy; indeed, they may not even be an effective way to deliver the desired marketing message? In the past two elections we were bombarded with ‘Jobs …”

Opinion October 30, 2021

I grew up as one of Pru Goward’s ‘proles’ and her views are deplorable

“How often have you heard that we are a very egalitarian nation, and heard politicians claim that we have one of the most effective and fair social welfare systems in the world – yet inequality remains a significant political issue?”

Opinion October 23, 2021

What does the prime minister have against universities?

“Clearly our universities found themselves in very precarious financial circumstances, but the government ruled out any form of direct financial assistance during the pandemic.”

Opinion October 16, 2021

Selling off the dead

“The latest development in New South Wales politics – the ascension of a new premier, Dominic Perrottet – may soon see the increased influence of the Catholic Church in matters of NSW government administration.”