John Martinkus
is a foreign correspondent and author.

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News May 14, 2016

Indonesian crackdown on West Papuan independence protest

The harassment, beating and jailing of independence protesters by Indonesian authorities in Papua continues, while Australia turns a blind eye.

News April 30, 2016

Tasmania’s power crisis

Mismanagement of Tasmania’s once-abundant hydroelectric resources combined with the driest year on record see the state on the brink of wintertime power cuts.

Environment February 27, 2016

Politicising the Tasmanian bushfires

Tasmania’s wilderness fires are an environmental disaster, a foreshadowing of climate change conditions – and a point of political contention.

News January 30, 2016

Jakarta terrorism’s roots in oppressed Aceh

January’s Jakarta terrorist attacks have their roots in the oppression and unrest of Aceh’s hidden war.

News December 19, 2015

The truth about John Howard’s East Timor ‘liberation’

As Indonesian troops fired on a compound of refugees in Dili, John Howard directed the AFP to withdraw. Had they followed orders, they would have left 3000 people to certain death.

News November 21, 2015

John Martinkus: ‘What my captors wanted to know’

When armed insurgents kidnapped the author in Iraq, they interrogated him on building a propaganda machine. A decade later, they became Daesh.

Culture October 17, 2015

Michael Ware’s war record

Michael Ware's hair-raising documentary Only the Dead explains how he reported the beginnings of the Iraq insurgency that begat Daesh.