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podcast November 10, 2023

The war’s impact on children in Gaza

Save the Children’s Jason Lee on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and world editor for The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman, on why a ceasefire isn’t happening in the Middle East.

News November 04, 2023

No clear end to Israel–Gaza ground invasion

A week into Israel’s invasion of Gaza, few hostages have been recovered, while the death toll rises and the UN warns of a humanitarian crisis.

News November 04, 2023

Pakistan sets deadline for expulsion of Afghan refugees

Russia launches new offensive in eastern Ukraine. China’s aid to Pacific states falls. US reins in artificial intelligence.

podcast October 31, 2023

Why Australia refused to vote on a truce in Gaza

World editor for The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman, on what the ground invasion means for Gaza and how the rest of the world is viewing the crisis in the Middle East.

World October 28, 2023

Israel pushed on Gaza aid as ground invasion looms

Attacks on Ukraine intensify. Power alliances formed in Indonesia. Philippines and China on a collision course.

podcast October 26, 2023

Secret hostage negotiations and the delayed invasion in Gaza

World editor of The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on the secretive hostage negotiations, and why Israel’s ground invasion appears to be delayed.

World October 21, 2023

A million Gazans flee homes as conflict escalates

The terrible toll from the war between Israel and Hamas worsened this week, as tensions on Israel’s northern border added to fears the fighting could erupt into an all-out regional war.

podcast October 17, 2023

What would an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza mean?

World editor of The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on what’s happening in Gaza and why this new war could reshape the Middle East.

World October 14, 2023

Hamas–Israel: The war that will reshape the Middle East

Israeli–Palestinian tensions have escalated to unprecedented levels, leaving thousands dead or injured, after last weekend’s unexpected attack by the Islamist militant movement Hamas provoked brutal retaliation.

World October 07, 2023

Judge gags Trump as fraud trial puts empire on shaky ground

Cracks in Western support for Ukraine. Clashes in Papua leave five dead. Canada–India rift grows.

World September 30, 2023

Armenia claims Azerbaijan is intent on ethnic cleansing

Russia, Ukraine launch fierce drone attacks. Biden hosts Pacific Islands summit. Antarctic sea ice dwindling.

World September 23, 2023

Iran frees jailed Americans in US$6 billion prisoner swap

Russia accused of genocide. Tuvalu declares its ongoing statehood. India denies ‘assassination’.

World September 15, 2023

Kim travels to Russia in show of support for Putin

NZ PM on track for heavy defeat. UK–China spy allegations strain relations. Thousands die in Libya floods.

podcast September 14, 2023

Putin, Kim Jong-Un and a luxury train ride

World editor for The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman, on Putin’s desperate wartime quest and the danger of what North Korea might receive in return.

World September 09, 2023

Putin wants North Korean weapons as Ukraine surges

Vanuatu to revisit security pact. Gabon general sworn in as president after coup. Armenian enclave cut off by Azerbaijan.

World September 02, 2023

Fears detained novelist will be ‘left to die a political prisoner’

Ukraine drones hit Russia. PNG soldiers, police to quell tribal violence. Taiwan tycoon runs for president.

World August 26, 2023

Anti-Putin mutiny leader ‘murdered’ in private jet crash

Pacific islands’ concern over radioactive water. Saudi border guards accused of killing Ethiopian migrants. Ex-Thai PM returns from exile.

World August 19, 2023

Far-right populist promises ‘different kind of Argentina’

Russia expands attacks across Ukraine. Moves to improve Jakarta’s air quality. Trump charged in Georgia.

World August 12, 2023

Deadly Russian missile strikes follow Zelensky assassination plot

Future of Vanuatu prime minister uncertain. Imran Khan banned from Pakistani politics. Xi Jinping’s latest purge.

World August 05, 2023

Trump says charges amount to ‘election interference’

Saudi Arabian summit on Ukraine war. Russia funds Solomon Islands media. Military coup in Niger.

World July 29, 2023

Protests fire up as Netanyahu judiciary bill causes chaos

Russia targets Ukraine’s grain. French president’s first visit to Pacific. Cambodian prime minister hands power to son.

World July 22, 2023

Thai establishment blocks prime ministerial frontrunner

Russia retaliates with grain blockade. Three dead in Auckland shooting. US and China talk as world burns.

World July 15, 2023

NATO’s Vilnius summit steps up focus on the Indo-Pacific

Before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, NATO’s main source of fame in recent years was as a perennial target of Donald Trump’s invective.

News July 08, 2023

Widodo and Albanese put co-operation first in talks

Russia remains united, says Putin. Major Israeli operation in the West Bank. Musk v Zuckerberg.

World July 01, 2023

Retreat of Wagner’s Prigozhin leaves Putin looking weak

The most significant threat to Vladimir Putin’s leadership emerged last week from an unlikely source – a former criminal, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who thrived under Putin as he became the president’s favoured restaurateur and caterer.

podcast June 23, 2023

Crimes and Misdemeanours: Donald Trump and Hunter Biden

Editor of Australian Foreign Affairs, Jonathan Pearlman, on how the contest for the US presidency is suddenly about who has committed what crimes.

World June 24, 2023

Hundreds dead in sinking as Greek coastguard under fire

Evidence links Russia to dam bomb. Musk satellite to boost Indonesia’s internet. Daesh ties to Ugandan massacre.

World June 17, 2023

Angry Trump declares innocence as charges pile up

Limited success for Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Papua New Guinea’s former PM charged. Massacre in Democratic Republic of Congo.

World June 10, 2023

Ukraine dam collapse ‘a monumental catastrophe’

US, China participate in Indonesian naval drills. Senegalese opposition leader’s jailing sparks violence. Another Indian rail disaster.

World June 03, 2023

Putin threatens retaliation after Moscow drone strike

Fiji’s Great Council of Chiefs returns. Harsh penalties for homosexuality in Uganda. Erdoğan re-elected as Türkiye’s president.

World May 27, 2023

Albanese, Modi embrace deepening national ties

Competing claims on Bakhmut’s fate. US signs defence pact with PNG. Bail for Imran Khan.

World May 20, 2023

Ukraine claws back territory as Zelensky shores up support

Modi due in PNG. Move Forward’s success in Thai election. Kenya’s starvation cult.

World May 13, 2023

Tribal clashes lead to curfews, troops in India’s Manipur

Subdued displays for Russia’s Victory Day celebration. China anger at Fiji shift. Erdoğan’s toughest election.

World May 06, 2023

Refugee crisis unfolds as fighting continues in Sudan

US reveals grim Russian toll. Plan for PNG soldiers to join Australian forces. Coronation of Charles III.

World April 29, 2023

Biden to run again in 2024, despite voter concern

Fiji addresses looming economic crisis. Singapore’s death penalty criticised. States including Chile nationalise natural resources.

World April 22, 2023

Ceasefire calls ignored as Sudan lists towards civil war

International warning on arms to Russia. Papuan separatists ambush hostage search. The yuan versus the greenback.

World April 15, 2023

Macron’s clarion call on Taiwan ‘a PR coup for Xi’

A win for press freedoms in Fiji. Hopes for an end to civil war in Yemen. White House launches investigation into leaked Pentagon documents.

World April 08, 2023

Trump faces 34 counts related to hush money

Assassination of pro-Russia war blogger. United States to open an embassy in Vanuatu. Taiwan’s leader meets with US house speaker.

World April 01, 2023

Russia moves nukes to Belarus as Ukraine gets tanks

Labour crisis in Vanuatu. Israel suspends judiciary overhaul. US mulls TikTok ban.

World March 25, 2023

Trump and the Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ claims

Chinese president Xi Jinping visits Vladimir Putin. Samoa’s prime minister calls for regional integration. Syria’s President Assad visits Oman and the UAE.

World March 18, 2023

Likely talks between Xi and Zelensky a boost for Ukraine

Call for Federated States of Micronesia to recognise Taiwan. British home secretary backs ‘stop the boats’ bill. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

World March 11, 2023

Albanese seeks a good line and length in India

China launches direct attack on US. Back-to-back cyclones devastate Vanuatu. Contested result in Nigeria’s elections.

World March 04, 2023

US accuses China of  ‘veneer of neutrality’ regarding Russia

Show of unity in Pacific Islands. ‘Pogrom’ accusations in West Bank rampage. Murdoch admits to enabling ‘crazy’ election lies.

World February 25, 2023

Biden visits Kyiv as Putin withdraws from arms treaty

Ransom demand for Papua New Guinea hostages. Kim Jong-un’s sister threatens ballistic missile tests. Social media algorithms on trial.

World February 18, 2023

Gabrielle wreaks havoc across NZ’s North Island

Downed flying objects still a mystery. New banknote chaos in Nigeria. Pressure on Erdoğan over quake.

World February 11, 2023

Death toll rising after earthquakes in Türkiye, Syria

The politics of China’s spy balloon. Pacific’s plea to Japan on Fukushima waste. Mass trial for Hong Kong pro-democracy group.

World February 04, 2023

US voices concern over Israel’s judicial plans

US and Britain reject Ukraine plea for fighter jets. Record rainfall in New Zealand. Adani wealth slips over ‘con’ claims.

World January 28, 2023

Germany allows the release of tanks to Ukraine

New Zealand’s new leader. Modi accused over deadly train attack. Egypt on the brink of economic collapse.

World January 21, 2023

Jacinda Ardern resigns ahead of NZ election in October

Volodymyr Zelensky vows vengeance. Women kidnapped in Burkina Faso. Last ‘godfather’ Matteo Messina Denaro captured.

World January 14, 2023

Freed Russian prisoners lead destruction in Ukraine’s east

Cabinet shuffle in Indonesia. Bolsonaro supporters arrested. Republican speaker fiasco.

World January 07, 2023

China decries ‘unacceptable’ Covid rules for its travellers

Zelensky warns Ukrainians to prepare for prolonged Russian drone strikes. New Fijian leader commits to strengthening democracy. Brazilian president sworn in.

World December 17, 2022

Zelensky pushes global peace summit as Putin attacks grid

Fiji’s election is in question. Violent clashes follow the Peruvian president’s ouster. Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, the ‘face of crypto’, is arrested.

World December 10, 2022

Morality police protests force Iran regime concessions

Ukraine attacks deep into Russian territory. Population shock in Papua New Guinea. Rebel group blamed for Congo massacre.

World December 03, 2022

China begins easing Covid policies as unrest spreads

Anger over Covid restrictions has sparked uprisings across China, and they are gaining a momentum not seen since Tiananmen Square in 1989, with protesters now publicly denouncing Xi Jinping.

World November 26, 2022

Scores dead, thousands evacuated after Java quake

Historic support for poorer countries affected by climate change. Hung parliament after Malaysian election. Kim Jong-un’s daughter steps out.

World November 19, 2022

China, United States improve ties at the G20

Widodo uses Bali summit to appeal for greater foreign investment. Landmark truce in Ethiopia. Donald Trump announces 2024 candidacy.

World November 12, 2022

Democrats hold back red tide at midterms

The Republicans had hoped for a sweeping victory at the US midterm elections on Tuesday but made only slight gains in the house and lost a crucial seat in the senate.

World November 05, 2022

Bolsonaro ousted as Lula vows to protect the Amazon

Russia discussed nuclear strikes after territory losses. Big drop in China aid to Pacific. Netanyahu set for third term.

podcast October 28, 2022

PM Rishi Sunak: Will this one last more than 45 days?

Jonathan Pearlman on the ascent of Rishi Sunak and the challenges ahead of him.

World October 29, 2022

Billionaire Rishi Sunak takes on ‘profound economic crisis’

Russia’s dirty bomb claim against Ukraine. Lethal cough syrup kills 141 children. Unscripted moment at Xi Jinping’s congress.

World October 22, 2022

Unquestioned command: spotlight on Xi Jinping

A third term for China’s authoritarian president further entrenches a regime of control, surveillance and crackdowns in the world’s second-most powerful country. 

World October 15, 2022

Russia attacks civilian targets in Ukrainian cities

New Zealand introduces an animal emissions tax. Snap election called in Malaysia. Elon Musk’s controversial peace plan.

World October 08, 2022

Brazil to return to polls as Lula falls just short of majority

Swift and effective counterattack by Ukraine. Solomon Islands uncomfortable on US deal. Liz Truss abandons tax cut plan.

World October 01, 2022

Italy elects far-right nationalist Giorgia Meloni as PM

Saboteurs blamed for Russia pipeline explosions. Pacific plan unveiled. Violent crackdown on protests over death of Mahsa Amini.

World September 24, 2022

Ukraine regains territory as Russia holds referendums

Concerns over deep-sea mining. Deadly clashes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Cheetahs return to India.

World September 17, 2022

Russian military red-faced as Ukraine recaptures vital cities

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes PNG. Violent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Xi Jinping travels again.

World September 10, 2022

Thatcher 2.0: Liz Truss says Britain ‘can ride out the storm’

The battle to keep Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia reactor safe. Kiribati suspends its top judges. Deadly earthquake strikes Sichuan.

World September 03, 2022

UN calls for action as Pakistan floods turn ‘apocalyptic’

Ukraine launches counteroffensive. Foreign naval ships banned from Solomon Islands. Heavy fighting in Baghdad after Sadr ‘quits’ politics.

podcast September 01, 2022

‘If they want to survive, time for them to run’: Ukraine’s new plan

Today, world editor for The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on the coalescing crises facing Europe, and what the next phase of the war in Ukraine will look like.

World August 27, 2022

Khan ‘anti-terror’ charge threatens Pakistan unrest

Russia backlash on assassination. China funds pay for Solomon Islands phone towers. Singapore repeals anti-gay laws.

World August 20, 2022

UN holds talks to prevent Ukraine nuclear plant disaster

Infection surge ends Marshall Islands’ Covid-free status. Path to Rushdie attack. European drought drains major rivers.

podcast August 17, 2022

What the FBI found at Donald Trump’s home

Today, world editor at The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on what the FBI were looking for when they raided Trump’s home.

World August 13, 2022

FBI raid of Trump’s Florida home sparks Republican fury

Nuclear power plant in Ukraine under threat. James Marape wins election in Papua New Guinea. Fragile truce for Israel and Gaza. 

World August 06, 2022

Beijing warns of backlash over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

New government forming in Papua New Guinea. Violent protests in Democratic Republic of Congo over peacekeeper ineffectiveness. US assassinates senior al-Qaeda leader in Kabul. 

World July 30, 2022

Zelensky accuses Moscow of energy supply ‘terrorism’

Dozens killed in PNG election violence. Democracy activists executed in Myanmar. Pope sorry for Canadian ‘evil’.

World July 23, 2022

Europe swelters as UN calls for end to climate ‘blame game’

Ukraine’s president sacks spy chief. Indonesian separatists claim responsibility for killings. More Sri Lankans flee as conditions worsen.

World July 16, 2022

Sri Lankan president flees to Maldives

Putin to meet Turkey and Iran leaders to build support. Foot-and-mouth disease still spreading in Indonesia. Dark underside of Uber origin story.

podcast July 11, 2022

How Boris Johnson broke Britain

World editor of The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman on Boris Johnson’s incredibly predictable downfall.

World July 09, 2022

Johnson toppled as MPs withdraw support

Papuan split causes tensions. Putin declares victory in Ukraine’s east. Glacier tragedy in Italy.

World July 02, 2022

NATO places 260,000 more troops on high alert

US creates a five-nation group to strengthen ties with Pacific Islands. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis deepens. Impact of the overturning of Roe v Wade.

World June 25, 2022

China, India step in to buy Russian oil refused by Europe

Kiribati’s lack of rain ‘a disaster’. Hundreds dead in Ethiopian massacre. Brazil’s brave land defenders murdered.

World June 18, 2022

Public hearings examine a ‘dark day’ for US democracy

What Trump and Fox lied about, and the former president’s comeback plans.

World June 11, 2022

EU accuses Russia of using food as a ‘stealth missile’

Albanese’s message to Indonesia. Tragedy in a Nigerian church. Boris Johnson survives, for the moment.

World June 04, 2022

Biden vows to send more military support to Ukraine

Pacific Islands reject Beijing deal. First visit to China by UN human rights chief since 2005. Canada tightens guns laws while US maintains status quo.

podcast June 01, 2022

China and Australia’s race around the Pacific

World editor for The Saturday Paper, Jonathan Pearlman on the race to make deals in the South Pacific.

World May 28, 2022

Albanese pledges climate action at Quad summit

New government ponders China relationship. Penny Wong’s message to Pacific Islands. Labor signals a pivot to South-East Asia.

World May 21, 2022

Finland and Sweden apply for NATO membership

New Zealand trials help for lower-income families to get electric vehicles. North Korea in lockdown as Covid-19 cases grow. US Treasury calls for regulation of volatile cryptocurrencies.

World May 14, 2022

Putin’s Victory Day marks stalemate in war

The resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa fails to quell violence in Sri Lanka. Clashes near PNG’s Porgera goldmine lead to 17 deaths. Ferdinand Marcos Jr wins Philippine presidential election.

World May 07, 2022

Ukraine evacuees who were trapped underground reach safety

New Zealand welcomes more international tourists. Ferdinand Marcos Jr set to be Philippine president. US abortion rights at risk as Supreme Court re-examines Roe v Wade.

World April 30, 2022

Macron’s win seen as defeat for anti-migrant populism

United States-led alliance commits more military support to defence of Ukraine. Indonesia bans palm oil exports to ensure domestic supply. Elon Musk to take over Twitter.

World April 23, 2022

Ramos-Horta seals landslide win in Timor-Leste

The Donbas region becomes the focus of Russian fighting in Ukraine. Lack of tourism hits Sri Lanka’s economy. Lockdown eased for Shanghai businesses.

World April 16, 2022

Russian forces ready for new offensive in eastern Ukraine

Indonesians protest against plan to delay 2024 election. Shehbaz Sharif becomes Pakistan’s leader. Emmanuel Macron holds slim lead heading into presidential runoff election.

podcast April 14, 2022

Putin’s new plan in Ukraine

As Russian forces have withdrawn from around Kyiv, Ukrainians have found shocking scenes of civilians executed and evidence of alleged war crimes. But Russia isn’t leaving these towns to give up on its war in Ukraine.

World April 09, 2022

Evidence of atrocities as Russians retreat from Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of genocide in Ukraine. The United Nations and International Criminal Court begin investigating alleged war crimes. 

World April 02, 2022

Russia ‘scaling back’ yet shelling of Ukraine continues

Australia and New Zealand concerned at China’s deal with Solomon Islands. The Taliban renege on education for women. Shanghai introduces split lockdown over rising Covid-19 cases.

World March 26, 2022

AP reporter witnessed ‘so much death’ in Mariupol

Samoa extends lockdown over Covid-19 outbreak. Killing of Rohingya by Myanmar army was genocide, declares United States. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe free after six years in Iranian prison.

World March 19, 2022

Russia follows invasion with oppression and fake news

The US warns China against supporting Russia. UN estimates more than three million residents have left Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky says his country will never join NATO.

World March 12, 2022

US fears invasion setback may make Putin ‘double down’

Stalled Russian convoy becomes a symbol of campaign flaws in Ukraine. Putin silences independent media and blocks access to social media. The US bans imports of Russian oil and gas.

World March 05, 2022

Ukrainians resist as Russian forces continue to advance

The United Nations confirms 677,000 Ukraine residents have fled to neighbouring countries. ‘No one is going to break us,’ says President Volodymyr Zelensky.

podcast March 01, 2022

Why Putin is risking it all on Ukraine

Jonathan Pearlman on why Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin is risking it all on Ukraine, and whether economic sanctions will be enough.

World February 26, 2022

Russia invades Ukraine as West applies sanctions

Jacinda Ardern urges anti-vaxxers to quit parliament protest. France to withdraw troops from Mali due to military junta’s continuing control. Ethiopia’s great dam project pushes ahead despite Sudan and Egypt concerns.

World February 19, 2022

US seeks Ukraine resolution but stands firm on NATO

US to reopen embassy in Solomon Islands over China influence. Libya left with two prime ministers in political standoff. Global study of pharmaceutical pollution of rivers finds risk to wildlife and humans.

World February 12, 2022

Moscow denies Macron’s claim of securing Ukraine pledge

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Asia-Pacific region to strengthen ties. A state of emergency is declared in Ottawa over ‘Freedom Convoy’. Iceland ends commercial whaling.

World February 05, 2022

Kremlin accuses US of inciting Ukraine ‘hysteria’

Pregnant New Zealand journalist allowed emergency quarantine. Myanmar stages ‘silent strike’ to mark coup anniversary. Gray report on Downing Street parties identifies leadership and judgement failures.

podcast February 02, 2022

‘The largest invasion since World War Two’

Today, world editor at The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on the escalating tension in Europe, and the likelihood of war.

World January 29, 2022

Russian troop numbers build on Ukraine’s border

Australian aid to Tonga hampered by Covid-19 on navy ship. The military stages Burkina Faso’s eighth coup. Children of foreign nationals being used as human shields in Syrian prison, warns Save the Children.

World January 22, 2022

Saudi coalition retaliates after Houthi attacks on Abu Dhabi

Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama is revealed to have had heart surgery in Melbourne. The United Nations expresses concern at rising nationalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jailed Yang Hengjun says China tortured him.

World January 15, 2022

Kazakhstan quells protests over rising fuel prices

Damage from tropical cyclone Cody in Fiji leads to a government warning on diseases. Drone strikes targeting Tigray hit a camp for displaced Ethiopians. Ugandan students are back at school after two-year closure.

World January 08, 2022

Hong Kong’s Citizen News closes to protect staff

Five nuclear powers in pledge to prevent their use. Indonesia bans coal exports for January. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is convicted of fraud.

World December 18, 2021

Blinken doubles down on US push against China in SE Asia

Just 3.5 per cent vote for independence from France in New Caledonia poll. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai jailed after Tiananmen Square vigil. Boris Johnson’s popularity plummets over Downing Street Christmas parties under lockdown.

World December 11, 2021

US diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 escalates friction

Kanak leaders call for the latest independence vote to be postponed in New Caledonia. Aung San Suu Kyi is sentenced to detention again. Ukraine appears in Vladimir Putin’s sights.

World December 04, 2021

‘Worst yet to come’ for rioting in Solomon Islands

China pledges to supply an extra one billion vaccine doses to Africa as Omicron takes hold. India repeals farming laws that led to year-long protests. Barbados removes Queen as head of state and becomes a republic.

World November 27, 2021

Fears for Peng Shuai’s safety after sexual assault claim

Human rights groups want proof of Chinese tennis player’s wellbeing. Venezuela’s opposition performs dismally in polls for governors and mayors. Austria locks down as Covid-19 cases grow again in Europe.

World November 20, 2021

Biden, Xi tackle tensions, but Taiwan a sticking point

Kiribati wants commercial fishing to return in World Heritage-listed marine reserve. Gangs are stopping fuel supplies in Haiti to pressure caretaker PM to resign. Portugal enacts laws to support staff working from home.

World November 13, 2021

US and China to co-operate on climate

New Zealand eases its Covid-19 restrictions and changes strategy. European Union accuses Belarus’s Alexander Lucashenko of using asylum seekers for political purposes. Police raid cybercrime group REvil to shut down ransomware attacks.

World November 06, 2021

British fishing trawler sparks diplomatic row with France

Tonga goes into lockdown after repatriation flight brings first case of Covid-19. Egypt lifts state of emergency but new laws give more powers to the president and military. Japan’s new leader Fumio Kishida secures election win.

World October 30, 2021

China and Russia forging a partnership ‘for the new era’

Papua New Guinea in dire situation due to vaccine hesitancy. General says he staged a coup to avoid civil war in Sudan. A Facebook experiment shows how the platform spreads hate speech.

World October 23, 2021

Myanmar releases political detainees after ASEAN stand

China denies testing a hypersonic missile at low orbit. International tourists are set to return to Fiji. Sebastian Kurz out again as Austria’s leader over embezzlement allegations.

World October 16, 2021

China blasts Abbott’s ‘insane’ visit to Taiwan

Prime Minister James Marape’s mixed messages on Papua New Guinea and Covid-19. Bangladesh is moving 100,000 Rohingya refugees to a remote Bay of Bengal island. The trial begins over 1987 assassination of Burkina Faso leader Thomas Sankara.

World October 09, 2021

China sends dozens of jets into Taiwan’s defence zone

Jacinda Ardern abandons Covid-zero strategy. Singapore’s foreign interference law labelled Kafkaesque. Pandora Papers reveal Czech PM’s chateau and the property portfolios of wealthy world leaders.

World October 02, 2021

Germany waits for coalition after 16 years of Angela Merkel

Social Democratic Party leader Olaf Scholz appears most likely to be next chancellor. Vanuatu pushes for urgent action on climate change. US–China hostage diplomacy sends two Michaels and Meng Wanzhou home.

World September 25, 2021

Biden pledges switch from war to ‘relentless diplomacy’

Court orders Joko Widodo to improve quality of Indonesia’s air. A hero of Rwandan genocide is convicted of terrorism. Chinese property development company Evergrande collapses.

World September 18, 2021

UN warns of mass starvation, Afghanistan to ‘enter the abyss’

Covid-19 outbreak in French Polynesia. France grants citizenship to migrant frontline workers. Surging consumer demand causes global shipping bottlenecks.

World September 11, 2021

Women swept aside as Afghanistan renamed

The Taliban begin second Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Papua New Guinea struggles with vaccine rollout due to misinformation. El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal tender.

World September 04, 2021

Biden calls Kabul evacuation an extraordinary success

Alleged mastermind of Bali bombings on trial in Cuba. China limits online gaming for under 18s. United Nations marks success of global ban on leaded petrol as Algeria runs out.

World August 28, 2021

Ethiopia working on local rival to social media giants

Mayor pledges to continue to fight for Afghan women from exile. An isolated Fijian island records two cases of Covid-19. China says it has suppressed latest Delta outbreak.

World August 21, 2021

China and Russia foster ties with the Taliban

Jacinda Ardern opts to go hard and early in New Zealand against the Delta variant. Malaysia’s prime minister resigns as country struggles with Covid-19. Woman tells of her imprisonment by Chinese officials in Dubai.

World August 14, 2021

Abbott’s India trip sends signal to China

Fiji seeks to vaccinate 12 to to 17 year olds to quell Covid-19 outbreak. The Taliban capture more regions of Afghanistan as US troops leave. Lebanon’s economic collapse leads to fuel shortages, power cuts and soaring food costs.

World August 07, 2021

Death of Belarusian activist treated as suspicious

Japanese defence white paper links the country’s security to Taiwan for the first time. Jacinda Ardern apologises for dawn raids on Pacific migrants in the 1970s. France to press ahead with vaccination passes despite protests.

World July 31, 2021

US troops change role in Iraq as Biden focuses on Asia

Fiame Naomi Mata’afa finally takes office in Samoa. Tunisia’s prime minister ousted after mass protests. Cardinal charged over London property deals.

World July 24, 2021

England parties like it’s 1999

China gets blamed for global email hacking. Indonesia struggles to cope as Covid-19 numbers worsen.

World July 17, 2021

Protests erupt against Cuban government

Fiji’s health system is overwhelmed by latest Covid-19 outbreak. The arrest of former president Jacob Zuma leads to growing violence in South Africa. The mystery of Haitian leader Jovenel Moïse’s assassination.

World July 10, 2021

The United States sneaks out of Afghanistan

The Taliban are on the rise as Bagram base is left under Afghan control. Indonesia imports oxygen in battle against Delta variant. Canada appoints its first Indigenous governor-general.

World July 03, 2021

Biden orders air strikes after drone attacks

New Zealand is trying to hold on to its SunGold kiwifruit market. The Chinese Communist Party celebrates its centenary. Britain is looking to adapt Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers to Rwanda site.

World June 26, 2021

Iran’s new leader accused of crimes against humanity

Covid-19 surge pushes Indonesia into more restrictions. Hong Kong’s Apple Daily forced to close under Chinese pressure. Famine and growing ethnic violence in Ethiopia.

World June 19, 2021

‘America is back’: Biden flexes muscles over China

Jacinda Ardern joins critics of the proposed film about Christchurch’s massacre. The International Criminal Court condemns Philippine state policy of attacking civilians in anti-drugs war. Naftali Bennett takes over as Israeli PM.

World June 12, 2021

Hundreds arrested in FBI, AFP sting

The Anom encrypted messaging app allowed police to monitor gangs around the world. PNG’s casino plan faces opposition from welfare groups. Nigeria bans Twitter after the president’s account is temporarily suspended. 

World June 05, 2021

US puts Wuhan lab back under microscope

Fiji responds to worsening Covid-19 outbreak with faster vaccine rollout. China introduces three-child policy to boost falling population. Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett make deal to share Israel PM role.

World May 29, 2021

Samoa’s first woman PM sworn in despite standoff

The United States and European Union condemn plane ‘hijack’ and arrest of dissident Belarusian journalist. The Israel–Hamas ceasefire is holding as opposition leader Yair Lapid tries to form a coalition to lead Israel.

World May 22, 2021

IEA pivots from pro-fossil fuel to pushing net-zero pathway

A Supreme Court ruling paves the way for Samoa’s first female prime minister. About 6000 asylum seekers cross by sea from Morocco into Spanish territory. A spike in Covid-19 cases across Asia.

podcast May 18, 2021

Gaza’s deadliest day

For the past week the Palestininian territory of the Gaza Strip has been under an intense aerial bombardment. Today, world editor for The Saturday Paper Jonathan Pearlman on why the violence in Israel and Palestine is at its worst point in years.

World May 15, 2021

UN fears ‘full-scale war’ between Israel and Palestine

The worst fighting recorded in Israel and Gaza since 2014 is proving an early test for Joe Biden's presidency. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has held emergency meetings this week to broker a de-escalation.

World May 08, 2021

Modi punished at polls after Covid-19 resurgence

Jacinda Ardern pledges to continue to denounce Chinese human rights abuses. German philosopher declines UAE book award. Why China’s population is shrinking.

World May 01, 2021

Covid-19 variants cause surge in Indian deaths

Australian bureaucrat uses Anzac Day to warn of ‘drums of war’.  Rescue mission for bodies of Indonesian submariners. ASEAN summit falls short on Myanmar military crackdown.

podcast April 27, 2021

What’s behind the violence engulfing Northern Ireland?

For much of the 20th century Northern Ireland was marred by violence, as Irish republicans and forces aligned to the United Kingdom fought over the future of the region. That conflict, known as the Troubles, officially came to an end with a peace agreement in 1998. But now the violence is flaring up again, and there are concerns the fragile peace deal is on the verge of being shattered.

World April 24, 2021

Derek Chauvin found guilty of murdering George Floyd

Former police officer found guilty over death of George Floyd. Joe Biden takes lead on global action on climate. Melbourne nurse tells story of Uygur husband jailed in China.

World April 17, 2021

Botched Brexit deal reignites Northern Ireland tensions

Sinn Féin funeral procession under lockdown angers unionists. Irish Sea trade barrier undermines assurances from Boris Johnson.

World April 10, 2021

Landslides, floods cause havoc in Timor-Leste

US tries to salvage the ailing Iran nuclear deal. Jordan’s King Abdullah moves against rival half-brother. New Zealand agrees to travel bubble with Australia from April 19.

World April 03, 2021

Violence worsens as Myanmar edges towards civil war

PNG begins vaccine rollout starting with Prime Minister James Marape. Woman’s death in Mexico mirrors George Floyd incident.

World March 27, 2021

EU virus surge sparks fight over vaccine exports to Britain

Bans placed on China over treatment of Uygurs. Turkey withdraws from international treaty protecting women.

World March 20, 2021

PNG on the brink of Covid-19 catastrophe

Australia will urgently deliver 8000 doses of vaccine. PNG to enter a four-week national isolation from Monday. Flights from Port Moresby to Cairns have been suspended.

World March 13, 2021

China amps up crackdown on Hong Kong democracy

National People’s Congress passes change to electoral laws. Joe Biden to hold first key leaders’ meeting as US president.

World March 06, 2021

Isolation breach forces another lockdown for NZ

China malware theory on Mumbai blackout. Myanmar security forces continue violent crackdown. More charges for Aung San Suu Kyi as she appears in court via video link.

World February 27, 2021

China confronted over treatment of Uygurs

Covid-19 cases are rising in PNG with quarantine staff stretched. Daily rallies continue in Myanmar despite crackdown. Israel criticised for its failure to vaccinate Palestinians.

World February 20, 2021

Acquitted Trump attacks divided Republicans

New Zealand travel bubble with Australia suspended after outbreak of UK variant. Indian activists arrested over farmers’ protest. WHO plan to vaccinate poorer nations.

World February 13, 2021

Micronesian states quit Pacific forum over new leader

Ballot ignored regions’ agreement to rotate role. Chinese dam proposal in Tibet adds to India tension. Detained Australian journalist Cheng Lei alleged to have supplied state secrets overseas.

World February 06, 2021

Military coup ends Myanmar’s transition to democracy

Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest. The army leader acts after claiming widespread voter fraud. Joe Biden threatens to reinstate sanctions.

World January 30, 2021

Australian hearings begin for former principal

Xi Jinping warns on meddling in internal affairs. PNG governor backing local Chinese fishery plant. Thousands flee rebel violence in Central African Republic.

World January 23, 2021

Putin rival lands back in Moscow and back in jail

Alexei Navalny urges Russians to protest this weekend. New US president ready to work with allies on China. Indonesia opts for youth appeal on Covid-19 vaccinations.

World December 19, 2020

Kamala Harris pivotal as Democrats eye the future

President Joe Biden’s big policy agenda starts with Covid-19. In first 100 days US to rejoin World Health Organization and Paris Agreement. Donald Trump’s legacy is a Supreme Court with a conservative majority.

World December 12, 2020

Britain rolls out mass Covid-19 vaccinations

Jacinda Ardern pledges to tighten gun licensing laws after Christchurch deaths. Polish women protest over plans to limit abortions. US investigating diplomats’ accounts of Havana syndrome.

World December 05, 2020

China–Australia ties worsen over Zhao tweet

Canberra strengthens defence ties with Japan. Australia tops list of countries affected by China’s coercive measures. Divided views on how to find a diplomatic fix.

World November 28, 2020

Kylie Moore-Gilbert released after 804 days in Iranian prison

Kylie Moore-Gilbert freed from Iranian prison. Key White House appointments announced by Joe Biden. Solomon Islands leader looks to ban Facebook. Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Saudi Arabia for meeting on normalisation.

World November 21, 2020

Pro-democracy opposition quits in protest in Hong Kong

Donald Trump pushes on with troop withdrawals. PNG parliament adjourned until April. Covid-19 vaccine diplomacy fears over global availability.

World November 14, 2020

Suu Kyi on target for re-election in a landslide

Joe Biden prepares to take lead on coronavirus. Fiji invites president-elect to Pacific Islands Forum. Ethiopia on brink of civil war.

World November 07, 2020

Election does nothing to unite riven state of America

New cabinet reflects New Zealand’s diversity. Daesh linked to Kabul University attack. England goes back into lockdown as Covid-19 toll rises.

World October 31, 2020

Payne awaits report on Qatar airport incident

Turkey calls for boycott of French goods over Emmanuel Macron’s pledge on secularism. Jobs bill prompts mass protests in Indonesia. Amy Coney Barrett sworn in as US Supreme Court justice.

World October 24, 2020

Biden’s plan to make America’s influence great again

Chinese officials in altercation over Taiwan celebration in Fiji. Protesters killed in anti-police protests in Lagos. Memorial held in Paris for murdered teacher.

World October 17, 2020

Ardern on track for a resounding victory

Donald Trump returns to the campaign trail after Covid-19. A weeping Kim Jong-un apologises to North Korea. Anwar Ibrahim asks Malaysian king to appoint him prime minister.

World October 10, 2020

‘I’m better,’ says Trump, but health concerns remain

President appears maskless on Truman balcony. Conspiracy theories rife over circumstances of his illness. Trump demands face-to-face second debate.

World October 03, 2020

Shambolic debate sets tone for final weeks

First Trump–Biden debate labelled worst ever. Almost 100 dead in fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. Bougainvilleans seek compensation over environmental damage from Panguna mine. Amnesty International suspends activity in India after accounts frozen.

World September 26, 2020

China–US relationship cools even further

United Nations secretary-general warns of world’s dangerous direction. Climate change effects on maritime boundaries concerning Pacific nations. Republicans plan to quickly fill US Supreme Court vacancy.

World September 19, 2020

Trump denies link between climate change and wildfires

Joe Biden ramps up climate policies as fires ravage US west coast. Australia offers another loan to PNG over Covid-19. Hotel manager depicted in Hotel Rwanda facing terrorism charge. Abraham Accords signed by Israel, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

World September 12, 2020

Journalists leave China after visits by police

Australian correspondents asked about detained reporter Cheng Lei. Provincial leader seeking independence over Solomon Islands’ move towards China. Sentences reduced for eight convicted over killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

World September 05, 2020

Kushner central player in Israel–UAE deal

Fight begins to replace Shinzō Abe as Japanese PM after he steps down. A US official visit highlights partnership with Palau. Donald Trump focuses re-election campaign on law and order.

World August 29, 2020

Putin critic in coma after likely poisoning

Alexei Navalny is in a serious condition in a Berlin hospital. The Trump family dominates Republican convention week. Christchurch terrorist sentenced to life without parole.

World August 22, 2020

Protesters march against Belarusian and Thai leaders

Alexander Lukashenko defies protesters’ calls to resign. Anti-monarchy sentiment grows in Thailand. New Zealand’s election delayed to October 17.

World August 15, 2020

Government quits as Lebanon smoulders

Beirut’s port blast adds to economic problems and chronic corruption. Parliamentary and presidential elections begin in Bougainville. Senator Kamala Harris chosen as VP candidate by Joe Biden.

World August 08, 2020

Pandemic and inequality keys to November poll

Presidential candidates adjust convention plans due to Covid-19. US death toll passes 158,000. Democrat Joe Biden has lead in latest polls.

World August 01, 2020

Consulates close as US–China tensions rise

US post in Chengdu shut in retaliation for Houston closure. Port Moresby enters 14-day lockdown over Covid-19 cases. Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak found guilty of corruption. Far right infiltrating security forces in Germany.

World July 25, 2020

EU seals relief deal for struggling south

European summit agrees on €1.8 trillion package to provide post-pandemic relief. Indonesia lifting Covid-19 restrictions amid health fears. Britain suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong. UAE’s Mars probe.

World July 18, 2020

Ardern to face new rival in NZ election

Judith Collins named New Zealand opposition leader. China imposes bans on two US senators in retaliation for Washington sanctions. Malaysia investigating journalists over Al Jazeera report on migrant workers. Hagia Sophia turned back into a mosque.

World July 11, 2020

Covid-19 cases in US exceed three million

Trump congratulates US on ‘good job’ on pandemic. New Zealand limits numbers of returning Kiwis. Law professor and China critic Xu Zhangrun arrested in Beijing. Ethnic tensions rise in Ethiopia after singer’s murder.

World July 04, 2020

New law marks end of  ‘old Hong Kong ’

Beijing imposes security law on Hong Kong. Donald Trump queried on Russian bounty plot against US troops. Fiji wants billionaires to visit  ‘Bula bubble ’. Advertisers boycott Facebook over hate speech and content inciting violence.

News June 27, 2020

The jailing of Kylie Moore-Gilbert in Iran

Some supporters of Melbourne academic Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who is serving a 10-year prison sentence in Iran, are concerned about the Australian government’s diplomatic tactics to secure her release.

World June 27, 2020

Wong aims for seat in HK legislature

Young pro-democracy activist to run for seat in September poll. Himalayan border tensions on hold between China and India. Kiribati president re-elected. Former national security adviser John Bolton spills on Donald Trump in new book.

World June 19, 2020

Maria Ressa found guilty of ‘cyber libel’

Concerns for media freedom after conviction of Philippine journalists. Australian Karm Gilespie sentenced to death in China. Vice-chancellor of Pacific university suspended. US Supreme Court finds gay and transgender workers protected by Civil Rights Act.

World June 13, 2020

Black Lives Matter protests bring reform

George Floyd’s funeral held as protests continue around the world. Video of injured athlete Debbie Kaore highlights PNG family violence. Brazil reinstates cumulative Covid-19 toll. Olof Palme murder finally solved.

World June 06, 2020

Trump threats add fuel to US turmoil

Trump’s response to George Floyd’s killing fuels racial tensions. Hong Kong bans vigil for Tiananmen Square massacre. New Zealand lifts coronavirus restrictions. Concerns raised about impact of Covid-19 on girls’ education and child marriages.

World May 30, 2020

Beijing security laws reignite HK protests

United States belts Victoria over Beijing ties. Deal to broadcast Australian television content across the Pacific. China’s national security law reignites Hong Kong protests. Boris Johnson’s chief adviser keeps job despite lockdown trip.

World May 23, 2020

Trump issues WHO reforms ultimatum

Donald Trump threatens to withdraw WHO funding. Concerns about depiction of Tongan shipwreck story. Cyclone hits Bay of Bengal. Félicien Kabuga to be tried for Rwanda genocide. International borders reopening cautiously.

World May 16, 2020

Media wars press home US–China conflict

US and China in tit-for-tat media expulsions. Vanuatu reviewing “cash for passports” scheme. Russians back to work despite growing virus toll. India’s slum dwellers starving in lockdown.

World May 09, 2020

Trans-Tasman bubble may extend to Pacific

Jacinda Ardern attends Australia’s national cabinet to discuss regional travel. US–China dispute over Covid-19 origin. Trans rights threatened in Hungary. Migrant workers hit hard by coronavirus shutdowns.

World May 02, 2020

Kim Jong-un’s absence prompts successor speculation

Falling approval ratings for Donald Trump. Fiji uses pandemic to argue for crackdown on free speech. Growing calls to impeach Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. Mysterious absence of Kim Jong-un raises speculation on successor.

World April 25, 2020

Hong Kong emerges to new China threat

Crackdown comes in Hong Kong as Covid-19 lockdown set to ease. Oil price plummets as global economies tank. Vanuatu elects new prime minister. Netanyahu and Gantz agree to power-sharing deal in Israel.

World April 18, 2020

Biden leads polls as Trump lays blame

Bernie Sanders backs Joe Biden’s presidential bid. The Pacific cleans up after Cyclone Harold. Repressive regimes downplay Covid-19. Locust infestation in east Africa.

World April 11, 2020

Dominic Raab takes reins as Johnson has stint in ICU

Britain being led by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as Boris Johnson remains in hospital. Cyclone Harold wreaks havoc on Pacific islands. Authoritarian and anti-democratic regimes try to control Covid-19 information. Coronavirus pandemic and international emissions targets.

World April 04, 2020

Poor flee cities as India locks down

Poor Indian workers flee cities in lockdown. Widodo resists calls for large-scale lockdown. Singapore high court upholds anti-gay law. Jair Bolsonaro urges Brazilian businesses to reopen.

World March 28, 2020

Christchurch killer pleads guilty in NZ

US and China fight over coronavirus. Guilty plea over Christchurch mosque killings. Detention and torture of Egyptian children exposed. Women at the forefront of Indian protests.

World March 21, 2020

Idlib ceasefire benefits al-Assad

Covid-19 and the US presidential election. Samoan chief found guilty of human trafficking in NZ. Ceasefire in Idlib, Syria. Chance to form government in Israel.

World March 14, 2020

Michigan defeat a big blow to Sanders

Joe Biden continues his march towards a likely Democratic presidential nomination. Pacific Islands adopt strict measures to stave off COVID-19. Saudi princes arrested as Mohammed bin Salman slashes oil prices. Historic women’s protest in Mexico.

World March 07, 2020

Biden surges to lead on Super Tuesday

Joe Biden takes the lead in Democratic race. Indonesia confirms first coronavirus cases. Mahatir Mohamad forced out. Benjamin Netanyahu again falls short in third Israeli elections.

World February 29, 2020

Global response to COVID-19

Financial markets have suffered heavy falls and major events have been cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, while scientists continue the search for a vaccine.

World February 22, 2020

US, Taliban look to Afghan peace deal

United States and Taliban move towards peace deal. Papua New Guinea inquiry into Horizon Oil payment. Xi Jinping defends his response to COVID-19 outbreak. Assad regime launches an assault on Idlib.

World February 15, 2020

Coronavirus whistleblower death sparks public anger

Chinese citizens question government response to COVID-19. Amy Klobuchar emerges as serious contender in US Democratic primaries. Indonesia and Australia sign free trade deal. Sinn Féin’s success in Irish elections.

World February 08, 2020

Nancy Pelosi rips into Trump’s SOTU address

Coronavirus toll rises as impact spreads across world. James Marape’s hard line on PNG gas deal. Donald Trump acquitted at impeachment trial. App causes chaos in Iowa caucuses.

World February 01, 2020

Trump’s peace plan divides Middle East

Palestine rejects Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’. Standoff between Indonesia and China over territorial waters. UN rapporteurs call for inquiry into Saudi hacking. New claims from John Bolton undermine Trump’s impeachment defence.

World January 25, 2020

Coronavirus fears spread across globe

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial begins. UN rules on Kiribati climate refugee. Vladimir Putin’s plan to ‘rule forever’. China acts to stop spread of coronavirus.

World December 21, 2019

Trump impeachment trial set for January

Donald Trump impeached. Boris Johnson looks to Brexit. Bougainville’s independence referendum. India protests over anti-Muslim bill.

World December 14, 2019

NZ volcano: Australian death toll climbs

Zelensky and Putin meet for the first time. Whakaari/White Island volcano eruption. Aung San Suu Kyi defends Myanmar in International Court of Justice. Widespread concerns about Afghanistan war revealed in Washington Post.

World December 07, 2019

Gas pipeline between Russia and China opens

Russia–China gas pipeline opens. New Zealand bans foreign political donations. Britain goes to the polls. United Nations climate conference in Spain.

World November 30, 2019

Pro-democracy landslide in Hong Kong local elections

Hong Kong voters back pro-democracy protesters. Bougainville referendum on independence. Unrest in Iran over steeper fuel prices. Michael Bloomberg enters race to be Democratic presidential candidate.

World November 23, 2019

British election candidates draw laughs

US change on West Bank. Samoa’s measles epidemic. The New York Times publishes leaked China documents. First debate of British election.

World November 16, 2019

Holocaust survivor targeted by racist abuse in Italy

Hindu nationalism in India. Press freedoms under threat in Vanuatu. Evo Morales ousted as Bolivian president. Racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism on the rise in Italy.

World November 09, 2019

India’s PM rejects East Asia trade pact

US to formally leave Paris climate agreement. Australia joins trade pact but Narendra Modi declines. Daesh attacks continue in Africa. Delhi closes schools and restricts car use over smog.

World November 02, 2019

Lebanon protesters demand new government

Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed. Nickel plant in Papua New Guinea reopens despite chemical spill. Protesters in Lebanon demand government’s resignation. People smugglers wanted for arrest after 39 deaths in Essex.

World October 26, 2019

Justin Trudeau faces a hung parliament

Brexit deadline nears. Joko Widodo chooses new Indonesian cabinet. Chaos erupts in Chile. Justin Trudeau narrowly returned in Canadian election.

World October 19, 2019

Russia backs Kurds as Erdoğan attacks

US withdrawal from Syria sees Russia and Assad supporting Kurds against Turkey. Peter O’Neill facing arrest in PNG. Setbacks for nationalists in Eastern European elections. China’s power play with NBA.

World October 12, 2019

No end in sight for Hong Kong rebels

What’s at the heart of Hong Kong’s discontent, the protesters on the ground and the prospect of a military crackdown.

World October 05, 2019

Hong Kong chaos eclipses China celebrations

Australia’s link to Trump inquiry. Protests continue in Indonesia. Beijing celebrations overshadowed by Hong Kong protest shooting. Mohammed bin Salman on Khashoggi murder PR offensive.

World September 28, 2019

Thunberg thunders at climate summit

Donald Trump impeachment inquiry. Indonesia’s new criminal code. Conditions in Haiti deteriorate. Greta Thunberg at United Nations Climate Action Summit.

World September 21, 2019

Israel deadlock sees Bibi set for bye-byes

Second poll unlikely to save Benjamin Netanyahu. Donald Trump’s mixed approach on Iran. The Solomons switches allegiance to China. New IRA looking to add recruits with bomb plots.

World September 14, 2019

Boris grabs Brexit bull by the horns

Donald Trump cancels Taliban summit at Camp David. New Zealand TV’s plans to broadcast into Pacific. Boris Johnson’s options ahead of Brexit deadline. India’s attempted lunar landing.

World September 07, 2019

West Papua protest violence escalates

Carrie Lam withdraws Hong Kong extradition bill. Pro-independence protests in West Papua. Boris Johnson loses parliamentary majority. War crimes in Yemen.

World August 31, 2019

Macron’s G7 bid to ease US, Iran tensions

Emmanuel Macron plays mediator over Iran at G7. Indonesia’s capital to move from Jakarta. Australian citizen Yang Hengjun charged with espionage. The Amazon in flames.

World August 24, 2019

Bombing kills 63 at Afghan wedding

Australia commits troops to Strait of Hormuz. Pacific leaders angered by Morrison’s climate inaction. Hong Kong protests questioned by city’s billionaires. Bombings in Afghanistan as US plans withdrawal.

World August 17, 2019

China claims HK protests are ‘terrorism’

Top Russian nuclear scientists killed; Scott Morrison at Pacific Islands Forum summit in Tuvalu; Hong Kong protests continue as Chinese media gets involved; conspiracy theories surround death of well-connected sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

World August 10, 2019

Beijing and Washington play a lose-lose game

Lose-lose tariff game for US and China. Java blackout affects millions. India revokes Kashmir’s status. Two mass shootings in US.

World August 03, 2019

Lebanese band’s concert cancelled over threats of violence

Mashrou’ Leila’s festival ban. UN condemns tragedy in Idlib. Timor-Leste gas treaty finally approved. Deforestation in the Amazon.

World July 27, 2019

Ardern has gun law reform in her sights

Iran tensions increase. Jacinda Ardern tightens gun controls. Hong Kong protests continue. Boris Johnson begins as Britain’s PM.

World July 20, 2019

Boris Johnson feels bite of Brexit trade unease

Boris Johnson aligns with Trump over leaks. Tribal killings in PNG. Staying shtum on China abuses. India aborts moon mission.

World July 13, 2019

Violence compounds DRC Ebola outbreak

Australia’s joint war games. Vanuatu deports Chinese citizens. Greek election results. Ebola rages in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

World July 06, 2019

History made as Trump runs DMZ

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Korean Demilitarized Zone. Indonesians filing lawsuit against government over Jakarta smog. Carrie Lim urged to quit as Hong Kong chief. Kamala Harris’s moment.

World June 29, 2019

Fractures show in Johnson campaign

New US sanctions on Iran. PNG leader wants local company for Manus security. Erdoğan loses Istanbul, again. Boris Johnson’s bid.

World June 22, 2019

Freed activist joins Hong Kong protests

Xi Jinping visits North Korea. Man jailed for spreading footage of mosque shootings. Freed activist joins HK protests. Charges over MH17.

World June 15, 2019

Protests erupt over Hong Kong extradition bill

Hong Kong protests. Macron messages unheeded. Samoa sinks Rocketman. Military raids Sudan camp.

World June 08, 2019

Remembering the Tiananmen massacre

Trump’s visit to Britain. Pacific stopover for Morrison. Bans on religious head coverings in Europe. The 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre.

World June 01, 2019

Brexit Party hearty after European vote

Trump’s undiplomatic visit to Japan. New PNG prime minister. Brexit Party gains EU seats. Narendra Modi’s mandate for India.

World May 25, 2019

Returned Joko eyes infrastructure plan

Joko Widodo re-elected. The Pacific waits for climate change action. US states line up to restrict abortion. Taiwan’s advance on gay rights.

World May 18, 2019

Midterms shore up Duterte stronghold

China–US trade war ramping up. Fiji holds forum on climate change. Philippine midterm election results. Trump pressures Iran.

World May 04, 2019

Modi re-election likely in Indian elections

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, is expected to win a second term in this month’s Indian elections, although Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party may be gaining ground.

World April 27, 2019

Sri Lanka looks for clues on bombings

China holds second forum on Belt and Road Initiative. Ukraine elects comedian as president. Motivation unknown for Sri Lanka terrorism.

World April 20, 2019

Women and youth rise up in Sudan

Venezuelans suffering in superpower standoff. Red Cross reveals New Zealand nurse is a Daesh hostage. Joko Widodo looking the winner in Indonesia election.

World April 13, 2019

Likely fifth term for Benjamin Netanyahu

Libya after Gaddafi. Indonesians choosing not to vote. Nine guilty over Occupy movement. Israeli election results.

World April 06, 2019

Joko Widodo aims for holo election win

Election setback for Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Joko Widodo using holograms to sell his message. Brunei introduces anti-gay laws. Gerrymandering in the US.

World March 30, 2019

Foreign policy challenge next for Jacinda Ardern

Donald Trump oversells Mueller investigation findings. NZ prime minister heads to China. Serious questions about Thailand’s election. Benjamin Netanyahu in surprise TV interview.

World March 23, 2019

Grand debate quiets Macron detractors

Italy moves to join Belt and Road Initiative. Taiwanese leader wooing independence allies. Prayuth Chan-ocha recasting his image for Thai election. The Macron Show tours France to assuage protesters.

World March 16, 2019

May needs third chance for Brexit

Daesh's last Syrian enclave set to fall. Oil spill off Solomon Islands. Russia plans to disconnect local internet from the web. May's Brexit chaos continues.

World March 09, 2019

Surgical Strike 2.0 sees tension escalate

India’s retaliatory strikes on Pakistan. Australia–Indonesia trade deal. China’s National People’s Congress. The new Arab Spring.

World March 02, 2019

Making nuclear summits great again

Trump and Kim hold second summit on North Korea’s nuclear program. Marshall Islands seeks to lift atolls as climate change sees oceans rise. The US plans to send further aid and impose additional sanctions on Venezuela. ISIS brides in limbo.

World February 23, 2019

West losing its grip on the global order

Merkel attacks new ‘home alone’ approach by US, while Pence warns Europe over purchasing Russian arms. China puts limits on Australian coal imports and rebukes New Zealand. UNHCR condemns arrest of Filipino journalist Maria Ressa. Shinzō Abe nominates Donald Trump for Nobel peace prize, at White House's request.

World February 16, 2019

Refugee footballer back in Australia

Turkey condemns mass detention of Uygur people in China, as video is released of missing singer. Soccer player Hakeem al-Araibi returns from Thailand. Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orbán exempts tax for women bearing four or more children. Germany plans end to all coal-power generation.

World February 09, 2019

Misstate of the Union

Trump's State of the Union address shows no sign of compromise. Turnaround for reputation of Fiji’s Frank Bainimarama. Messaging service used for attacks in India. Trump suspends missile treaty with Russia.

World February 02, 2019

Hunger for change in Venezuela

Huawei caught in US–China fight. West Papua petition presented in Geneva. Venezuela’s leadership crisis. Taliban deal in Afghanistan.

World January 26, 2019

New whirled order

Joko Widodo’s change of heart on Abu Bakar Bashir. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro addresses Davos. How Brexit may have rekindled the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

News October 13, 2018

The fight to keep the Witness K case secret

The initial focus of the government’s case against Witness K and Bernard Collaery – resuming hearings this month – is on the fight to keep its potentially embarrassing proceedings confidential.

News February 07, 2015

Improved Egypt-Qatar relations help free Peter Greste

Despite Australia’s diplomatic efforts, Peter Greste’s release turned on a rapprochement between Egypt and Qatar.

News July 26, 2014

Life after debt with payday lending

In the booming payday lending sector, dubious new tactics are hooking the poor and the desperate.

News March 08, 2014

The Hague rules on Timor-Leste material seized in ASIO raids

With vast oil and gas reserves at stake, did the federal government use its espionage agencies to foil Timor-Leste’s case against it in The Hague?