Josephine Rowe

is the author of a novel and three short story collections, most recently Here Until August.

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Travel August 25, 2018

Anacapri, Italy

High above Capri’s busy Marina Grande, ornithologists use the spectacular vantage of the ruins of Castello Barbarossa to catch and observe migratory birds

Portrait June 17, 2017

Tasmanian forest track-builders

Tasmanians Christo Mills and David Bretz on moving from the blockade to the pathway.

Travel September 10, 2016

Finding solace amid Iceland’s tourism boom

Amid the violent geology of Iceland, with its volcanoes and hot geysers it is the stillness that lingers in the memory.

Travel April 16, 2016

Change they might believe in, in Havana

Change is coming to Cuba, but in Havana on the eve of Barack Obama’s visit, they still don't know what form it will take.