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is a chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter. She is a food editor of The Saturday Paper. @karen_martini

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Food July 29, 2023

Green minestrone

I have never confined minestrone to the colder months, although it’s perfect when it’s freezing. It is, however, still superb as we head towards spring. There are plenty of recipes with vibrant just-cooked spring vegetables and a bright dollop of …

Food July 01, 2023

Tuna crudo, kohlrabi pickle, mint and burnt garlic oil

This is a beautiful entree that has starred at Hero ever since it was added to the menu. It is so satisfyingly simple. The mint and lime pearls are uplifting and play an important role alongside the texture of the kohlrabi pickle. There is a richness …

Food June 03, 2023

Fungi salad with celery, walnuts and parsnip

This is a showy early-winter salad, equally delicious and at home as a starter or alongside a steak or pork chop or with a stuffed, roasted chook. The salad starts with roasting parsnips, celebrating the richness of the warm parsnips and the sweet intensity …

Food May 06, 2023

Parcel slow-roasted lamb shoulder

I cook lamb a lot. I obviously have a love affair going on. This recipe is from my husband’s family. They are Greek and no matter the occasion, they eat lamb. This recipe uses a combination of steaming and roasting at the same time that really intensifies …

Food April 08, 2023

Corn risotto with basil and bottarga

Risotto is all about rice. I like carnaroli, which has a slightly longer and finer grain than the arborio most people use. It allows for a more refined, less robust risotto that favours delicate flavours. If I were making a big, tough risotto with sausage …

Food March 11, 2023

Focaccia Pugliese/potato bread

I have been baking this focaccia for close to three decades. I remember making it for my grandmother, Grace, who was quite taken with it. This meant a lot, not just because she was my grandmother but because she was a wonderful cook and food lover. She …