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is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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News September 18, 2021

Scott Morrison’s intervention in Afghanistan evacuation

An evacuation flight was delayed for 45 minutes by the prime minister, hours before the airport was bombed.

News September 18, 2021

Inside Kristina Keneally’s preselection battle

Hidden behind the ugly preselection fight in the seat of Fowler is a factional battle over the Labor Party’s future leadership.

Opinion September 11, 2021

After the war on terror

“After the September 11 attacks, America was a nation bent on revenge. What is less understandable is why, in its planning for a war that lasted two decades, there was no reflection on anything but that. Now the same absence of reflection looks like prevailing …”

News September 11, 2021

Government agencies worked against each other in Kabul evacuation

Reports from the ground show people with valid visas were forced back at the airport, amid allegations of a politicised process for claims.

News September 04, 2021

What is behind Morrison’s positive shift?

While the government pivots to upbeat messaging and the AMA calls for greater honesty around reopening, the Doherty Institute modelling shows that lockdowns may continue, even at high vaccination rates.

News August 28, 2021

Exclusive: Intelligence misjudged fall of Kabul by months

As sources describe the ‘chaos’ of Australia’s evacuation from Afghanistan, months of military intelligence failed to forecast the timing or nature of Kabul’s collapse.

News August 21, 2021

Exit Afghanistan: fear and retribution as Taliban takes control

As the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan, people connected to the West and trapped in the country describe scenes of fear and violent retribution.

News August 14, 2021

New powers to spy on Australian citizens criticised for overreach

The government’s new security powers have been harshly criticised for overreach and the vagueness of their drafting.

News August 14, 2021

Legal loss a blow for Morrison secrecy

A scathing rebuke in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal could have far-reaching consequences for Scott Morrison’s secret committees.