Karen Middleton
is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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News July 04, 2020

Morrison ruling by ‘Henry VIII’ clauses

New concerns surround the government’s increased use of legislative powers to bypass the parliament and create laws that cannot be amended or overturned.

News June 27, 2020

Home Affairs extends reach in tackling foreign interference

Amid increasing concerns about foreign interference, particularly through online disinformation, the Home Affairs Department’s role in security matters is growing significantly.

News June 20, 2020

End of a warlord: ‘We had to do it’

As fallout from the Adem Somyurek scandal continues, some in Labor are celebrating the courage of those who brought him down.

News June 20, 2020

Shortfalls in the Murray–Darling Basin

New documents reveal the Murray–Darling Basin is at risk of water shortfalls because of an increase in permanent crops, particularly almond trees.

News June 13, 2020

The changes in JobKeeper

Despite spending $60 billion less on JobKeeper than forecast, the government has announced an early end to the wage subsidy for childcare workers.

News June 13, 2020

NSW lays blame for Ruby Princess on feds

An inquiry into the ill-fated ship has revealed a report claiming the federal government was at fault for letting passengers disembark.

News June 06, 2020

Treasurer concedes recession

While Josh Frydenberg admits Australia has slid into its first recession in 29 years, he maintains government stimulus can spark a recovery.

News June 06, 2020

Calls for journalist protections

A year on from AFP raids on the ABC and a News Corp journalist, the government is being asked to ensure the right of the media to protect sources.

News May 30, 2020

Economic fallout of the $60b JobKeeper error

As the government tries to justify how its JobKeeper forecast was out by $60 billion, two economists who questioned the initial figures explain what might be next for Australia’s economy.