Karen Middleton
is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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News September 17, 2016

Transfield’s $1.1b offshore processing contract farce

A blistering audit of the offshore detention program reveals a system defined by untendered contracts and preferential deals raises billions of dollars’ worth of questions.

Opinion September 17, 2016

Chris Richardson on how we’re unprepared for the next recession

Chris Richardson, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, explains how even when economic reports show Australia in good shape, people can feel as though things are getting worse.

News September 10, 2016

Political donations and Sam Dastyari’s downfall

As the Sam Dastyari donations scandal continues to unfold, both sides of politics, and the crossbench, are flirting with reform.

News September 10, 2016

Madeline Gleeson on an end to offshore processing

Lawyer and author Madeline Gleeson says there are positive elements in Australia’s asylum-seeker policy, but a lack of political will to abide by the Refugee Convention.

News September 03, 2016

Schisms challenging party platforms

After parliament’s first week, rifts within the government and opposition prove as telling as those between them.

Life September 03, 2016

Anthony Albanese and his biographer

Just as political opponents may form friendships based on their shared circumstances in Canberra, the relationship of biographer and subject is equally complex.

News August 27, 2016

New senate ready to deal

As new senators arrive in Canberra for induction, the horsetrading has already begun.

News August 20, 2016

Shifting debate on offshore detention

As the country reacts to the Nauru files and confirmation the Manus detention centre must close, a new chapter appears to be opening in the refugee debate.

News August 13, 2016

Josh Frydenberg’s approach to environment and energy

The new minister for the environment and energy, Josh Frydenberg, is ready to balance his portfolios and disappoint critics on the left and right.