Karen Middleton
is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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Opinion October 15, 2016

Sexual harassment in politics

“A few colleagues and I drafted a blacklist of politicians with lecherous reputations and worded up new female journalists about which ones to avoid. ”

News October 08, 2016

Millions of Australians caught in health records breach

The government’s negotiations with doctors over the Medicare rebate is not helped by a breach of privacy on apparently anonymised health data.

News October 01, 2016

Political power struggle after SA’s statewide blackout

As clean-up began after South Australia’s freak storms, the federal energy minister seized the opportunity for a debate on renewables.

News October 01, 2016

Marcia Langton on Recognition and income management

Marcia Langton talks about a promising welfare management trial and how constitutional recognition would complete the Commonwealth.

News September 24, 2016

Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s lack of preparedness on organised crime

The focus on asylum seekers has left the immigration department lacking intelligence capabilities and measures to combat crime.

Opinion September 24, 2016

Tim Flannery names his three priority areas in addressing environmental concerns.

Environmentalist and chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council Tim Flannery explains the need to overcome the vested interests against climate change action and how to best use an innovation fund.

News September 17, 2016

Transfield’s $1.1b offshore processing contract farce

A blistering audit of the offshore detention program reveals a system defined by untendered contracts and preferential deals raises billions of dollars’ worth of questions.

Opinion September 17, 2016

Chris Richardson on how we’re unprepared for the next recession

Chris Richardson, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, explains how even when economic reports show Australia in good shape, people can feel as though things are getting worse.

News September 10, 2016

Political donations and Sam Dastyari’s downfall

As the Sam Dastyari donations scandal continues to unfold, both sides of politics, and the crossbench, are flirting with reform.