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News July 02, 2016

Greens, Xenophon eye jaundiced major party voters

The Australian Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team square off for third-party status.

News July 02, 2016

Bill Shorten: ‘I’m proud of our plans...’

Bill Shorten’s final pitch emphasises Labor’s social policies – especially those with which Malcolm Turnbull might agree.

News July 02, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull: ‘We need to make our own luck...’

Malcolm Turnbull’s final pitch trades on economic uncertainty: stick with the Coalition and its plan for innovation and tax cuts.

News June 25, 2016

Parties find campaign donors harder to come by

As the major parties prepare their final election advertising blitz, donations have dried up, especially to the Liberal campaign.

News June 18, 2016

Inside the Greens federal election preference ‘deal’

A battle between Liberals in NSW and Victoria has pulled apart a precarious ‘deal’ with the Greens and recast preferences for the election.

News June 11, 2016

Turnbull and Shorten seek to define their character

As Malcolm Turnbull releases a video about his single-parent childhood, the Coalition and Labor are working overtime to sell their chiefs’ ‘authentic’ styles.

News June 04, 2016

Marginal seats unlikely to deliver a hung parliament

Despite a scare campaign over a hung parliament, the election is tending to a narrow Coalition victory, with the Greens as everyone’s enemy.

News May 28, 2016

Scott Morrison’s black hole serves its campaign purpose

Their attack on Labor’s economic figures may have backfired, but the Coalition’s campaign HQ is just happy the focus is back on the economy.

News May 21, 2016

Labor’s bid to make health central to election

In the first major policy announcement of the campaign, Labor has built a wedge on Medicare rebates – and won powerful support.