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is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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News March 21, 2020

Defence braces for SAS murder charges

An inspector-general’s report, expected in the coming months, will likely recommend the prosecution of special forces soldiers over Afghan civilian killings.

News March 14, 2020

Morrison’s economic stimulus package

In the hopes of heading off a possible recession, the government has released a $17.6 billion stimulus package, but questions remain about the lack of detail in its plans for regional support.

News March 14, 2020

Privacy concerns about encryption laws

As law enforcement agencies demand access to encrypted data without judicial oversight, the national security watchdog and tech companies are concerned about privacy breaches.

News March 07, 2020

Sport Australia takes $10m from schools

The controversial government agency has been pushed into deficit after the minister ordered it to restore school funds it spent on other projects.

News February 29, 2020

$500m fund was directed to key Liberals

Established ahead of the 2019 election, the fund pledged to upgrade commuter car parks. Forty-three of its 46 projects were in key Liberal marginal seats.

News February 22, 2020

Government spends ‘unlawful’ billions

Over the past year, the government has allocated nearly $5 billion through measures hidden from public view, bypassing the senate. Experts now warn this may be illegal.

News February 15, 2020

Environment grants awarded by invitation only

A $100 million grants program, established by the government ahead of the 2019 election, was restricted to 25 preselected projects, most of them in key seats for the Coalition.

News February 08, 2020

Bridget McKenzie falls on sports grants sword

As Bridget McKenzie’s resignation brings about a surge in the Coalition’s conservative wing, new analysis confirms the bias of the sports grants program.

News January 31, 2020

Exclusive: McKenzie propped up Netball Australia with ‘special’ grant

The minister outraged Sport Australia’s board, bypassing the agency to direct $2.5 million to Netball Australia with few strings attached.