Kate Holden
is the author of The Winter Road.

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Culture August 21, 2021

Mitch Cairns

A 2007 retrospective of Tom Kreisler’s art has had a lifelong impact on Mitch Cairns’ work.

Culture August 07, 2021

Andrew Ford

Broadcaster and composer Andrew Ford discusses how Luciano Berio’s O King showed him how to start with the simple.

Culture July 24, 2021

Amanda Lohrey

Miles Franklin award-winner Amanda Lohrey on how the Hindu god Shiva danced creation into being.

Culture July 10, 2021

Constantine Costi

Opera and film director Constantine Costi discusses how Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ has influenced his approach to staging.

Culture June 26, 2021

Bryony Anderson

Artist and puppet-maker Bryony Anderson talks about the influence of Fiona Hall’s Paradisus Terrestris (1989-90) on her work and outlook.

Culture June 12, 2021

Alexander Briger

Alexander Briger AO, an Australian and international star of classical music, discusses the influence of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony on his career.

Culture May 29, 2021

Lynette Wallworth

Award-winning documentary and digital installation artist Lynette Wallworth describes a work that influenced her.

Culture May 15, 2021

Toni Jordan

Last year, author Toni Jordan decided to write fiction full-time, in order to pursue her goal of subverting capitalism by making people feel less miserable. She is editing her sixth book and has started writing the next one.

Culture April 24, 2021

Ling Ang

A filmmaker, cinematographer and visual artist, Ling Ang has been documenting her dreams for three years with 3D graphics, installations and now a book.