Kate Holden
is the author of The Winter Road.

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Culture October 23, 2021

Jo Lloyd

For choreographer Jo Lloyd, the discomfort of Leos Carax’s film Holy Motors is part of its uneasy brilliance.

Culture October 09, 2021

Charlotte Wood

Author Charlotte Wood explains how the still-life paintings of Jude Rae help her write.

Culture September 25, 2021

Robynne Murphy

Filmmaker Robynne Murphy is inspired by the collective genesis of a painting by sisters Lorraine Brown and Narelle Thomas.

Culture September 18, 2021

Damiano Bertoli (1969–2021)

Melbourne artist Lisa Radford, a friend and colleague of Damiano Bertoli’s, remembers his major work Le Désir, a series of performances of a little-known play by Picasso.

Culture September 04, 2021

Marco Fusinato

The whole-work aesthetic of Japanese doom-metal band Corrupted has been a major inspiration for the noise art of Marco Fusinato.

Culture August 21, 2021

Mitch Cairns

A 2007 retrospective of Tom Kreisler’s art has had a lifelong impact on Mitch Cairns’ work.

Culture August 07, 2021

Andrew Ford

Broadcaster and composer Andrew Ford discusses how Luciano Berio’s O King showed him how to start with the simple.

Culture July 24, 2021

Amanda Lohrey

Miles Franklin award-winner Amanda Lohrey on how the Hindu god Shiva danced creation into being.

Culture July 10, 2021

Constantine Costi

Opera and film director Constantine Costi discusses how Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ has influenced his approach to staging.