Kevin Rudd

is a former Labor prime minister and the chair of Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission.

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Opinion August 14, 2021

The four stages of Sky News

“Before the past couple of years, most Australians were either unaware of Sky News or considered it a bit of a joke. The consensus was that nobody watched it, and the people who did were out on the fringe. Anyone who maintains this today is simply not …”

Opinion April 03, 2021

A foreign policy for the climate

“Acting on climate change not only makes economic sense for Australia, it makes diplomatic sense as well. Our refusal to act meaningfully on climate change will increasingly be a thorn in the side of our relations with all of the world’s advanced …”

Opinion October 31, 2020

After the virus: A green recovery

“Australia cannot afford to simply meander through to the other side of this Covid-19 crisis … If the government had the capacity to see this moment for what it is, it would find a vast majority of the country, across the political spectrum, supportive …”

Opinion April 11, 2020

Australia must fulfil its regional obligations

“Earlier this year, I wrote that I feared the situation in China would become the reality across the rest of the world in March and April. That, unfortunately, is now what is unfolding before our very eyes. But if there is to be a third wave of this crisis, …”

Opinion August 31, 2019

Defining Australia’s national identity

“Political drift doesn’t offer any substantive response to the ‘great disruptions’ now bearing down on us. It just capitulates to them. That’s why it’s now urgent to re-engineer our national imagination and paint the picture of a different future …”