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is a freelance journalist.

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News February 20, 2016

The life of a resettled Syrian refugee

Abdulsalam Orabi begins life in Sydney, as it emerges only 26 Syrians accepted under the federal government’s much-publicised plan to resettle 12,000 refugees.

News December 05, 2015

One Syrian refugee’s new life in Australia

Amid conservative calls to cancel the resettlement of 12,000 Syrian refugees in Australia following the Paris attacks, one man prepares to start his new life in Sydney.

News November 07, 2015

Harun Causevic and the danger of control orders

As the government prepares to lower the age at which control orders can be applied to include 14-year-olds, critics question the use of a policy that upturns the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

News August 29, 2015

Syrian asylum seekers marching in Europe’s shadows

With the millions fleeing Syria’s war zones overstretching neighbouring refugee camps, some are risking a perilous journey on foot into Western Europe.

News August 22, 2015

The pointlessness of no return for foreign fighters

Western governments are refusing to assist the return of disillusioned foreign fighters who escape Daesh in Syria, despite their potential role against future recruitment.

News July 18, 2015

Meeting a Daesh jihadist in Syria

Why do young Westerners give up their lives to join Daesh? An American jihadist in Syria describes his “one-way ticket to paradise”.

News May 16, 2015

Fighting Muslim radicalisation

While Muslim community leaders combat youth radicalism, the federal police are considering how to utilise returned foreign fighters as deterrents.

News April 11, 2015

Ashley Johnston’s recruitment to fight with Kurds in Syria

Correspondence published for the first time shows how Johnston was recruited to fight Islamic State in Syria.

News December 06, 2014

International aid workers in harm’s way

Islamic State’s beheading of an American aid worker in Syria highlights the terrible risks – and fatal attraction – of humanitarian and journalistic work in war-torn regions.