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is a freelance writer and researcher.

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news August 19, 2017

Mesh implant dangers

The frequency of horrific complications arising from transvaginal mesh implants, typically used to treat pelvic organ prolapse, has led to a class action.

news July 21, 2017

Mental health care for medical professionals

A new wellbeing initiative for trainee physicians aims to combat the medical profession’s high rates of mental health issues and suicide, and the stigma of healthcare workers admitting they need help.

news July 01, 2017

Hormonal therapy for autism

Developments in autism research suggest hormonal treatments could make expensive and time-consuming early behavioural therapies more attainable and successful.

news May 20, 2017

Post-traumatic growth and the Black Saturday bushfires

While post-traumatic stress disorder is widely acknowledged, much less attention is paid to its counterpart, post-traumatic growth –where people can find their lives transformed for the better after terrible events.