Maddee Clark

is a Yugambeh writer and editor.

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The Influence February 05, 2022

Stephen Page

For Bangarra’s former artistic director Stephen Page, his brother’s song ‘Young Man’, written in Yugambeh language, is a gift to the future.

The Influence January 22, 2022

Ari Wegner

As the daughter of a painter, cinematographer Ari Wegner found inspiration from an early age in the portraiture of Lucian Freud.

The Influence December 11, 2021

Jonathan Jones

For artist Jonathan Jones, Aunty Esme Timbery’s striking shell works are a direct line to Aboriginal artmaking traditions at La Perouse.

The Influence November 27, 2021

Shen Xin

Artist Shen Xin says the layering of desire, bondage and labour in Hito Steyerl’s video Lovely Andrea has deeply informed their understanding of image.

Culture November 13, 2021

Jacek Koman

A major inspiration behind Jacek Koman’s current role is the father-son love story in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead.

Culture October 30, 2021

Joel Ma

When Joel Ma was a teenager, his mother took him to see William Yang’s one-man show Sadness, and it changed his life.

Culture October 16, 2021

Judy Watson

Judy Watson has been enchanted for almost two decades by the lightness and ephemerality of Pat Steir’s Waterfall Mirage.

Culture October 02, 2021

Liam Fleming

Glass artist Liam Fleming finds an inspiring sense of freedom in a painting by Australian Modernist Frank Hinder.

Culture September 11, 2021

Jazz Money

Poet Jazz Money talks about how Alexis Wright’s novel Carpentaria has inspired her work and paved the way for other Indigenous writers.

Culture August 28, 2021

Tina Havelock Stevens

Tina Havelock Stevens says Gimme Shelter, the classic 1970 documentary about The Rolling Stones, shows her something different every time she watches it.

Culture August 14, 2021

Jenna Lee

Artist Jenna Lee discusses the transformative energy of fire in Makiko Ryujin’s Burning Vessel.

Culture July 31, 2021

Amber Boardman

Dana Schutz’s work showed Amber Boardman how invented characters in paintings can take on lives of their own.

Culture July 17, 2021

Deborah Cheetham

Yorta Yorta soprano and composer Professor Deborah Cheetham AO discusses how the painting Dulka Warngiid (Land for All) (2007) has influenced her musical direction.

Culture July 03, 2021

Mama Alto

Cabaret artist Mama Alto talks about the influence of Taylor Mac’s A 24 Decade History of Popular Music on her life and work.

Culture June 19, 2021

Bri Lee

Writer and academic Bri Lee talks about the influence of painter Eugene von Guérard on her work and outlook.

Culture June 05, 2021

Pam Tanowitz

Acclaimed New York choreographer Pam Tanowitz discusses the influence of George Balanchine’s ballet Serenade on her own dance works, including one that will soon be performed by The Australian Ballet.

Culture May 22, 2021

Tony Albert

Acclaimed Indigenous artist Tony Albert finally has his collections of kitsch objects – which he calls Aboriginalia – all in one place, but his current fascination is with fabrics.

Culture May 01, 2021

Dan Spielman

Stage and screen actor Dan Spielman has a substantial side hustle as a woodworker and joiner. His workshop practice informs his on-camera work – and vice versa – in fascinating, unexpected ways.

Culture April 17, 2021

Jane Harrison

Muruwari writer Jane Harrison is best known for her award-winning play Stolen, but her latest project is morphing through several different literary forms.

Culture April 03, 2021

June Jones

Working under lockdown on her new album, while contending with a diagnosis of ADHD, meant a wholly different process for musician June Jones.

Culture March 20, 2021

Patricia Cornelius

Multi-award-winning playwright Patricia Cornelius is working on an adaptation of her novel about the fallout of the Vietnam War, My Sister Jill – when she’s not gardening.

Culture March 06, 2021

Bella Li

The poet and artist Bella Li says that if it weren’t for deadlines – and the inspiration provided by tennis players – she would never finish her work.

Culture February 20, 2021

Abdul Abdullah

Multidisciplinary artist Abdul Abdullah has found that the pandemic has made him refocus his practice on painting, even as it has taught him to aim for balance.

Culture February 06, 2021


Over the past year, parenthood and the pandemic have given ARIA award-winning artist Mo’Ju the chance to think big about her next album.

Culture January 23, 2021

Antony Hamilton

Running a dance company under lockdown presents unique challenges, but that hasn’t stopped Chunky Move’s Antony Hamilton.

Culture December 12, 2020

Daniel Boyd

After the tumult of 2020, Kudjla–Gangalu artist Daniel Boyd aims to find the beauty within chaos, as he continues to reframe the mythologies of colonialism.

Culture June 06, 2020

Yhonnie Scarce’s art of glass

Using glass as a medium, Yhonnie Scarce makes art that testifies to the trauma enacted on Aboriginal people and communities. She speaks about travelling to memorial sites around the world and the importance of truth-telling. “I don’t like being lied to … They were setting off bombs, and they knew there were blackfullas around in that area, but they didn’t care.”

Culture November 10, 2018

Hoda Afshar’s lens on Manus

Building on her earlier works essaying colonialism and her experience as an Iranian migrant to Australia, photographer Hoda Afshar turned to presenting the humanity of the men detained on Manus Island. “Photography has turned into this whole trend of empty landscapes – no sign of human presence whatsoever, just traces of human beings. Traces of a tyre on asphalt, rubbish, leftover food, signs that say there were people here, but no human presence. It shocks me. I think, yes, it’s important to acknowledge the history of photography, how image-making has abused and manipulated narratives. We have to acknowledge the relationship between image-making and power. But to dismantle it is not to completely avoid that dialogue.”