Marcia Langton

is an Aboriginal writer, a descendant of the Yiman people of Queensland. She is professor of Australian Indigenous studies at the University of Melbourne.

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Comment September 19, 2020

The destruction of the Juukan Gorge caves

“Here is a fact about life in Australia in 2020: the material and geographical manifestations of Aboriginal cultures developed over more than 65,000 years are being rapidly destroyed by mining companies, urban settlement, road and infrastructure development, …”

Comment August 25, 2018

The folly of Jacinta Price

“Jacinta Price is useful to politicians. She legitimises racist views by speaking them against her own people. When she walks through Alice Springs and Tennant Creek with the prime minister, she waves a flag for the increasingly normal brand of race politics …”

Comment April 14, 2018

Royal commission into police needed

“While crime rates are declining in Victoria, Dutton made claims about lack of deterrence of crime in Victoria. In a radio interview he said Victorians were ‘bemused’ when they looked at ‘the jokes of sentences being handed down’ due to ‘political …”

Comment July 01, 2017

Adani, native title and risky strategies

“Fortunately, common sense has prevailed with the McGlade amendments passed in the senate. As a result, one or a few native title applicants are now not able to disqualify a lawful agreement settled by the majority of the members of their group by playing …”

Visual Art June 02, 2017

Tracey Moffatt at the 2017 Venice Biennale

While the photography in Tracey Moffatt’s exhibition at the Venice Biennale bears touches of the knowing melodrama of her early work, her film work comes with a disaffected Hollywood air.

Comment June 11, 2016

The silence on Indigenous issues in the 2016 election

“The media coverage of Indigenous issues spins on a few old shibboleths. To talk about anything else is too difficult, too serious. It doesn’t keep First Australians where they are supposed to be; doesn’t use the same old stories to keep us in our …”

Comment March 22, 2014

Keeping Andrew Bolt in business

“Andrew Bolt will be free to continue to publish untrue statements, unless those offended have the money to pursue a defamation case.”