Mark Dapin

is a journalist, novelist and historian. His new book, Carnage: A succulent Chinese meal, Mr Rent-a-Kill and the Australian Manson murders, is published on August 2.

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Life December 04, 2021

Sent (back) to Coventry

It may have been named Britain’s 2021 City of Culture, but Coventry’s dark past as a hotbed of racism and violence will not be easily erased.

Travel November 30, 2019

Prison visiting

When it comes to lining up family holidays, the author is committed to planning the perfect escape.

Travel August 31, 2019

Banksy and street art in Bristol

Even a visitor with no interest in street art might find that a tour of Banksy’s Bristol leaves an indelible mark.

Travel May 11, 2019

Studying language, history and culture in Toledo, Spain

As a descendant of Sephardic Jews forced to leave Spain during the 15th-century Inquisition, the author visits Toledo seeking citizenship, only to discover ties to the ancient city can sometimes be set in stone.