Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News October 17, 2015

The man paid to protect Nauru’s image

The Australian publicist selling the Nauru government’s message on mistreated refugees defends his tactics.

News October 10, 2015

Mass shootings rife as Americans stick to their guns

Despite this year averaging one mass shooting a day, and pleas from the president for legislative changes, the United States clings to its literalist interpretation of the right to bear arms.

News October 03, 2015

The shadow of  tragedy hangs over Luke Batty inquest

Hindsight and evaluation cannot alter the fate of Luke Batty. But a coroner’s report into his ‘unforeseeable’ murder has at least identified systemic failings in the handling of mental illness and domestic violence.

News September 26, 2015

Adam Goodes’ bipartisan career ends but legacy will live on

His stellar career has lately been dogged by controversy, but Adam Goodes retires as a proud Indigenous man calling out his code’s racist underbelly.

News September 19, 2015

Children behind bars

For asylum-seeker children detained on Christmas Island, the perils of crossing treacherous seas in unsafe vessels was just the beginning of their despair.

News September 12, 2015

Hiding sexual abuse behind prestige at Geelong Grammar

For students of the elite Geelong Grammar School, sexual abuse survived within a subculture of hazing born in the ‘Great Public Schools’ of England.

News September 05, 2015

Inside Border Force’s power

Border Force is the contrivance of a knot of ambitious bureaucrats whose aim is to militarise Immigration.

News August 29, 2015

Nauru’s systemic dysfunction

With a new tender imminent for Nauru's detention centre operations, and a senate inquiry report still due, stories continue to emerge of mismanagement, dysfunction and extra-judicial governance.

News August 22, 2015

Nauru rapes: ‘There is a war on women’

One woman lies catatonic in hospital after being raped and beaten. Another was raped and immolated. This is the world awaiting refugees released from detention on Nauru.