Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News July 18, 2015

Abbott’s campaign to kill renewable energy sector

Unable to disband a financing body it despises, the Abbott government has set about rigging renewable energy investment to fail.

News July 11, 2015

Spyware company’s shadowy deals exposed

Millionaire hackers' spyware clients include South Sudan, Russia, Saudi Arabia – and Australia.

News July 04, 2015

The battle for open-access information

A Melbourne-based PhD candidate’s online open-access publishing forum is a boon for those wishing to access texts and transcripts free. But at what cost to the authors of some of these works?

News June 20, 2015

Accused from Pinochet’s Chile still in Australia

Despite Chilean extradition orders, a former employee of Pinochet’s secret police has been allowed to remain – free – in Australia.

News June 13, 2015

Abbott’s war on Gillian Triggs

The government is trying to ridicule the president of the Human Rights Commission out of office. But she won’t go.

News June 06, 2015

Les Murray and the FIFA scandal

As corruption arrests shake global football body FIFA, Australia’s unwavering support for the organisation is in question.

News May 30, 2015

Inside the Ridsdale child sexual abuse inquiry

Gerald Ridsdale’s testimony is about the church’s protection of paedophiles, but it is also about ending the shame of victims.

News May 23, 2015

Inside George Brandis’s Australia Council arts heist

The arts minister’s shock annexation of Australia Council funding is about long-running tension over the purpose of the humanities.

News May 16, 2015

The difficulties and despair of searching for missing persons

Trying to track the hundreds of missing children and adults in Australia is fraught for police and devastating for families.