Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News April 02, 2016

Family violence royal commission finds patterns of failure

In its report, the Royal Commission into Family Violence, having heard myriad stories of institutional failure, calls for systemic change, from funding arrangements to intervention responses and rehabilitation.

News March 25, 2016

Joseph Acquaro and the Calabrian Mafia

The murder of lawyer Joseph Acquaro might have opened another chapter in Melbourne’s gangland wars. But it’s also part of the longer story of the Calabrian Mafia’s seeming ability to avoid investigation and prosecution.

News March 19, 2016

Numan Haider inquest reveals policing oversights

The inquest into the shooting of radicalised teenager Numan Haider reveals ASIO phone taps not shared with police, which might have saved him and officers from being put in harm’s way.

News March 12, 2016

Bushfire prevention strategy questioned after Lancefield

After the Lancefield fires, caused by a planned burn, the Victorian government has backed away from Black Saturday royal commission recommendations. But communities remain mistrustful of new strategies.

News March 05, 2016

Cardinal George Pell’s royal commission testimony

The remarkable part of George Pell’s royal commission testimony is not its insensitivity but what it asks people to believe.

News February 27, 2016

Policing domestic violence

As the victim of a violent, menacing partner, Mary turned to the police for help. Years later, she feels as vulnerable as ever.

News February 20, 2016

Backlash against CSIRO’s ‘cowboy’ chief Larry Marshall

As Larry Marshall signals cuts to various programs, CSIRO staff say he is either out of his depth or has questionable motives – or both.

News February 13, 2016

Closing the Gap a ritual of empty words

Malcolm Turnbull’s first Closing the Gap address acknowledges shortcomings and delivers platitudes but fails to make progress.

News February 06, 2016

The lawful truth of the High Court’s offshore detention decision

The High Court’s ruling that offshore detention is legal has cruelly condemned 37 Australian-born babies to a life of uncertainty on a bleak island. What was the government's ‘sleight of hand’ that protected our immigration policy?