Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News December 05, 2015

Ending the silence on suicide

It’s long been a taboo subject, rarely spoken of in public and deliberately withheld from media reports. Now experts are seeking to destigmatise suicide – and help those at risk – by encouraging open, honest and sensitive conversation about what drives someone to want to take their own life.

News November 28, 2015

Peter Dutton’s contempt of court battle

Victoria’s Supreme Court will decide if Peter Dutton is wrongly depriving a man on a bridging visa of the right to a fair trial.

News November 21, 2015

Paris attacks and the dissonance of terror

The horror of Paris, among other recent terrorist attacks, has led to new assessments of the goals and methods of Daesh, and renewed confusion as to how to respond.

News November 14, 2015

Nugan Hand Bank fugitive found in US

The true story of Sydney's shadowy Nugan Hand Bank, and its connections in the 1970s to the CIA, arms dealing and the Asian drug trade, may be closer with the discovery of Michael Jon Hand alive and well in Idaho.

News November 07, 2015

Michelle Payne inspires but fog of sleaze surrounds horseracing

For all the heartwarming stories to come out of Tuesday’s historic Melbourne Cup, a cloud of impurity hovers over the ‘closed culture’ of the racing industry.

News October 31, 2015

Chris Kenny visits Nauru as borders open up to allies

Allowing a supportive journalist access to Nauru does nothing to assuage the levels of secrecy and lies on the island.

News October 17, 2015

The man paid to protect Nauru’s image

The Australian publicist selling the Nauru government’s message on mistreated refugees defends his tactics.

News October 10, 2015

Mass shootings rife as Americans stick to their guns

Despite this year averaging one mass shooting a day, and pleas from the president for legislative changes, the United States clings to its literalist interpretation of the right to bear arms.

News October 03, 2015

The shadow of  tragedy hangs over Luke Batty inquest

Hindsight and evaluation cannot alter the fate of Luke Batty. But a coroner’s report into his ‘unforeseeable’ murder has at least identified systemic failings in the handling of mental illness and domestic violence.