Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News April 11, 2015

Reclaim Australia protests threaten more division

Ugly clashes at Reclaim Australia rallies around the country may have only served to cement a feeling of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

News April 04, 2015

Lubitz and the minds of airline pilots

The Germanwings tragedy raises vexed questions about vetting air crew and mitigation of risk.

News March 28, 2015

Nauru abuse goes further than the Moss review

Sex with under-age detainees and pressure to cover up abuse show Nauru’s dysfunction goes well beyond the Moss review.

News March 21, 2015

Inside men’s rights groups

The world of men’s rights activism is an echo chamber of private resentments, violent misogyny and permanent victimhood.

News March 14, 2015

Report offers little hope for families of MH370 victims

On the first anniversary of flight MH370’s disappearance, the Malaysian government’s report into its fate offers a wealth of data but nothing to explain to the families of the missing what happened.

News March 07, 2015

Inside the Knox Grammar’s sexual abuse scandal

How one man’s blindness allowed a generation of sexual abuse at Sydney’s Knox Grammar.

News December 20, 2014

The year that was: Seeking meaning inside a vacuum

Martin McKenzie-Murray chronicles the year, from spirited victories on the sports field to the final moments of the Sydney siege and what followed.

News December 13, 2014

Taliban targets Afghan family as Scott Morrison stalls

As Scott Morrison enlarges his powers, he becomes directly responsible for cases like Shaima’s.

News November 29, 2014

Phillip Hughes, gone too soon

A freak accident has cut short the career of a talented young cricketer and stunned a sports-loving nation.