Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News September 05, 2015

Inside Border Force’s power

Border Force is the contrivance of a knot of ambitious bureaucrats whose aim is to militarise Immigration.

News August 29, 2015

Nauru’s systemic dysfunction

With a new tender imminent for Nauru's detention centre operations, and a senate inquiry report still due, stories continue to emerge of mismanagement, dysfunction and extra-judicial governance.

News August 22, 2015

Nauru rapes: ‘There is a war on women’

One woman lies catatonic in hospital after being raped and beaten. Another was raped and immolated. This is the world awaiting refugees released from detention on Nauru.

News August 15, 2015

Inside controversial rideshare firm Uber’s radical model

Rideshare company Uber’s aggressive fight against the taxi industry and the tax office has caught governments off guard.

News August 08, 2015

The hidden politics of family violence

The royal commission into domestic violence has replayed many received wisdoms. But there are certain things that cannot be said.

News August 01, 2015

Royal commission examines Jehovah Witnesses cover-up

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ fiercely literal reading of the Bible has distanced them from the law and politics, but the royal commission into child sexual abuse is ending that.

News July 25, 2015

Inside the strange dynamic of Reclaim Australia’s rallies

The Reclaim Australia protests and counter-protests reveal the unedifying anger on the outer fringes of politics.

News July 18, 2015

Abbott’s campaign to kill renewable energy sector

Unable to disband a financing body it despises, the Abbott government has set about rigging renewable energy investment to fail.

News July 11, 2015

Spyware company’s shadowy deals exposed

Millionaire hackers' spyware clients include South Sudan, Russia, Saudi Arabia – and Australia.