Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News November 01, 2014

Rosie Batty’s voice

As an inquest searches for answers that may not exist, a grieving mother brings eloquence to an incoherent system.

Portrait November 01, 2014

Man in black Scott Ludlam keeps calm and carries on

Greens senator Scott Ludlam on spying, terrorism and the bigger hidden threats.

News October 25, 2014

Pyne needling

The death of a political icon made Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s push for deregulation of university fees even harder to sell.

Business October 18, 2014

The power of the electricty market

A senate inquiry is pending into the long-flawed system delivering rising electricity prices.

News October 11, 2014

Abuse on Nauru, Scott Morrison’s wretched island

Reports of sexual abuse and cruelty on Nauru are the latest in a long line of woes for the detention centre.

News October 04, 2014

Testing the vitality of the Australian Dream

Contrary to assumptions we are becoming hyper-aspirational and individualistic, our storied egalitarianism may still hold true.

News September 27, 2014

Inside the terror of the suburbs

Before the newly charged rhetoric of terrorism, Numan Haider was a disturbed kid. Then he became a radical threat.

News September 20, 2014

Turbulent times as Qantas fights for survival

Poor decision-making by the powers that be and decades of stoic resistance to change have sent Qantas’s fortunes into a tailspin.

News September 13, 2014

Abetz still in the woods, fighting a lost war

As Tasmania lags behind Australia, Eric Abetz is reigniting old battles.