Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News August 02, 2014

Relations in the firing line in wake of MH17

Condemnation offset by caution is imperative in negotiating the aftermath of MH17. But for grief-stricken families, it means little.

Law & Crime July 26, 2014

How Section 19A stigmatises HIV/AIDS in murder law

International AIDS Conference delegates were surprised by a Victorian government announcement to amend a law targeting murder by infection.

News July 18, 2014

Unholy discourse clouds debate on Australians fighting in Syria

Does silencing dissent at home serve to encourage Muslim Australians to embrace jihad?

News July 12, 2014

Rolf Harris reaction masks our blind spot on child abuse

Tabloids rush to cover celebrity paedophiles but they refuse campaigns against the epidemic of family child abuse.

News July 05, 2014

Inside the Tamil’s burning protests

As Sri Lankan asylum seekers attempt self-immolation, and scores are turned back by boat, the government buries its head.

News June 28, 2014

Peter Greste’s cruel imprisonment in Egypt

Peter Greste has become an innocent pawn in Egypt’s propaganda war, his parents collateral damage.

News June 21, 2014

High Court win on school chaplaincy funding

The High Court has ruled against the government’s controversial school chaplaincy scheme. A report on the man who beat God.

News June 14, 2014

Renovated truths and a royal commission into trade unions

Lack of evidence has done nothing to extinguish the fires of controversy over Julia Gillard’s former relationship with Bruce Wilson, and the media campaign that followed.