Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News February 06, 2016

The lawful truth of the High Court’s offshore detention decision

The High Court’s ruling that offshore detention is legal has cruelly condemned 37 Australian-born babies to a life of uncertainty on a bleak island. What was the government's ‘sleight of hand’ that protected our immigration policy?

News January 30, 2016

Inside corrupt sports betting

Recent allegations concerning top-level tennis highlight a growing market in corruption that goes hand in hand with a rise in online gambling.

News January 23, 2016

Holiday surprises for Malcolm Turnbull

Traditionally, Christmas and new year marks a flat spot for political news. But the past few weeks have thrown up their share of woe for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

News December 19, 2015

2015: A carnival of cognitive dissonance

If anything existed to make sense of the past year, it was a stubborn refusal to accept realities – in politics, in sport, in life.

News December 12, 2015

Inside the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption

The trade union royal commission has been haunted by politicisation since it began, ranging from the Gillard–AWU claims, to the attempted ousting of Commissioner Dyson Heydon, to last weekend’s arrests. But with all the drama, are we missing the point?

News December 05, 2015

Testifying against child sexual abuse at royal commission

The latest round of royal commission hearings bear witness to despicable cover-ups and blatant disregard for victims.

News December 05, 2015

Ending the silence on suicide

It’s long been a taboo subject, rarely spoken of in public and deliberately withheld from media reports. Now experts are seeking to destigmatise suicide – and help those at risk – by encouraging open, honest and sensitive conversation about what drives someone to want to take their own life.

News November 28, 2015

Peter Dutton’s contempt of court battle

Victoria’s Supreme Court will decide if Peter Dutton is wrongly depriving a man on a bridging visa of the right to a fair trial.

News November 21, 2015

Paris attacks and the dissonance of terror

The horror of Paris, among other recent terrorist attacks, has led to new assessments of the goals and methods of Daesh, and renewed confusion as to how to respond.