Martin McKenzie-Murray
is The Saturday Paper’s chief correspondent.

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News September 03, 2016

Inside Swisse and its vexed ABC sponsorship deal

Amid serious concerns about its products’ efficacy, complementary medicine giant Swisse will do anything for credibility.

News August 27, 2016

The dysfunction of offshore detention on Nauru

As the Coalition defends offshore detention in the wake of leaked files, former Nauru social workers and government officials paint a picture of utter dysfunction.

News August 20, 2016

PTSD and the rehabilitation of returned soldiers

As reports emerge that as many veterans have taken their lives this year as have been killed in the 13 years of the war in Afghanistan, a new narrative is emerging around post-traumatic stress disorder.

News August 13, 2016

How Reclaim Australia hid a ‘terrorist’

Inside the fractured groupings and white power fantasies of Australia’s far right, an alleged terrorist plot was forming.

News August 06, 2016

Inside Australia’s growing homeless crisis

Despite the promise to halve homelessness by 2020, political inertia and piecemeal funding have seen numbers spike.

News July 30, 2016

‘There was political support for this…’: Inside the horrors of Don Dale

Abuse and tough rhetoric on crime are part of the same volatile equation, the former NT child commissioner explains.

News July 23, 2016

Republican National Convention green lights Donald Trump

The Republican National Convention to install Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate has put on show bitter internal divisions and the rancorous tone with which his campaign will attack the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton.

News July 16, 2016

Andrew Wilkie and the Chilcot inquiry

Intelligence officer turned whistleblower and politician Andrew Wilkie is calling for Australia to conduct its own version of the Chilcot inquiry into the war in Iraq.

News July 09, 2016

The return of Pauline Hanson and One Nation

Pauline Hanson’s return to parliament is a sign of the increasing disconnect between the major parties and voters.