Matthew Clayfield

is a freelance foreign correspondent.

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News May 20, 2017

Brexit and UKIP in Margate, England

The depressed English seaside town of Margate was the epicentre of Nigel Farage’s pitch to those left behind by globalisation. But it’s now Theresa May they’re counting on to deliver UKIP’s platform.

Travel July 11, 2015

Going off-road in Mexico’s Baja 1000

An Australian fulfils his dream to tear across north-west Mexico.

Travel November 29, 2014

Bus etiquette in changing Turkey

Taking a seat on a bus in Turkey reveals the country shifting secularism.

Travel October 11, 2014

Cycle of life in southern Africa

Mountain biking in the rugged landscape of Lesotho makes for some uneasy riders.

Travel May 17, 2014

Life on Ascension Island

On Ascension Island, a speck in the middle of the South Atlantic, even the locals are far from home. To survive, its international workers seek common ground.

Travel March 15, 2014

Bullfighting without matadors in northern Spain

Running with the bulls and the bullish in northern Spain.