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post November 28, 2023

Lehrmann coke texts revealed

post November 27, 2023

Mass arrests at coal port blockade; Third Israel-Hamas prisoner swap

post November 24, 2023

Activists blame ABC for arrests

post November 23, 2023

Massive boost to green energy

post November 22, 2023

Labor’s $600m cybersecurity plan; Journalists killed in Gaza at record pace

post November 21, 2023

Dreyfus unveils whistleblower reforms

post November 20, 2023

Police lobby for deportations; Australians march again for Gaza

post November 17, 2023

‘Draconian’ detainee laws passed; Israel expands offensive south

post November 16, 2023

Labor fast-tracks immigration laws; Hospital raided by Israeli troops

post November 15, 2023

Mass grave dug at Gaza hospital

post November 14, 2023

Robodebt triggers welfare overhaul; Hate crimes spike over Gaza conflict

post November 13, 2023

Cyber attack threatens Christmas shortage; Wong calls for ‘steps toward’ Gaza ceasefire

post November 10, 2023

Optus data offer ‘too little, too late’

post November 09, 2023

Optus braces for costly fallout

post November 08, 2023

Albanese strikes new deals with China

post November 06, 2023

Albanese in Beijing to meet Xi; Morrison flies into Israel conflict

post November 03, 2023

Chalmers intervenes in energy transition; Israel urged to obey rules of war

post November 02, 2023

Australians escape Gaza siege

post November 01, 2023

Drug-resistant bugs killing children; Proposal to push Gazans into Egypt

post October 31, 2023

Israeli troops surround Gaza City

post October 30, 2023

Labor criticised over Gaza abstention

post October 27, 2023

Lehrmann named in new rape case; Australians told to flee Lebanon

post October 26, 2023

Money laundering operation busted

post October 25, 2023

ADF deploys to Middle East

post October 24, 2023

“No” campaign to fight misinformation laws; US asks Israel to delay invasion

post October 23, 2023

Scathing letter ends week of silence; Israel escalates attack

post October 20, 2023

Dutton accused of ‘weaponising’ child abuse; Labor split on Palestinian support

post October 19, 2023

Biden backs Israel over deadly blast

post October 18, 2023

Hundreds killed in Gaza hospital blast

post October 17, 2023

Leaders back away from reconciliation; Crucial Gaza crossing cut off

post October 16, 2023

Week of mourning for Voice loss; War threatens to engulf Middle East

post October 13, 2023

Final polls show ‘No’ Voice likely; Full siege until hostages freed

post October 12, 2023

Australians offered escape from Israel

post October 11, 2023

Israeli troops mass at border

post October 10, 2023

Israel blocks all supplies to Gaza

post October 09, 2023

War declared after Hamas attack

post October 06, 2023

Thorpe responds after neo-Nazi threat

post October 05, 2023

Labor tackles asylum backlog

post October 04, 2023

Fire and floods threaten east coast

post October 03, 2023

Division over special schools

post October 02, 2023

Footy stars in record heat

post September 28, 2023

Allan takes Victoria’s reins

post September 27, 2023

Labor to pick Andrews’ successor

post September 26, 2023

Texts trigger Pezzullo probe

post September 25, 2023

Pezzullo’s power moves revealed

post September 22, 2023

Murdoch hands empire to Lachlan

post September 21, 2023

Covid inquiry irks Coalition

post September 20, 2023

El Niño declared amid spring fires

post September 19, 2023

Vatican investigates WA bishop

post September 18, 2023

Bill seeks security for DV survivors

post September 15, 2023

Nation set for housing boost

post September 14, 2023

Qantas staff illegally sacked

post September 13, 2023

‘No’ limit to dirty tricks

post September 12, 2023

Housing bill win welcomed

post September 11, 2023

G20 pulls short of rebuking Russia

post September 08, 2023

Albanese accepts Beijing invite

post September 07, 2023

Northern hemisphere suffers hottest summer

post September 06, 2023

Qantas successor plots new course

post September 05, 2023

Contingent to plea for Assange release

post September 04, 2023

Wage theft tops workplace reforms

post September 01, 2023

Qantas U-turn on flight credits

post August 31, 2023

Voice pitches to swing states

post August 30, 2023

Albanese to reveal referendum date

post August 29, 2023

No justice for whistleblowers

post August 28, 2023

extbook sexism in STEM

post August 25, 2023

Joyce defends Qantas record profit

post August 24, 2023

Treasury forewarns hotter future

post August 23, 2023

Murray-Darling Basin Plan extended

post August 22, 2023

ARC grant interference banned

post August 21, 2023

Defence drops $1.7bn on missiles

post August 18, 2023

Labor sweetens AUKUS deal

post August 17, 2023

Matildas run ends with England loss

post August 16, 2023

Leaders meet to fix housing

post August 15, 2023

‘Grotesque’ No campaign called out

post August 14, 2023

Insurance soars for climate cover

post August 11, 2023

Home Affairs interfered with damning report

post August 10, 2023

Coalition tries to block prescription plan

post August 09, 2023

National agenda on rental rights

post August 08, 2023

Dutton bypassed Indigenous projects

post August 07, 2023

Albanese warns just one shot at Voice

post August 04, 2023

Leak forces DPP inquiry release

post August 03, 2023

Premier targets ABC over protest coverage

post August 02, 2023

Budget freeze in Antarctic

post August 01, 2023

Home Affairs review ordered

post July 31, 2023

Australia-US defence ties tighten

post July 28, 2023

Era of ‘global boiling’ arrives

post July 27, 2023

Supermarket profits surge

post July 26, 2023

Scammers steal $500m from tax office

post July 25, 2023

Bureaucrat resigns in robo-debt’s wake

post July 24, 2023

Permanent path for casual workers

post July 21, 2023

Matildas win without Kerr

post July 20, 2023

Robo-debt leader stood down

post July 19, 2023

Major fallout over axed Games

post July 18, 2023

Voice pamphlets in the post

post July 17, 2023

RBA pick under fire for jobs target

post July 14, 2023

Unions strike work-from-home deals

post July 14, 2023

Unions strike work-from-home deals

post July 13, 2023

Bushmaster boost for Ukraine

post July 12, 2023

Robo-debt victims seek damages

post July 11, 2023

Australia strengthens German ties

post July 10, 2023

Morrison called to quit over robo-debt

post July 07, 2023

Robo-debt architects brace for report

post July 06, 2023

Facial recognition used at stadiums

post July 05, 2023

Burney reveals Voice priorities

post July 04, 2023

NACC swamped in first days

post July 03, 2023

Australia torpedoes clean shipping

post June 30, 2023

Berejiklian considers ICAC appeal

post June 29, 2023

Robert accused of insider deals

post June 28, 2023

HomeBuilder overheated industry

post June 27, 2023

Latest Ukraine support ‘inadequate’

post June 26, 2023

Wagner leader ends Russian coup

post June 23, 2023

Sub wreckage found near Titanic

post June 22, 2023

Coal protesters arrested at ports

post June 21, 2023

Lambie refers ADF to The Hague

post June 20, 2023

Voice vote set in stone

post June 19, 2023

Van resists calls to quit

post June 16, 2023

Second senator accuses Van

post June 15, 2023

Thorpe accuses senator of assault

post June 14, 2023

Reynolds demands Plibersek apology

post June 13, 2023

Housing bill deal inches closer

post June 09, 2023

Roberts-Smith linked to imam killing

post June 08, 2023

Bill to ban Nazi symbols

post June 07, 2023

War zone flooded by dam collapse

post June 07, 2023

War zone flooded by dam collapse

post June 06, 2023

Folbigg released after 20 years

post June 05, 2023

Australia looks to compensate Afghans

post June 02, 2023

Justice sought after Roberts-Smith loss

post June 01, 2023

War crimes risk US support

post May 31, 2023

Student debt bomb lands

post May 30, 2023

‘Exhausted’ WA premier quits

post May 29, 2023

Rents soar across nation

post May 29, 2023

PwC staff cop government ban

post May 26, 2023

PwC staff cop government ban

post May 25, 2023

Tasered 95-year-old dies

post May 24, 2023

PM lauds Modi in Sydney show

post May 23, 2023

No plan for Beetaloo emissions

post May 22, 2023

Crackdown on buy now, pay later

post May 19, 2023

SA joins anti-protest pack

post May 18, 2023

Builders hit brakes over costs

post May 17, 2023

Council crisis over trans abuse

post May 16, 2023

Mixed voter response to budget

post May 15, 2023

Call to regulate ‘Orwellian’ AI

post May 12, 2023

Dutton denounces budget

post May 11, 2023

Tax reforms dwarf relief package

post April 14, 2023

Dutton’s sex abuse claims slammed

post April 14, 2023

Dutton’s sex abuse claims slammed

post April 14, 2023

Dutton’s sex abuse claims slammed

post April 12, 2023

Leeser defects to backbench

post April 10, 2023

Easter Covid surge warning

post April 06, 2023

Liberals rebel on Voice stance

post April 05, 2023

Trump charged in New York

post April 04, 2023

TikTok ban for public servants

post April 03, 2023

Liberals in crisis after Aston loss

post March 31, 2023

Labor backs wage boost

post March 30, 2023

UN resolution on climate justice

post March 29, 2023

$15bn industry fund approved

post March 28, 2023

Greens secure hard cap on emissions

post March 27, 2023

Minns delivers Labor sweep

post March 24, 2023

AFP in spotlight over Thorpe tackle

post March 23, 2023

Referendum rules updated for Voice

post March 22, 2023

Coalition secures Voice pamphlet

post March 21, 2023

UN issues clarion call on climate

post March 20, 2023

Nazi protest draws premier’s ire

post March 17, 2023

Squabble over nuclear waste site

post March 16, 2023

Keating slams subs deal

post March 15, 2023

Tensions rise over nuclear subs

post March 14, 2023

AUKUS subs deal finalised

post March 10, 2023

Wilkie alleges Hillsong sins

post March 09, 2023

Robo-debt advice buried

post March 08, 2023

Record 10th rate rise in a row

post March 07, 2023

‘Methane bombs’ driving emissions

post March 06, 2023

Voters back super reforms

post March 03, 2023

Pocock insists on offsets overhaul

post March 02, 2023

Wilkinson relies on truth defence

post March 01, 2023

Crossbench open to super cap

post February 28, 2023

Offsets to hide emissions growth

post February 27, 2023

Cyber agency to fight hackers

post February 24, 2023

Ukraine aid on invasion anniversary

post February 23, 2023

Robo-debt concerns shrugged off

post February 22, 2023

Fracking approval fires up Greens

post February 21, 2023

Calls to ban silica stone

post February 20, 2023

Labor seeks to redefine super

post February 17, 2023

Miners found dead in pit

post February 16, 2023

Lowe grilled by senate

post February 15, 2023

Greens draw line on emissions bill

post February 14, 2023

Housing fund faces senate roadblock

post February 13, 2023

Refugees released from limbo

post February 10, 2023

Taylor hid energy hikes

post February 09, 2023

Putin linked to MH17 missile

post February 08, 2023

Lehrmann sues journalists

post February 07, 2023

Thousands killed in Turkish quakes

post February 06, 2023

Voice backed as parliament returns

post February 03, 2023

Medicare tops national cabinet talks

post February 02, 2023

Tudge rejects robo-debt fault

post February 01, 2023

Robo-debt victims exposed to press

post January 31, 2023

Arts shake-up embraced

post January 30, 2023

Labor reboots arts industry

post January 27, 2023

Rallies draw Voice dissent

post January 26, 2023

Body image crusader Australian of the Year

post January 25, 2023

Albanese seeks Alice-led solutions

post January 24, 2023

Support for Voice slipping

post January 23, 2023

State schools ban AI tech

post January 20, 2023

Australia misses anti-torture deadline

post January 19, 2023

Australia Day work ban dropped

post January 18, 2023

ADF troops to train Ukrainians

post January 17, 2023

Open rattled by Kyrgios injury

post January 16, 2023

Nepali plane crash kills 68

post December 16, 2022

PM defies gas sector with price cap

post December 15, 2022

Morrison evasive on robo-debt

post December 14, 2022

Police consider paranoid plot

post December 13, 2022

Six killed at bush property

post December 12, 2022

Greens reject coal compo

post December 09, 2022

Green energy to fill gaps

post December 08, 2022

Morrison told of robo-debt illegality

post December 07, 2022

States asked to cap coal prices

post December 06, 2022

Robo-debt architects ‘co-wrote’ inquiry

post December 05, 2022

Higgins to sue Reynolds

post December 02, 2022

IR bill survives filibuster

post December 01, 2022

Unrepentant Morrison rejects censure

post November 30, 2022

Nationals fracture over Voice

post November 29, 2022

Huge fines for cyber breaches

post November 28, 2022

Crossbench reshapes IR bill

post November 25, 2022

Secret ministries report drops

post November 24, 2022

Liberal MP’s link to lobbyist

post November 23, 2022

Climate driving rate rises

post November 22, 2022

FIFA bans inclusive armbands

post November 21, 2022

COP27 agrees to disaster fund

post November 18, 2022

Court convicts trio in MH17 downing

post November 17, 2022

Higher education reboot

post November 16, 2022

Albanese meets Xi in Bali

post November 15, 2022

World reaches 8 billion people

post November 14, 2022

China reaches out to Albanese

post November 11, 2022

Hackers reveal abortion data

post November 10, 2022

Democrats resist red wave

post November 09, 2022

Putin’s war accelerating climate crisis

post November 08, 2022

Musk tweets Republican support

post November 07, 2022

Climate compo tops COP27

post November 04, 2022

Industries swamped by cybercrime

post November 03, 2022

Labor eyes fossil fuel tax hike

post November 02, 2022

New warnings on gambling ads

post November 01, 2022

China baulks at B-52s in NT

post October 31, 2022

Robo-debt architects face inquiry

post October 28, 2022

‘Wasted year’ of climate action

post October 27, 2022

Labor bill offers flexible hours

post October 26, 2022

Budget braces against economic headwinds

post October 25, 2022

Billionaire Sunak becomes British PM

post October 24, 2022

Budget retrieves $10bn from pork barrel

post October 21, 2022

Truss resigns amid Tory chaos

post October 20, 2022

$2.4bn for NBN expansion

post October 19, 2022

Athletes muscle out fossil fuels

post October 18, 2022

Reynolds denies coaching Lehrmann defence

post October 17, 2022

Military deployed to Victoria floods

post October 14, 2022

Floods inundate Victoria, Tasmania

post October 13, 2022

Knitting Nannas unpick protest laws

post October 12, 2022

Government scraps robo-debt reviews

post October 11, 2022

Missiles strike Ukrainian cities

post October 10, 2022

Defence projects running a century late

post October 07, 2022

Government unveils first telco reforms

post October 06, 2022

Jobs facing skills shortage double

post October 05, 2022

Chalmers flags changes to tax cuts

post October 04, 2022

Optus reveals full scale of breach

post October 03, 2022

ASIO clears Syrian rescue mission

post September 30, 2022

Russia annexes Ukraine regions

post September 29, 2022

Crossbench alarm over corruption bill

post September 28, 2022

Hawthorn whistleblower alleges bullying

post September 27, 2022

Labor to axe dodgy grants

post September 26, 2022

Optus hack prompts data reform

post September 21, 2022

Morrison’s one-man body met hundreds of times

post September 20, 2022

Millions farewell Queen Elizabeth

post September 19, 2022

World prepares for Queen’s funeral

post September 16, 2022

Woodside back-pedals on climate

post September 15, 2022

RBA questioned over supply shocks

post September 14, 2022

Labor revamps Climate Change Authority

post September 13, 2022

Unrest over Queen public holiday

post September 12, 2022

Australia proclaims new head of state

post September 09, 2022

Queen dies aged 96

post September 08, 2022

Indigenous voices to steer referendum

post September 07, 2022

Super charged housing plan

post September 06, 2022

Climate bill to pass senate

post September 05, 2022

Welfare boost a ‘drop in the ocean’

post September 02, 2022

Labor makes way for multi-bargaining

post September 01, 2022

Landmark accord for jobs

post August 31, 2022

Jobs summit invite list revealed

post August 30, 2022

Liberal MP calls to scrap tax cuts

post August 29, 2022

Boost to collective bargaining

post August 26, 2022

Robo-debt ministers in firing line

post August 25, 2022

Labor approves vast fossil fuel permits

post August 24, 2022

Murdoch sues Crikey

post August 23, 2022

Push to reset Cartier watches inquiry

post August 22, 2022

Secret ministries drive republic push

post August 19, 2022

Bowen pushes for cleaner fuel

post August 18, 2022

Labor consults with big polluters

post August 17, 2022

Morrison’s ministers furious at ‘betrayal’

post August 16, 2022

Hunt on for Morrison’s secret roles

post August 15, 2022

Morrison’s secret resources portfolio

post August 12, 2022

NSW bans swastika

post August 11, 2022

China outlines Taiwan takeover

post August 10, 2022

Bulk billing in critical condition

post August 09, 2022

ATO reveals tax break winners

post August 08, 2022

Push to ban kids’ junk food ads

post August 05, 2022

Plibersek puts reef before coalmine

post August 04, 2022

MPs poised to pass climate bill

post August 03, 2022

Greens push for major gas tax

post August 02, 2022

Banks withhold rate rises to savers

post August 01, 2022

Labor plans simple Voice choice

post July 29, 2022

Nationals’ billion dollar pork barrel

post July 28, 2022

Inflation drives cut in growth

post July 27, 2022

New parliament gets to work

post July 26, 2022

Parliament opens with climate priority

post July 25, 2022

Coalition’s building watchdog muzzled

post July 22, 2022

Coalition ramps up foot-and-mouth panic

post July 21, 2022

Children chased for Covid fines

post July 20, 2022

London burning in record heat

post July 19, 2022

Buried report reveals ecological shock

post July 18, 2022

Boards stacked with political mates

post July 15, 2022

Crossbench dismiss emissions bill

post July 14, 2022

Youpla targeted poorest postcodes

post July 13, 2022

Free RATs axed as Covid peaks

post July 12, 2022

Australia backs climate justice plan

post July 11, 2022

Uber’s tricks exposed in major leak

post July 08, 2022

Party revolt pushes Johnson out

post July 07, 2022

Fourth Covid shot for under-65s

post July 06, 2022

Farmers lament flood devastation

post July 05, 2022

Buyback floated for flood-prone homes

post July 04, 2022

Albanese offers aid on Ukraine visit

post July 01, 2022

Major defects in Pacific patrol boats

post June 30, 2022

$12bn needed for renewables restructure

post June 29, 2022

Albanese aims to rebuild EU trust

post June 28, 2022

Climate activists brave harsh new laws

post June 27, 2022

Australia rebukes US abortion ruling

post June 24, 2022

Vaping draws new health warning

post June 23, 2022

Albanese shakes up public service

post June 22, 2022

Barrier Reef challenge to WA gas field

post June 21, 2022

Aid offered to stop Sri Lanka boats

post June 20, 2022

FINA bans trans swimmers

post June 17, 2022

Albanese chairs first national cabinet

post June 16, 2022

States unveil extra year of play school

post June 15, 2022

Power cut to trigger handouts

post June 14, 2022

Sky News feeding climate sceptics

post June 10, 2022

Surgeon fails to block damning expose

post June 09, 2022

Ministers agree to national power plan

post June 08, 2022

Ministers to brainstorm energy fix

post June 07, 2022

Homeowners brace for rate hike

post June 06, 2022

Dutton dumps Morrison allies for cabinet

post June 03, 2022

Labor looks to gas reserve

post June 02, 2022

Environment gets a mega-department

post June 01, 2022

Albanese reveals diverse cabinet

post May 31, 2022

AGL shake-up puts coal on notice

post May 30, 2022

Coalition chooses next leaders

post May 27, 2022

Labor rejects Greens climate deal

post May 26, 2022

Australia and China in Pacific race

post May 25, 2022

Probe into election day boat stunt

post May 24, 2022

Albanese signs onto economic alliance

post May 23, 2022

Labor on verge of majority government

post May 20, 2022

Labor hangs on to lead

post May 19, 2022

Climate records tumble as world heats up

post May 18, 2022

Public service braces for Coalition cuts

post May 17, 2022

Fair Work backs paid domestic violence leave

post May 16, 2022

Super raid for first home buyers

post May 13, 2022

Coalition tightens screws on deportees

post May 12, 2022

Biggest poll predicts Labor majority

post May 11, 2022

Scare campaigns rife on WeChat

post May 10, 2022

Palmer preferences Liberals

post May 09, 2022

No winner in ugly leaders’ debate

Covid-19 May 07, 2022

Counting Australia’s Covid-19 deaths

In January, Covid-19 became Australia’s second leading cause of death after cancer. Although the disease is now less fatal, more people have died this year than in the past two years combined.

post May 06, 2022

Turnbull backs teal independents

post May 05, 2022

Ghost candidates haunt One Nation

post May 04, 2022

Big banks lift rates in line with RBA

post May 03, 2022

Cannon-Brookes buys big AGL stake

post May 02, 2022

Labor launch targets housing, fair pay

post April 29, 2022

Labor left in dark over Solomons deal

post April 28, 2022

Inflation surge shakes up election

post April 27, 2022

Nationals dismiss net zero plan

post April 26, 2022

Labor to reboot Pacific partnerships

post April 22, 2022

Albanese tests positive for Covid

post April 21, 2022

Albanese edges Morrison in first debate

post April 20, 2022

Coalition plan to double fines for unions

post April 19, 2022

Coalition attacks Labor energy plans

post April 14, 2022

Morrison drops anti-trans support

post April 13, 2022

Joyce spruiks unfunded NT gas port

post April 12, 2022

Morrison picks trans rights fight

post April 11, 2022

Election campaign kicks off

post April 08, 2022

Sydney endures a year’s worth of rain

post April 07, 2022

China rages against ‘Asia-Pacific NATO’

post April 06, 2022

Australia joins hypersonic arms race

post April 05, 2022

Liberals stack boards before election

post April 04, 2022

PM rejects racist preselection claims

post April 01, 2022

Parliament hears Zelensky’s plea

post March 31, 2022

Joyce dumps dam critics

post March 30, 2022

Budget loaded with election sweeteners

post March 29, 2022

Budget skewed to marginal seats

post March 28, 2022

Fuel cuts central to budget

post March 25, 2022

Lambie details PM’s threat

post March 24, 2022

Biden lands to shore up support

post March 24, 2022

Biden lands to shore up support

post March 23, 2022

Nose-dive suggests foul play in crash

post March 22, 2022

Kyiv mall strike kills eight

post March 21, 2022

The Post Monday 21 March 2022

post March 18, 2022

Local arms industry fired up

post March 17, 2022

Russian miners spared from sanctions

post March 16, 2022

Children’s climate win overturned

post March 15, 2022

Australia pursues Russia over MH17 downing

post March 11, 2022

War and floods driving inflation spike

post March 10, 2022

Khaki election promise to boost troops

post March 09, 2022

Two die as Sydney floodwaters rise

post March 08, 2022

Army head apologises to flood victims

post March 07, 2022

Coalition plans $10bn nuclear subs base

post March 04, 2022

Crackdown on Russian media

post March 03, 2022

Sydney evacuation alert for thousands

post March 02, 2022

Zelensky pleads for EU status

post March 01, 2022

UN climate report an ‘atlas of suffering’

post February 28, 2022

Floods inundate eastern states

post February 25, 2022

Russia launches full-scale invasion

post February 24, 2022

Ukraine declares state of emergency

post February 23, 2022

Sweeping sanctions target Russia

post February 22, 2022

Antarctic fund unveiled in swing seats

post February 21, 2022

Billionaire’s bid to kill AGL coal

post February 18, 2022

State funding ignored on road ads

post February 17, 2022

Labor waves through deportation bill

post February 16, 2022

Battlelines drawn over deportation bill

post February 15, 2022

Deportation bill goes another round

post February 14, 2022

Morrison silent on rushed apology

post February 11, 2022

Cabinet rejects Morrison’s horse-trade

post February 10, 2022

Religious bill survives Liberal rebellion

post February 09, 2022

New laws to follow abuse apology

post February 08, 2022

Higgins forgotten in Parliament apology

post February 07, 2022

Treasurer makes Covid tests tax-deductible

post February 04, 2022

Push for Christian values in class

post February 03, 2022

Hunt for ‘psycho’ texter

post February 02, 2022

Big donors vie for favour

post February 01, 2022

Election bonus for aged care staff

post January 31, 2022

Future Fund linked to Yemen airstrike

post January 28, 2022

Morrison throws money at dying reef

post January 27, 2022

Coalition senators back pandemic inquiry

post January 26, 2022

Dylan Alcott named Australian of the Year

post January 25, 2022

Australians urged to flee Ukraine

post January 24, 2022

States release back to school rules

post January 21, 2022

WA abandons reopening plan

post January 20, 2022

Porter and lawyer ordered to pay costs

post January 19, 2022

Private staff called into public hospitals

post January 18, 2022

Unions demand free RATs for workers

post January 17, 2022

Djokovic deported after losing court appeal

News January 08, 2022

How the climate crisis and masculinity intersect

The response to climate change is increasingly gendered, with inaction tied to a phenomenon called ‘petro-masculinity’.

post December 17, 2021

Billions earmarked for swing seats

post December 16, 2021

NSW drops restrictions as Omicron takes hold

post December 15, 2021

Borders open to visa holders

post December 14, 2021

Coalition MPs to dob in independents

post December 13, 2021

Omicron triggers earlier booster shots

post December 10, 2021

Berejiklian declines Morrison’s offer

post December 09, 2021

Covid drives baby drought

post December 08, 2021

Treasurer overhauls cryptocurrency sector

post December 07, 2021

Morrison bets on Berejiklian revival

post December 06, 2021

Albanese rallies around higher education

post December 03, 2021

Women rise up in Liberal heartlands

post December 02, 2021

Hunt and Porter join retirement club

post December 01, 2021

Harassment report greeted with growling

post November 30, 2021

Omicron delays border reopening

post November 29, 2021

Omicron variant lands in Sydney

post November 26, 2021

Australian troops deployed to Solomons

post November 25, 2021

Backbench revolt over PM’s agenda

post November 24, 2021

Anti-vaxxers target Lambie, McGowan

post November 23, 2021

Morrison retreats from vaccine mandate

post November 22, 2021

Midnight approaches for Coalition

post November 19, 2021

SA bans spit hoods after death

post November 18, 2021

Extremist charged with incitement

post November 17, 2021

Liberal MPs join gallows protest

post November 16, 2021

Home ownership slips out of reach

post November 15, 2021

Australia defies COP26 agreement

News November 13, 2021

Could a seaweed diet for cows really reduce methane emissions?

A South Australian aquaculture project to grow livestock feed from algae will drastically reduce the amount of methane produced by cows. But experts warn the Morrison government is using scientific solutions to greenwash the meat industry.

post November 12, 2021

Albo resists Keating on China

post November 11, 2021

Rogue Nationals reject carbon capture fund

post November 10, 2021

Coalition bets big on carbon capture

post November 09, 2021

Australia underreporting emissions

post November 05, 2021

Wrongly accused to sue 7News

post November 04, 2021

Finance markets pledge climate action

post November 03, 2021

Australia rejects methane pledge

post November 02, 2021

Morrison’s COP26 pledge ‘inadequate’

post November 01, 2021

Australia undermines G20 climate goal

post October 29, 2021

PM en route to COP grilling

post October 28, 2021

Voter ID proposal slammed

post October 27, 2021

Morrison’s net zero plan ‘laughable’

post October 26, 2021

Concerns over net-zero modelling

post October 25, 2021

Nationals back net-zero ‘process’

post October 22, 2021

Melbourne free at last

post October 21, 2021

Coalition votes down Porter inquiry

post October 20, 2021

Billions granted without open bids

post October 19, 2021

New laws proposed after Juukan destruction

post October 18, 2021

Nationals hold out on net zero

post October 15, 2021

Alarm at plan to halt vaccine production

post October 14, 2021

New push to deport Aboriginal people

post October 13, 2021

Division over News Corp ‘greenwashing’

post October 12, 2021

Vaccine ID fails first test

post October 11, 2021

NSW enters new Covid reality

post October 08, 2021

Health chief opposes Perrottet plan

post October 07, 2021

World calls for Australia to act on climate

post October 06, 2021

Perrottet pitched into battle

post October 05, 2021

Real estate corruption exposed

post October 04, 2021

Pandora’s box of tax dodgers

post October 01, 2021

Covid plagues Grand Finals

post September 30, 2021

States pile on climate pressure

post September 29, 2021

Coalition cuts lockdown payments

post September 28, 2021

Fair Work upholds anti-vax sacking

post September 27, 2021

Nationals split on net zero

post September 23, 2021

Biden and Macron make up

post September 22, 2021

Tradies run riot in Melbourne

post September 21, 2021

Anti-vax riot shuts down construction

post September 20, 2021

Porter resigns over mystery donors

post September 17, 2021

Diplomatic fallout from nuclear subs

post September 16, 2021

French subs dumped for US nuclear deal

post September 15, 2021

Push to reveal Porter’s secret donors

post September 14, 2021

Scramble to vaccinate First Nations

post September 13, 2021

Western Sydney bristles at beachgoers

post September 10, 2021

Experts alarmed by NSW exit plan

post September 09, 2021

Overseas travel ban to be lifted

post September 06, 2021

Women’s summit targets consent

post September 03, 2021

Harassment now a sackable offence

post September 02, 2021

Slow retreat from Covid zero

post September 01, 2021

PM blamed for Indigenous outbreaks

post August 31, 2021

TGA warns against cattle dewormer ‘cure’

post August 30, 2021

Covid breaks into prisons

post August 27, 2021

States split on reopening plan

post August 26, 2021

Fox News threatens ABC

post August 25, 2021

Paralympics open in Tokyo

post August 24, 2021

Covid modelling counts the dead

post August 23, 2021

Backflip over Afghan visas

post August 20, 2021

Vaccines for teens approved

post August 19, 2021

Dutton dogwhistle over botched rescue

post August 18, 2021

Debate swirls around exposure sites

post August 17, 2021

Chaos envelops Kabul airport

post August 16, 2021

Race to escape fall of Kabul

post August 13, 2021

Fair Work permits mandatory jabs

post August 12, 2021

Christensen conspiracies called out

Life August 14, 2021

Kakadu mining and radiation

New analysis of the Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park casts doubt on government claims it is not linked to high rates of cancer and stillbirth in nearby Indigenous communities.

post August 11, 2021

Morrison deflects climate duty

post August 10, 2021

IPCC warns of climate breakdown

post August 09, 2021

Tokyo bids farewell to Games

post August 06, 2021

Long winter of lockdowns

post August 05, 2021

Compensation for stolen generations

post August 04, 2021

Crown grip on gambling slips

post August 03, 2021

Medicare develops vaccine ID

post August 02, 2021

YouTube suspends Sky News

post July 30, 2021

Military deployed in Sydney

post July 29, 2021

NT keeps mum on payout to jailed kids

podcast July 28, 2021

Welcome to the heat dome

Over the past few weeks a slow-moving weather event has led to record high temperatures across North America.This kind of event is known as a heat dome, and it’s breaking existing models that try to predict the weather.

post July 28, 2021

Covid long haul for Sydney

post July 27, 2021

Higgins backs parliamentary reforms

post July 26, 2021

Christensen and co protest lockdown

News July 24, 2021

Welcome to the heat dome

A slow-moving heat dome is bringing record-breaking temperatures to the northern hemisphere. Climate scientists are alarmed by how bad it is – and what might follow in Australia.

post July 23, 2021

Berejiklian issues AZ plea

post July 22, 2021

Brisbane awarded 2032 Olympics

post July 21, 2021

SA joins lockdown club

post July 20, 2021

England declares ‘freedom day’

post July 19, 2021

Thousands caught in spyware web

post July 16, 2021

Morrison embraces lockdowns

post July 15, 2021

Masks back on in Victoria

post July 14, 2021

Victoria slams ‘Prime Minister of NSW’

post July 13, 2021

Rescue package for Sydneysiders

post July 12, 2021

Sydney settles in for long haul

News July 10, 2021

Inquiry into Crown Resorts

As the public hearings of Victoria’s royal commission into Crown come to a close, discussion turns to what reforms are needed after reports of tax evasion and money-laundering.

post July 09, 2021

Police descend on Western Sydney

post July 08, 2021

NSW braces for Covid-19 surge

post July 07, 2021

‘Error’ behind elite school’s shots

post July 06, 2021

Afghan aid workers abandoned

post July 05, 2021

Airlines baulk at arrivals cap

post July 02, 2021

National Cabinet set to cut travel

post July 01, 2021

More shots fired in vaccine war

post June 30, 2021

AstraZeneca eligibility disputed

post June 29, 2021

AstraZeneca available to all

post June 28, 2021

Outbreaks sweep the nation

post June 25, 2021

Porter dossier released

post June 24, 2021

Sydney cut off from country

post June 23, 2021

Senate sinks carbon capture plan

post June 22, 2021

Barnaby back with demands

post June 21, 2021

Nationals leadership showdown

post June 18, 2021

Senate passes super reforms

post June 17, 2021

New cases in NSW, Victoria

post June 16, 2021

Free trade with the UK

post June 15, 2021

Biloela family to reunite in Perth

post June 11, 2021

Roberts-Smith pleads his case

post June 10, 2021

Lockdown escapees cause chaos

post June 09, 2021

Morrison spies more powers

post June 08, 2021

Biloela daughter evacuated

post June 07, 2021

Gangs infiltrate Qantas

post June 04, 2021

ABC delays QAnon story

post June 03, 2021

Victoria begs for aid

post June 02, 2021

Longer lockdown likely

post June 01, 2021

Porter celebrates his own surrender

post May 31, 2021

Morrison and Ardern in Queenstown getaway

News May 29, 2021

Covid-19 surges in Timor-Leste

Devastating floods over Easter sparked a coronavirus outbreak in Timor-Leste that now threatens to rage out of control. Australian aid has helped, but the nation desperately needs more vaccines and medical supplies.

post May 28, 2021

Victoria awakes to Morrison’s big mess

post May 27, 2021

Victoria awaits lockdown verdict

post May 26, 2021

Police probe alleged abuses in parliament

post May 25, 2021

Mouse plague nibbles at city edges

post May 24, 2021

Juukan Gorge blast fails to shift laws

News May 22, 2021

Government subsidises oil refineries

A week after the federal budget, the government has revealed it will spend more than $3 billion to bolster Australia’s oil refining capacity, and a further $600 million to build a gas plant in the Hunter Valley.

post May 21, 2021

Brits baulk at free trade with ‘climate laggards’

post May 20, 2021

Olympians all dressed up with nowhere to go

post May 19, 2021

The jig’s up for the gig economy

post May 18, 2021

Disability vaccine drive an ‘abject failure’

post May 17, 2021

Hidden billions to subsidise refineries

post May 14, 2021

New powers to jail refugees for life

post May 13, 2021

Morrison defends his hermit kingdom

post May 12, 2021

Goodbye budget cuts, hello tax cuts

post May 11, 2021

Frydenberg entices overseas investors

post May 10, 2021

Australia: The Selfish Country

post May 07, 2021

India flights to resume as crisis worsens

post May 06, 2021

Australian cricketers scramble for safety

post May 05, 2021

Morrison prepares for disasters of his own making

post May 04, 2021

Holgate threatens to sue Coalition ministers

post May 03, 2021

Albanese uneasy about India penalties

the_briefing April 30, 2021

Taylor reveals plan to save coal

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will today detail his plan to pay coal, gas and hydro plants for their capacity rather than the energy they actually produce, in a radical shake up of electricity markets. The plan, which will also cover batteries, would see …

the_briefing April 29, 2021

Treasurer holds off austerity budget

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today pledge to delay plans for budget repair measures, as he unveils a new target to drive unemployment below five per cent. In a Canberra speech that creates room for further big-spending measures in the May 11 federal …

the_briefing April 28, 2021

Fury over India travel ban

Australians impacted by the shutdown of all travel from India have slammed the federal government’s decision and called for dedicated mass quarantine facilities. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday announced a temporary halt on flights from the …

the_briefing April 27, 2021

Dutton sues refugee advocate over tweet

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has made good on his threat to bring legal action against social media critics, taking a refugee advocate to court over a tweet that labelled him a “rape apologist”. Dutton filed Federal Court defamation proceedings on …

the_briefing April 26, 2021

Australia in line to cop US carbon tax

US President Joe Biden is eyeing a carbon border tariff to pressure countries with high emissions like Australia into taking climate action, echoing a similar European Union plan. As Biden unveiled a plan to cut US emissions by at least 50 per cent by …

News April 24, 2021

Morrison off target on climate

Hosting a global climate summit this week, Joe Biden plans to reduce US emissions by more than 50 per cent by 2030. Scott Morrison’s focus on unproven technology, experts warn, will not achieve our climate goals.

the_briefing April 23, 2021

Morrison last to budge on targets

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to strengthen Australia’s emissions targets at the Earth Day global climate summit, as the United States, Japan and Canada ramped up their 2030 commitments. In his speech, Morrison boasted that Australia had …

the_briefing April 22, 2021

Hunt for missing submarine off Bali

Indonesian authorities have called for urgent Australian assistance to help rescue a submarine missing in the Lombok Strait near Bali with 53 people on board. The 44-year-old submarine was conducting a torpedo drill before Indonesian authorities lost …

the_briefing April 21, 2021

PM bets on carbon capture dream

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced $539.2 million in funding for controversial carbon capture and storage as well as hydrogen projects, as pressure rises on his government to act on emissions ahead of a major global climate summit. The funding …

the_briefing April 20, 2021

Wong seeks action on Uighur abuses

Labor’s foreign affairs spokesperson Penny Wong has called for targeted sanctions to be considered in response to Uighur human rights abuses, as a new report outlines the alleged torture and rape of women in Chinese “re-education camps”. In a speech …

the_briefing April 19, 2021

Labor backs coal beyond 2050

Labor’s opposition resources spokesperson Madeleine King has come out in support of thermal coal exports beyond 2050, in a position at odds with achieving the ambitions of the Paris climate accord. In an interview with The Australian, the West …

the_briefing April 16, 2021

Indigenous anger at 30 years of inaction

The 30th anniversary of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody has sparked protests and fresh pushes for reform across the country. More than 470 Indigenous people have died in custody since the royal commission report was tabled, five …

the_briefing April 15, 2021

US sets date to leave Afghanistan

United States President Joe Biden has announced he will withdraw remaining American troops from the “forever war” in Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. The US will begin …

the_briefing April 14, 2021

PM turns to states to save rollout

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has turned to state and territory leaders to help resurrect Australia’s shambolic vaccine program, asking the National Cabinet to hold two meetings a week to get distribution back on track. In a statement, Morrison said …

the_briefing April 13, 2021

SAS reformer caught on camera

A colonel responsible for reforming special forces culture has been implicated in compromising photos at a military base bar in Afghanistan. The Australian reports the officer was photographed at the Fat Lady’s Arms bar in 2009 with plastic …

the_briefing April 12, 2021

Soldier accused of burying evidence

Decorated military veteran Ben Roberts-Smith reportedly buried USB drives with compromising images in his backyard instead of handing them over to an investigation into possible war crimes in Afghanistan. The Age and 60 Minutes report …

News April 10, 2021

Melbourne set to overtake Sydney

Melbourne’s population growth means it could soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city, which will have huge social and political implications nationally.

the_briefing April 09, 2021

Blood clots stall vaccine rollout

Australia’s vaccine rollout has been thrown into further disarray after federal authorities on Thursday night announced a pivot away from the AstraZeneca vaccine over links to extremely rare blood clots. Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, flanked by …

the_briefing April 08, 2021

SA police raid extremist homes

Two men have been arrested in Adelaide over possession of an improvised explosive device and extremist material, as a neo-Nazi leader claims members’ homes were raided. South Australia Police told Business Insider Australia that searches had …

the_briefing April 07, 2021

EU denies blocking millions of vaccines

The European Union has denied claims made by the Morrison government that it blocked the export of 3.1 million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Australia. While defending missed vaccine targets on Tuesday, Morrison claimed that the major AstraZeneca shipment …

the_briefing April 06, 2021

New Zealand travel ready for take-off

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is today expected to announce the opening of a trans-Tasman travel bubble to begin within weeks. She will reveal the details of the plan at 2pm AEST, with The Australian reporting that quarantine-free …

the_briefing April 01, 2021

Easter on hold for lockdown call

Brisbanites will this morning find out if their snap lockdown will be lifted in time for Easter, as Queensland’s Covid-19 outbreak spreads into New South Wales and prompts the cancellation of Byron Bay’s Bluesfest. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk …

the_briefing March 31, 2021

Lockdown blamed on vaccine shortfall

Australia has fallen dramatically short of its vaccine targets for the end of March, as controversy grows over a failure to inoculate health workers connected to the Covid-19 Brisbane outbreak.  Australia has administered 597,000 doses, more than 3.4 …

the_briefing March 30, 2021

Laming spoils PM’s party for women

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is eyeing social media safeguards against abuse of women online, but has refused to push for the expulsion of a backbencher accused of online harassment. Tougher rules for social media companies that facilitate abuse of women …

the_briefing March 29, 2021

Workers brace for JobKeeper’s end

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are today waking up to an uncertain future, with a surge in job losses expected following the expiry of the JobKeeper wage subsidy on Sunday. Treasury has estimated up to 150,000 jobs may be lost this week, while labour …

the_briefing March 26, 2021

Coalition floats major cuts to NDIS

The federal government is considering a raft of cost-cutting measures for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, including the denial of support to people suffering acquired brain injuries and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. A draft of proposed legislative …

the_briefing March 25, 2021

Porter, Reynolds face demotions

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is eyeing a cabinet reshuffle that would see Attorney-General Christen Porter and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds lose their portfolios, in a bid to defuse criticism of the government’s response to sexual assault allegations. …

the_briefing March 24, 2021

PM apologises for News Corp blunder

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a late-night apology on Facebook after News Corp forcefully denied his suggestion the media company faced its own sexual harassment allegations. Morrison expressed “deep regret” over his deflection of a question …

the_briefing March 23, 2021

10 million Aussies caught in storm

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a weather warning to 10 million Australians, as two weather systems collide and floods prompt the evacuation of more than 18,000 people in NSW. The warnings cover parts of every mainland state except Western Australia, …

the_briefing March 22, 2021

NSW reckons with historic flood

Large swathes of New South Wales face another day of pounding rain, as thousands flee their homes in Western Sydney and other parts of the state to escape a historic flood event. Heavy rain will hit the north of the state, Central Australia and South …

the_briefing March 19, 2021

Sports rorts inquiry calls for fair share

An inquiry into the sports rorts scandal has concluded that all projects that unfairly missed out on grants the Morrison government used as a “pre-election slush fund” should be immediately funded. The Labor-controlled Senate committee tabled its …

the_briefing March 18, 2021

One Nation backs industrial relations reform bill

The federal government has secured One Nation support for its industrial relations bill in exchange for minor amendments, likely leaving the fate of the package up to Centre ­Alliance crossbencher Stirling Griff. With the Morrison government pushing …

the_briefing March 17, 2021

Australia takes on PNG Covid crisis

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today announce support for Papua New Guinea’s Covid-19 emergency, including vaccines for frontline workers, in response to mounting concerns over the pandemic’s impact on the local population and the risk of spread …

the_briefing March 16, 2021

Porter sheds duties to battle ABC

Attorney-General Christian Porter plans to delegate parts of his job to others so he can wage a defamation battle against the ABC, in which he is willing to take the witness stand to deny the rape allegations levelled against him. Porter is seeking aggravated …

the_briefing March 15, 2021

Women rise up in nationwide rallies

Tens of thousands of protesters are today expected to attend Women’s March 4 Justice rallies across the country, demanding that politicians address gender inequality, misogyny and dangerous workplace cultures. More than 40 rallies are planned, including …

the_briefing March 12, 2021

Indigenous leaders petition Morrison on jail deaths

Aboriginal justice advocates have called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to meet with bereaved families, following the third Indigenous death in custody in the space of a week. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services representatives …

the_briefing March 11, 2021

Cheap airfares to marginal seats

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today unveil a plan to halve the price of nearly 800,000 airline tickets, as part of a $1.2 billion tourism package to offset the impending end of JobKeeper. The discounted tickets will initially be offered for flights …

the_briefing March 10, 2021

Hunt joins ranks of sick politicians

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection, bringing the number of Morrison government ministers that will miss today’s cabinet meeting to three. Hunt will be kept overnight for observation and is being …

the_briefing March 09, 2021

National Cabinet secrecy challenged

The Australian Conservation Foundation has announced it will challenge the Morrison government’s controversial claim that national cabinet deliberations are exempt from freedom of information laws. The ACF will take the challenge to the Administrative …

the_briefing March 05, 2021

Italy blocks vaccine bound for Australia

Italy has blocked the export of 250,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Australia, in the first-ever use of special powers introduced to protect the European Union’s supply. The ruling applies to AstraZeneca doses, with the company involved in a spat with …

the_briefing March 04, 2021

News Corp rallies around Porter

Attorney-General Christian Porter has received a wave of sympathetic coverage in News Corp publications, after outing himself as the government minister facing rape allegations. On Wednesday, Porter announced he was the minister accused of raping a woman …

the_briefing March 03, 2021

Accused minister to break silence

A Morrison government cabinet minister will today publicly identify himself as the politician at the centre of rape allegations, but he is not expected to step down. The minister, who has engaged the services of MinterEllison partner Peter Bartlett, will …

the_briefing March 02, 2021

Public trust lost in rape scandal

Roughly two in three Australians believe the federal government is more interested in its own political interests than in protecting women who have made sexual assault allegations, according to a new poll. The latest Essential poll of 1074 people also …

the_briefing March 01, 2021

List of MPs told of rape claims

A host of politicians have come forward to say they were contacted regarding separate rape claims levelled against a Morrison government minister and a Labor MP. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Labor senator Penny …

the_briefing February 26, 2021

Coalition tinkers as ecosystems fail

Conservation groups have criticised “toothless” environmental law reforms introduced to parliament on Thursday, as a new report warns of the imminent collapse of 19 ecosystems. The Global Change Biology study found all but one of 20 ecosystems studied …

the_briefing February 25, 2021

2032 Olympics Brisbane’s to lose

The International Olympic Committee has announced Brisbane as the “preferred candidate city” to host the 2032 Olympic Games. The decision means the IOC will enter discussions with the Brisbane 2032 committee about its potential to host the games. …

the_briefing February 24, 2021

Reynolds’ account under the spotlight

Defence Minister Linda Reynolds will today face extended questioning from the media over her handling of Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations, after providing conflicting accounts to parliament on Tuesday. Reynolds will today give a speech …

the_briefing February 23, 2021

Higgins’ partner quits Canberra job

Brittany Higgins’ partner has quit his Canberra job over fears of payback in response to her sexual assault claim, as a fourth woman comes out against the alleged perpetrator. Higgins’ partner David Sharaz resigned from his job handling federal government …

the_briefing February 22, 2021

Australia begins vaccine rollout

Australia’s nationwide vaccine rollout begins today, with hotel quarantine workers, frontline healthcare staff and aged care residents among those first in line for the jab. Health Minister Greg Hunt promised “more than 60,000 doses in 240 aged care …

the_briefing February 19, 2021

Facebook’s news ban goes viral

Facebook is scrambling to restore government, essential services and charity pages caught up in its unprecedented attempt to ban the sharing of news on the platform. The sweeping ban took out the pages for the Bureau of Meteorology, fire and rescue services …

the_briefing February 18, 2021

Senate dismisses Family Court

The Senate has narrowly passed controversial changes to fold the Family Court of Australia into the Federal Circuit Court, with the Coalition securing the support of One Nation and independent Senator Rex Patrick. On Wednesday night, the Senate passed …

the_briefing February 17, 2021

Security sounded alarm over Higgins

A secret inquiry into Parliament House security has spent months investigating how the alleged rape of a political staffer was handled, including concerns over cleaners being sent to Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’ office. The former director of security …

the_briefing February 16, 2021

Staffer’s rape claim ‘put job on the line’

Former federal ministerial staffer Brittany Higgins plans to reactivate a police complaint about an alleged sexual assault in Parliament House in early 2019. In interviews with and Network Ten’s The Project, Higgins alleged she …

the_briefing February 15, 2021

JobKeeper a lifeline for 1.5 million

The latest release of JobKeeper recipient numbers indicates an unequal recovery from the recession, with lockdown-hit Victoria and tourism regions continuing to rely on the wage subsidy. According to figures released by the Tax Office, 626,000 Victorians …

the_briefing February 12, 2021

Crown executives run out of luck

Crown Resorts chief executive Ken Barton and director Andrew Demetriou will both step down in the wake of a damning report into the casino giant’s dealings. Barton is expected to formally step down today, in the wake of the NSW Independent Liquor and …

the_briefing February 11, 2021

Victoria outbreak linked to nebuliser

South Australia has implemented a hard border closure on Greater Melbourne overnight, as a Covid-19 cluster linked to the use of a nebuliser at the Holiday Inn hotel grows to eight. With a further two cases identified late yesterday afternoon, Victorian …

the_briefing February 10, 2021

US Senate begins Trump trial

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial has opened in the United States Senate, with Democrats arguing that the former president should be convicted for inciting a violent mob of his supporters to attack the Capitol. Senators sitting as jurors watched …

the_briefing February 09, 2021

ANZ dumps world’s largest coal port

ANZ has refused to continue funding the world’s largest coal export port at Newcastle, under its new climate change policy to cut back on loans to the fossil fuel sector. National Australia Bank has stepped in to help underwrite the port on the promise …

the_briefing February 08, 2021

Covid again slips out of quarantine

Warnings have been issued in Victoria and NSW overnight after officials confirmed new Covid-19 cases linked to hotel quarantine. Victorian authorities reported that a symptomatic hotel quarantine worker at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport tested positive …

News February 06, 2021

Push to reform political donations

Calls are growing louder for reforms to the political donations system, as billionaires such as Anthony Pratt and Clive Palmer pour money into their parties of choice.

the_briefing February 05, 2021

Hotel headaches too much for states

State premiers are set to confront Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a national cabinet meeting today over ­responsibility for the hotel quarantine program. Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles said it was “time for the federal government to contribute”, …

the_briefing February 04, 2021

Clean energy under dirty attack

Federal Parliament is today set to debate a Coalition plan to open up clean energy funds for use in upgrading fossil fuel infrastructure and encourage private companies to build new power supply. Labor will propose amendments to prevent proposed changes …

the_briefing February 03, 2021

Calls to cut Myanmar army aid

The Australian government is facing calls to cut financial assistance and training to Myanmar’s military following a coup in the country. Labor and the Greens are calling for the Morrison government to reconsider its relationship with the Myanmar military, …

the_briefing February 02, 2021

Canberra debates wage subsidies

The parliamentary year kicks off today in Canberra, with a debate on plans to end JobKeeper and cut JobSeeker set to be top of the agenda. Labor will interrogate the Morrison government over why it plans to end the JobKeeper wage subsidy in March despite …

the_briefing February 01, 2021

Covid case shuts down Perth

Perth and surrounding regions have begun a five-day lockdown, after a hotel quarantine security guard tested positive to Covid-19. In an emergency press conference on Sunday, Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan said the hotel the guard worked at housed …

the_briefing January 29, 2021

Coalition buries environment report

The Morrison government has belatedly released a once-in-a-decade review of Australia’s environmental laws, three months after receiving the final report. On a Thursday dominated by the news of Labor’s shadow cabinet reshuffle, the environment minister …

the_briefing January 28, 2021

Labor turns right on climate

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese is set to shift left powerbroker Mark Butler out of the climate portfolio in favour of Labor right shadow health spokesperson Chris Bowen, in a bid to defuse escalating tensions within the party over emissions targets. …

the_briefing January 27, 2021

Peaceful rallies mark Invasion Day

A small number of people have been arrested at largely peaceful and socially distanced Invasion Day rallies, with protesters defying bans in order to call for Indigenous policy reform and the abolishment of Australia Day on January 26. In Sydney, organisers …

the_briefing January 26, 2021

#LetHerSpeak activist Australian of the Year

Sexual assault survivor Grace Tame, whose case led to the overturning of a Tasmanian law preventing victims from speaking about their experiences of assault, has been named Australian of the Year. In a case that sparked the #LetHerSpeak campaign, Tame …

the_briefing January 25, 2021

ABC draws ‘Invasion Day’ ire

The ABC has defended a social media post and article referring to “Australia Day/Invasion Day”, as News Corp publications frame use of the dual terminology as divisive. The Australian, Sky News and the News Corp tabloids published …

News January 23, 2021

Tech giants and regulating social media

As debate rages internationally over the question of whether the social media giants can self-regulate, Australia’s attempt to force big tech to share revenue with media companies is meeting intense pushback from Google, Facebook and the US government.

the_briefing January 22, 2021

Biden sends in Covid cavalry

US President Joe Biden will sign 10 executive orders on his second day in office to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the country. The orders include that agencies use the Defense Production Act to address critical shortfalls in 12 …

the_briefing January 21, 2021

Biden inauguration like no other

Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, delivering an inaugural address to an empty National Mall cleared of observers due to the threat of violence and Covid-19. Also absent was former president Donald Trump, the first …

the_briefing January 20, 2021

Albanese takes aim at PM’s Trumpism

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will today claim Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s kowtowing to US President Donald Trump has damaged relations with the incoming Biden administration. On the final day of Trump’s presidency ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, …

the_briefing January 19, 2021

US intervenes to defend tech giants

The Trump administration has called on Australia to abandon plans to force Google and Facebook to pay news organisations for sharing their content. The call came in a letter submitted to an Australian parliamentary inquiry by US trade representatives, …

the_briefing January 18, 2021

Australian Open smashed by Covid

The Australian Open has suffered another blow with a further 25 players moved into quarantine, after a passenger aboard a third flight into Melbourne tested positive to Covid-19. Players aboard a Qatar Airways flight that arrived on Saturday morning from …

the_briefing December 18, 2020

Covid returns to spoil Christmas

Christmas travel plans for thousands of Australians have been thrown into chaos by travel restrictions imposed on New South Wales, after a northern beaches Covid-19 cluster jumped to 17 cases. Following a late night meeting of federal and state chief …

the_briefing December 17, 2020

Cards fall for Crown’s casinos

The Victorian Government is launching a review of Crown Resorts’ Melbourne casino licence, as executive chairman James Packer is sued by a casino security guard over an alleged assault. The state’s gaming minister Melissa Horne has brought forward …

the_briefing December 16, 2020

Banks face grilling over coal

Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg has backed a proposed inquiry chaired by Coalition climate sceptic George Christensen that would interrogate banks refusing to finance coal investments. Christensen, the proposed chair of the parliamentary probe, would …

the_briefing December 15, 2020

Murray-Darling review urges climate reform

A new assessment of the Murray-Darling Basin plan finds it requires major reform in 2026 to cope with increased dry periods due to climate change. The Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s self-assessment finds dry spells will likely occur on average every …

the_briefing December 14, 2020

Rescue package for oil refineries

Energy minister Angus Taylor will today unveil a rescue package for oil refineries, despite the UN calling for an end to fossil fuel support at a global climate summit.  The support to start on January 1 will provide a minimum 1 cent payment for each …

the_briefing December 11, 2020

Australia abandons UQ vaccine

The Morrison government has terminated a deal to buy more than 50 million doses of the University of Queensland’s potential Covid-19 vaccine after trial participants returned false positive HIV test results. UQ and biotech company CSL informed the federal …

the_briefing December 10, 2020

Cashless welfare trial extended

The Senate has voted to extend trials of a cashless welfare card for two years, after the federal government failed to secure the numbers to make the controversial scheme permanent. After debate that stretched late into Wednesday evening, the government …

the_briefing December 09, 2020

China-Victoria deal faces federal veto

The Morrison government will immediately examine whether to scrap Victoria’s Belt and Road infrastructure agreement with China, after the federal parliament passed powerful new foreign veto laws on Tuesday. The Foreign Relations Bill gives Victoria …

the_briefing December 08, 2020

Unions oppose workplace changes

Unions are opposing the Coalition’s proposals for casual work, the creation of a new “part-time flexi” role, and a high bar set for wage theft penalties. The Australian Council of Trade Unions’ concerns include the proposed “part-time flexi” …

the_briefing December 07, 2020

Legislation to redefine casuals

The Morrison government will today unveil legislation that will see casual workers able to apply for permanent roles after a year in the job, but remove the right for misclassified employees to claim billions of dollars in backpay. Employers will be required …

the_briefing December 04, 2020

Dutton seeks new cyber powers

The Law Council of Australia has warned Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton against rushing through new surveillance powers before Christmas that would allow police to take over online accounts. The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) …

the_briefing December 03, 2020

UK rolls up sleeves for vaccine

The United Kingdom has become the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. Australia is sticking to its March rollout plan as the British are poised to receive the first doses from next week. Pfizer said shipments …

the_briefing December 02, 2020

McManus calls to halve insecure work

Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus will today call for the “virus” of insecure jobs to be halved by the end of the decade, as unions gear up for a fight over a new industrial relations bill. In a speech to the National Press …

the_briefing December 01, 2020

China rejects Morrison demand for apology

China’s foreign ministry has rejected Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call for an apology over a “deplorable” social media post about war crimes in Afghanistan, arguing Australia should be the one apologising. Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian released …

the_briefing November 30, 2020

Call to ban school banking programs

Consumer advocacy group Choice has called for the rest of Australia to follow Victoria’s lead and ban school banking programs it describes as “marketing masquerading as financial literacy”. The Victorian government on Sunday announced it would ban …

the_briefing November 27, 2020

Fears over Iran hostage diplomacy

Rights groups fear a prisoner-swap deal with Iran to free Kylie Moore-Gilbert will encourage more hostage-taking, as new revelations indicate the British-Australian academic was arrested over her relationship with an Israeli citizen. The discovery of …

the_briefing November 26, 2020

Australian freed in Iran ‘prisoner swap’

Australian-British academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert has been released from jail in a prisoner swap involving three Iranians, according to state media outlets in the Islamic republic. The University of Melbourne lecturer on Middle Eastern studies was serving …

the_briefing November 25, 2020

Gas approval opens ‘climate floodgates’

The Morrison government has granted environmental approval to the $3.6 billion Narrabri gas project in New South Wales, despite concerns it could contaminate groundwater and fuel the climate crisis. The approval allows gas giant Santos to drill 850 wells …

the_briefing November 24, 2020

First vaccine jabs as early as March

Promising late-stage trials of Australia’s preferred Covid-19 vaccine and alternatives mean the national vaccination program could begin in March for health workers and the vulnerable. Trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which Australia has a deal to …

the_briefing November 23, 2020

NSW reopens Victorian border

Victorians today are no longer required to wear masks outdoors and are free to cross the border into New South Wales, as the state continues to report no Covid-19 community transmission. The end to mandatory mask wearing is one of a host of restrictions …

News November 21, 2020

Covid-19 and the bushfire season

While South Australia scrambles to contain its coronavirus outbreak, there are concerns whether the state – and the rest of the country – will be able to cope with the dual crises of the pandemic and bushfire season.

the_briefing November 20, 2020

War crimes inquiry shocks the nation

The Australian military is reeling after a landmark war crimes inquiry recommended 19 current and former soldiers be investigated by police over the alleged murders of 39 civilians in Afghanistan. The inquiry pointed the finger at non-commissioned officers …

the_briefing November 19, 2020

SA begins six-day ‘circuit breaker’

South Australia today begins a strict six-day “circuit breaker” lockdown, as health authorities race to contain the state’s first Covid-19 outbreak in months. The statewide lockdown forbids residents from leaving their homes even to exercise, with …

the_briefing November 18, 2020

Welfare cut pushes more into poverty

New analysis shows an additional 330,000 welfare recipients will fall below the poverty line when the Morrison government reduces the coronavirus supplement at the end of the year. The Australian National University modelling shows the $100 cut would …

the_briefing November 17, 2020

Morrison attacks SA border closures

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticised the closure of state borders to South Australia over a Covid-19 outbreak, with most states imposing mandatory quarantine requirements on the state. Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Tasmania followed …

the_briefing November 16, 2020

Morrison, Andrews meet over recovery

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today meet Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews in person for the first time since February, to discuss recovery from lockdown and the fast-tracking of major infrastructure projects. Morrison will tour CSL’s Broadmeadows …

the_briefing November 13, 2020

Actions of SAS soldiers in crosshairs

A recently completed investigation by the Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force will see allegations directed at an estimated 10 Australian Special Air Services Regiment (SAS) veterans being referred to authorities, according to The Age. …

the_briefing November 12, 2020

Rudd petition secures inquiry

The Senate has voted in favour of establishing an inquiry into media diversity in Australia, after more than 500,000 people signed a petition calling for a royal commission into the dominance of the Murdoch media. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who …

the_briefing November 11, 2020

Trump voters reject election results

A new poll indicates that 70 per cent of Republican voters believe the United States election was not free or fair, as President Donald Trump continues to promote baseless conspiracies that the result was rigged against him. The POLITICO/Morning Consult …

the_briefing November 10, 2020

‘Bonk ban’ targeted Porter, Tudge

An investigation has uncovered concerns of inappropriate behaviour towards women by federal Attorney-General Christian Porter and Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge. The Four Corners report, which the federal government attempted to quash …

the_briefing November 09, 2020

Biden victory divides Republicans

US President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to unify America in his election victory speech, despite President Donald Trump and top Republicans refusing to concede defeat. To a chorus of cheers and car horns at a drive-in rally in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden …

the_briefing November 06, 2020

MAGA swarms election offices

Supporters of US President Donald Trump have converged on election offices around the country to protest the counting of mail-in ballots, as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden closes in on victory. There were reports that some supporters in Arizona …

the_briefing November 05, 2020

Biden leads as Trump lies

Democrat Joe Biden has edged narrowly ahead in a raft of key swing states, as the incumbent Donald Trump continues to baselessly claim the US presidency is being stolen from him in election counting. As forecast prior to the election, much of Biden’s …

the_briefing November 04, 2020

US braces for election chaos

Millions of Americans are today navigating a rampant pandemic, roving rightwing militias, unprecedented wildfires, and widespread voter suppression tactics in order to exercise their right to vote in the United States election. US President Donald Trump …

the_briefing November 02, 2020

Europe plunges back into lockdown

A rapid surge in Covid-19 cases is prompting a host of European countries to return to lockdown this week, as Australia marks its first 24-hour period without community transmission since early June. After France began enforcement of a month-long hard …

the_briefing October 30, 2020

Pandemic surges ahead of US vote

The United States has broken its own record for the most Covid-19 cases in a single day, reporting 80,622 infections less than a week before the country’s presidential election. The figure is the third time in a week that a daily case record was broken, …

the_briefing October 29, 2020

ANZ Bank pledges to quit coal

ANZ Bank today unveils plans to adopt a “net zero emissions” test for loans, and to set a 2030 exit date for all “direct” investment in thermal coal mines and power stations. Starting immediately, the bank will not take on any new business customers …

the_briefing October 28, 2020

SAS soldiers fuelled by ‘blood lust’

A leaked briefing details allegations that Australian special forces soldiers fuelled by “blood lust” tortured and executed prisoners in Afghanistan, including children, and covered up their actions. The report details a “large number” of corroborated …

the_briefing October 27, 2020

Melbourne rejoices as lockdown ends

Melburnians are celebrating as they prepare to exit one of the world’s longest Covid-19 lockdowns tonight, with city residents allowed to leave their homes for any reason and a broad range of businesses permitted to reopen. After no cases were recorded …

the_briefing October 26, 2020

Newborn prompts ‘invasive’ search

The Australian Government has registered “serious concerns” with Qatar after 13 Australian women travelling from Doha to Sydney were subjected to an invasive internal examination. The incident occurred at Hamad International Airport in Doha on October …

the_briefing October 22, 2020

Border Force faces corruption probe

A corruption investigation is under way into the Australian Border Force over allegations that it funnelled $39 million from national security needs to defence company Austal to prop up its financial position. In early 2019, then integrity commissioner …

the_briefing October 21, 2020

US marine reports Australian atrocity

A United States marine claims Australian special forces shot and killed a bound Afghan prisoner because there was not enough space on an aircraft flying to pick them up. The helicopter crew chief, who told the ABC he wished to remain anonymous out of …

the_briefing October 20, 2020

ASIO powers threaten activists

Journalists and advocacy groups could face compulsory questioning and the fitting of tracking devices as part of a proposed expansion of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation powers, legal experts have warned. Ahead of senior ASIO officials giving …

the_briefing October 19, 2020

Offshore tax evaders raided

Westpac, the Perth Mint, and hundreds of Australians have been ensnared in a major global tax evasion investigation into an offshore bank linked to organised crime syndicates. The J5 taskforce made up of the tax chiefs of Australia, the US, UK, the Netherlands …

the_briefing October 16, 2020

New evidence in quarantine inquiry

Newly revealed correspondence indicates Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, was aware of the decision to hire private security for hotel quarantine in Melbourne as early as March, contradicting his testimony provided to the inquiry into the …

the_briefing October 15, 2020

Berejiklian survives Labor challenge

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has survived two no-confidence motions in state parliament, as her former partner Daryl Maguire admitted on Wednesday to running a “cash for visas” business out of his parliamentary office. The no-confidence …

the_briefing October 14, 2020

Ex-MP faces grilling on Berejiklian tryst

Former Wagga Wagga state MP in the New South Wales parliament, Daryl Maguire, will today front the Independent Commission Against Corruption in Sydney for the first time since revelations he had a “close personal relationship” with NSW Premier Gladys …

the_briefing October 13, 2020

Berejiklian refuses to resign

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian is set to face a motion of no confidence in her government today, following revelations she ignored potentially corrupt behavior from former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire. On Monday Berejiklian admitted to the …

the_briefing October 12, 2020

Victoria ends remote learning marathon

About 600,000 Victorian students return to school today, with teachers to closely monitor the wellbeing of children who have been remote learning since June. All primary school and Year 7 students will attend classrooms for the first time in 10 weeks, …

the_briefing October 09, 2020

Sharkie wins ‘slush fund’ support

The Morrison government allocated an additional $103 million in the latest federal budget towards the controversial community development grants program, described by Labor as a “slush fund”. The program previously awarded a $23 million grant to build …

the_briefing October 08, 2020

Albanese calls for social housing

Anthony Albanese will tonight deliver his formal response to the federal budget, backing the Morrison government’s proposed tax cuts while calling for more investment in public housing and free childcare. The opposition leader on Wednesday described …

the_briefing October 07, 2020

Frydenberg slashes tax revenue

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Tuesday night unveiled a federal budget loaded with $50 billion in fast-tracked tax cuts weighted towards high-income earners, but no permanent increase in JobSeeker support. The Treasurer hopes that the Australian Tax Office …

the_briefing October 06, 2020

Frydenberg prepares historic budget

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will tonight announce a record deficit of $210 billion, as he unveils a federal budget loaded with fast-tracked tax cuts and infrastructure spending. After Labor and the Greens warned against plans to accelerate Stage 3 tax …

the_briefing October 05, 2020

Mystery surrounds Trump’s health

Doctors have admitted they misled the media about the progression of Donald Trump’s Covid-19 infection to foster an “upbeat attitude”, as confusion reigns over the US President’s health. On Sunday Trump’s physician, Navy Commander Dr Sean Conley, …

the_briefing October 02, 2020

Pandemic fix for aged care

The aged care royal commissioners have called on the federal government to immediately fund additional staff in aged care facilities, finding there was “insufficient action” to prepare for the pandemic. In a special report, the commissioners made …

the_briefing October 01, 2020

Plans to ‘kidnap or poison’ Assange

A former employee of a security firm has told Julian Assange’s extradition hearing that the company discussed plans with US intelligence to kidnap or poison the Wikileaks co-founder. In a written statement provided to the London hearing, the anonymous …

the_briefing September 30, 2020

Visa extensions for seasonal workers

Temporary visas will be extended and welfare recipients offered incentives to take farming jobs, as a new report warns of a critical labour shortage. The upcoming federal budget will allow JobSeeker and Youth Allowance recipients to earn up to $300 per …

the_briefing September 29, 2020

Hanson redefines academic freedom

The Morrison government will include a legal definition of academic freedom that may make it harder to discipline racist, sexist, or climate denialist academics in exchange for One Nation support for university funding legislation. Senator Pauline Hanson …

the_briefing September 28, 2020

Andrews lifts Melbourne curfew

Melburnians are waking up to new freedoms after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the lifting of the evening curfew from 5am today. Residents are now permitted to meet outside in groups of up to five people from two households, more than 127,000 …

the_briefing September 25, 2020

Treasurer to relax lending laws

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today announce ($) plans to scrap responsible lending laws for banks, relaxing credit rules to permit easier loan approvals during the recession. In a shift from “lender beware” to “borrower beware”, the government …

the_briefing September 24, 2020

Frydenberg plans insolvency shakeup

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today announce plans to adopt American-style insolvency laws, ahead of the looming prospect of thousands of businesses collapsing as Covid-19 economic assistance is wound back. In a speech to the Australian Chamber of Commerce …

the_briefing September 23, 2020

China targets net zero by 2060

China has for the first time announced targets for reaching a net zero emissions economy, leaving Australia increasingly isolated as major countries lock in climate plans. In a speech to the virtual United Nations summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping …

the_briefing September 22, 2020

Australian banks flagged over payments

Macquarie Group and Commonwealth Bank have been identified in a leak of financial transactions as the two biggest Australian participants involved in processing suspicious payments. They were flagged for close to $US167 million ($A230 million) worth of …

the_briefing September 21, 2020

Mass leak of corrupt bank payments

A leak of thousands of reports of suspicious financial transactions reveals how major banks facilitated more than $US2 trillion in potentially corrupt payments, including Australian shell companies linked to money laundering, arms deals, and drug cartels. …

the_briefing September 18, 2020

Work for the dole returns

The Morrison government is to ramp up punitive measures for Australians on JobSeeker, including a restart of work for the dole and requiring recipients to apply for more jobs. People on JobSeeker will need to apply for eight jobs a month from September …

the_briefing September 17, 2020

Morrison forecasts wind shift

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today detail his plan to redirect federal renewable energy agency funding away from wind and solar to alternative low-carbon solutions. The announcement covers $1.9 billion in ongoing funding for ARENA, CEFC and the …

the_briefing September 16, 2020

Developer lobbied Nats over koalas

New South Wales Parliament will today debate a motion of no confidence in Deputy Premier John Barilaro, as fresh revelations indicate his opposition to a koala habitat policy were at the behest of a property developer. NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay moved …

the_briefing September 15, 2020

Morrison cooking with gas

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today detail plans to open up new gas reserves and offer to back the construction of a gas-fired power station, as part of his plan to drive a fossil-fuel led economic recovery. In a speech to business and industry in …

the_briefing September 14, 2020

Australians profiled in China’s database

A Chinese military contractor engaged in spreading disinformation and promoting conflict has amassed profiles on tens of thousands of Australians ($), as part of a database targeting influential figures. The database of 2.4 million people, including …

the_briefing September 11, 2020

Koala rebellion faces deadline

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has given seven Nationals ministers a 9am deadline to back down from their mutiny over a koala habitat policy, or she will strip them of their portfolios. Nationals MPs convened an emergency meeting to discuss …

the_briefing September 10, 2020

Australia Post delivers for Hanson

Australia Post chief executive Christine Holgate personally intervened to demand that provocative Pauline Hanson merchandise be delivered to Melbourne’s locked down public housing towers in July, while lobbying One Nation over a key Senate vote. In …

the_briefing September 09, 2020

Australia gags environmental science

Australian environmental scientists are experiencing widespread and worsening suppression of their work by industry and government, according to a new study. A survey by the Ecological Society of Australia of 220 scientists found roughly one-third reported …

the_briefing September 08, 2020

Andrews defends lockdown targets

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has pushed back against federal criticism of his health safeguards road map, warning a premature easing of restrictions risks a third wave of Covid-19 infections. Andrews spoke to ABC’s 7:30 after Prime Minister …

the_briefing September 07, 2020

Morrison reveals vaccine plan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today promote a $1.7 billion deal for a freely distributed Covid-19 vaccine from early 2021, pending the uncertain outcome of clinical drug trials. The supply and production agreement covers two vaccines, with the federal …

the_briefing September 04, 2020

Coalition ends water buybacks

Federal water minister Keith Pitt will today announce the end of water buybacks from irrigators, and release a report that finds the Murray-Darling Basin Plan will fail to meet a recovery deadline. Buybacks, which conservation groups have described as …

the_briefing September 03, 2020

Soldiers mock war crime allegations

Australian special forces soldiers are operating an Instagram account that celebrates war crimes allegedly committed in Afghanistan and sells bumper stickers reading “Make Diggers Violent Again”. The ABC reports that the account, titled State Sanctioned …

the_briefing September 02, 2020

Victoria extends state of emergency

Victoria’s upper house has passed a six-month extension of state of emergency powers, following a marathon debate overnight that pushed the final vote to 2am this morning. The compromise deal grants a one-off extension of powers for the chief health …

the_briefing September 01, 2020

Signals boss lauds ‘transparent secrecy’

Australian Signals Directorate boss Rachel Noble will today attempt to reassure the public about mass community surveillance. In a speech to the Australian National University, ASD director-general Rachel Noble will explain that her agency’s focus …

the_briefing August 31, 2020

Palmer provides new election spoiler

Clive Palmer is ramping up efforts to eject the Labor Government at the upcoming Queensland election, with his companies committing mining staff and $80,000 to the campaign. After spending $84 million on anti-Labor advertising at the federal election, …

the_briefing August 28, 2020

Coalition pushes assimilation plan

Immigration Minister Alan Tudge will today unveil plans to lift limits on free English classes for migrants and to add further questions on “Australian values” to citizenship tests. In a speech to the National Press Club, Tudge will warn foreign governments …

the_briefing August 27, 2020

Christchurch terrorist awaits fate

The Australian white supremacist responsible for New Zealand’s worst terrorist attack is expected to be sentenced today, after three days of extraordinary witness testimony. Brenton Tarrant has elected not to speak, after hearing 91 statements from …

the_briefing August 25, 2020

Colbeck loses Covid-19 authority

Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck has been stripped of responsibility for activating aged-care emergency Covid-19 measures, as Labor calls for his resignation over the handling of the crisis. Responsibility for mobilising an aged care emergency response …

the_briefing August 21, 2020

National Cabinet border showdown

National Cabinet will debate border closures today, as federal ministers and business leaders ramp up the pressure on state premiers to open up travel. Agriculture Minister David Littleproud described the meeting as a “flashpoint for our federation”, …

the_briefing August 20, 2020

Pope questioned child abuse whistleblower

An Australian priest claimed he was summoned to the Vatican to be questioned by the Pope regarding his testimony against an archbishop accused of concealing child sexual abuse. Father Glen Walsh met with the pontiff in 2016, reports The Sydney Morning …

the_briefing August 19, 2020

Australia secures vaccine deal

The federal government has signed a letter of intent to procure a potential University of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine, with every Australian able to access it for free if trials are successful. The vaccine, currently in third-stage trials, could be available …

the_briefing August 18, 2020

Hotel security firm covers tracks

A security company attempted to cover up a potential breach of its hotel quarantine agreement with the Victorian Government, according to leaked correspondence. An email obtained by the ABC’s 7.30 suggests Wilson Security failed to inform at …

the_briefing August 17, 2020

Former SAS soldier warned of inquiry

The Australian Federal Police war crimes investigation into former special forces soldier Ben Roberts-Smith was compromised after confidential information was leaked to the Afghan veteran. In June 2018 former AFP chief Mick Keelty was informed of details …

the_briefing August 14, 2020

Plan for ADF emergency powers

The Morrison government plans to amend the Defence Act to empower the prime minister to declare a national emergency or disaster and deploy the military within Australia. The Australian Defence Force would be given more powers while dealing with national …

the_briefing August 13, 2020

Emission scheme lets polluters off

Industry and conservation groups have criticised changes to the federal government’s “safeguard mechanism” that allow companies to increase emissions depending on how their business is performing. The Clean Energy Regulator in late July granted …

the_briefing August 12, 2020

Auckland back under lockdown

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced Auckland returns to lockdown today, after the country recorded its first Covid-19 cases of community transmission in 102 days. In an unscheduled late-night news conference on Tuesday, Ardern revealed …

the_briefing August 11, 2020

‘No Covid-19 plan’ for aged care

The Morrison government is bracing for further revelations from the royal commission into aged care this week, after claims at Monday’s hearings that federal agencies failed to develop a Covid-19 plan for nursing homes. Counsel assisting the aged care …

the_briefing August 10, 2020

Doctors and nurses face mask shortage

A survey of Australian doctors and nurses finds one in five have limited or no access to face masks, as active Covid-19 infections in Victorian health workers jumped to nearly 1000 at the weekend. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians president …

the_briefing August 07, 2020

Backflip on JobKeeper eligibility

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today announce an extra $15 billion for JobKeeper and wider eligibility criteria, prompted by the Victorian shutdown. In a reversal of moves announced last month to toughen eligibility for …

the_briefing August 06, 2020

Melbourne closed for business

New restrictions came into force overnight in Melbourne, shutting down thousands of businesses and requiring eligible residents to carry a special permit to travel to work and access childcare. As Victoria recorded 725 new cases of Covid-19 and 15 deaths …

the_briefing August 05, 2020

ABF reopens Christmas Island

The Australian Border Force has admitted the Christmas Island detention centre will be reopened, claiming that Covid-19 had strained the capacity of the onshore detention network. The decision was confirmed on Tuesday night, following a report in The …

the_briefing August 04, 2020

Authorities race to close Melbourne

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will today provide more detail on doorknocking, compliance measures and penalties to enforce an unprecedented shutdown of Melbourne’s economy. Authorities are scrambling to define who is allowed to move around Melbourne …

the_briefing August 03, 2020

Curfew imposed on Melbourne

Five million Melbourne residents have awoken from their first night of a six-week evening curfew, as Victoria declares a state of disaster over the Covid-19 pandemic. Premier Daniel Andrews on Sunday revealed Melbourne would progress to Stage 4 restrictions, …

the_briefing July 31, 2020

PM, Andrews hold crisis talks

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews held crisis talks overnight regarding new health safeguards in Victoria, after the state registered a record 723 new Covid-19 cases and 13 deaths.  A total of 10 of those deaths were …

the_briefing July 30, 2020

New targets for Closing the Gap

A national agreement will today commit Australia to reducing rates of Indigenous imprisonment, suicide and removal of children by welfare agencies. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will reveal all state and territory governments have signed up to 16 targets …

the_briefing July 29, 2020

Nursing home residents evacuated

Hundreds of critically ill aged-care residents are being evacuated from Victorian nursing homes into hospitals, after elective surgeries were suspended to free up capacity to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Victoria recorded 384 new cases on Tuesday, with …

the_briefing July 28, 2020

Pandemic leave for aged care workers

The Fair Work Commission has ruled aged-care workers are entitled to two weeks' paid leave if  required to self-isolate, as Victoria identified 532 new cases of Covid-19 on Monday driven by infections in aged care. The ruling includes casual employees …

the_briefing July 27, 2020

Thousands underpaid workers compensation

An investigation into workers’ compensation schemes has uncovered tens of thousands of underpayments in New South Wales and “immoral and unethical” conduct in Victoria. A joint investigation by The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC …

the_briefing July 24, 2020

Frydenberg spruiks low-tax recovery

One day after warning of historic government deficits, federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today push a recovery plan featuring the fast-tracking of deregulation, tax cuts, and industrial relations reform. In a speech to the National Press Club in …

the_briefing July 23, 2020

Largest deficit since World War II

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today reveal an “eye-watering” budget deficit of nearly $90 billion for 2019-20, which will more than double the following financial year. Today’s pre-budget economic statement will detail the largest deficit …

the_briefing July 22, 2020

Community sport faces mass closure

A new survey reveals community sporting clubs require more than $1 billion in support to survive the Covid-19 crisis, as fresh revelations emerge in the sports rort saga. An Australian Sports Foundation survey found nearly a quarter of the country's 70,000 …

the_briefing July 21, 2020

Morrison unveils reduced JobKeeper

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to today announce the extension of JobKeeper to March 28 at a reduced fortnightly rate, with further cuts for part time workers, casuals, and JobSeeker claimants. The Australian reports the new rate will …

the_briefing July 20, 2020

Casuals face JobKeeper cuts

The Morrison government is planning to announce tightened eligibility requirements for a reduced JobKeeper payment, including the exclusion of casual workers from the full wage subsidy. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Thursday will announce an extension …

the_briefing July 17, 2020

Victoria suspends elective surgery

Victoria’s healthcare system is scrambling to respond to the state’s Covid-19 crisis, suspending elective surgeries as rising numbers of frontline medical staff test positive for the virus. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services confirmed …

the_briefing July 16, 2020

Morrison unveils JobTrainer scheme

The Federal Government will today spruik a $1.5 billion extension in wage subsidies for apprentices and trainees, along with a new $500 million skills and training scheme. Ahead of labour force figures expected to show another rise in unemployment, Prime …

the_briefing July 15, 2020

SAS accused of planting evidence

Soldiers from the Australian army’s Special Air Service Regiment allegedly planted the same weapon on the bodies of two Afghan civilians to make them look like Taliban militants, in a practice known as a “throwdown”. The incidents occurred after …

the_briefing July 14, 2020

Detention guards linked to outbreaks

Security guards working in immigration detention in both Sydney and Melbourne have been linked to Covid-19 outbreaks, as calls mount to move asylum seekers into the community. Serco guards at Sydney's Villawood Immigration Detention Centre have been forced …

the_briefing July 13, 2020

Experts warn of childcare exodus

Australian families resume paying for childcare today, as experts warn attendance may plummet after the federal government’s relief package ended on Sunday. The free childcare scheme has been replaced ($) with funds for childcare centres, representing …

the_briefing July 10, 2020

National Cabinet reviews quarantine

The National Cabinet of federal, state, and territory leaders will today discuss a review of hotel quarantine arrangements and a potential cap on international arrivals. In a move that has sparked concern among Australians stranded overseas, Prime Minister …

the_briefing July 09, 2020

NSW crackdown after border queues

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has flagged the introduction of new restrictions, as more than 50,000 people formed queues to cross the border from Victoria on Wednesday. As Melbourne re-enters lockdown today, epidemiologists warn that it is …

the_briefing July 08, 2020

Renewed help amid Victoria lockdown

Authorities are scrambling to extend welfare support and loan repayment relief, in addition to boosting childcare services as Victoria’s return to lockdown risks a weekly $1 billion hit to the state economy. Australia’s major banks have pledged to …

the_briefing July 07, 2020

Defence patrols Murray border

Albury-Wodonga has recorded its first Covid-19 cases in weeks, as the Australian Defence Force mobilises to enforce the closure of the border between New South Wales and Victoria from midnight tonight. One confirmed case of the virus was recorded in Wodonga …

the_briefing July 06, 2020

Call to preserve Covid-19 safeguards

The spike in Covid-19 cases in Victoria has prompted the Australian Medical Association to call for a pause in the lifting of restrictions nationally. After a weekend in which Victoria recorded 182 new cases and imposed unprecedented hard lockdowns on …

the_briefing July 03, 2020

Police swarm lockdown suburbs

Melbourne’s locked-down suburbs will be monitored by drones and more than 1000 police, following a record rise in community transmission on Thursday and infections spreading interstate. Police from the specialist critical incident response team will …

the_briefing July 02, 2020

Coalition divisions in Eden-Monaro

Supporters of New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilaro are reportedly working to undermine the Morrison government’s bid to win the Eden-Monaro byelection, so the Nationals state party leader can contest the seat at the next federal election. Some …

the_briefing July 01, 2020

Border controls on hotspot suburbs

Victorian Police will establish border checkpoints on 36 Melbourne suburbs locked down over Covid-19, with more than 300,000 residents facing on-the-spot fines for leaving their homes from 11.59pm tonight. The unprecedented controls, in place for all …

the_briefing June 30, 2020

Victorian spike threatens border reopenings

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has flagged that the lifting of state borders within Australia will delay reopening international travel between the two countries, as Victorian cases continue to surge. Ardern on Monday said New Zealand would …

the_briefing June 29, 2020

SAS boss concedes war crimes

Special Forces Commander Major General Adam Findlay has admitted that Australian soldiers committed war crimes in Afghanistan, according to leaked records of a secret military briefing. Findlay claimed “there are guys who criminally did something” …

the_briefing June 26, 2020

Australia, NZ to host World Cup

A joint bid from Australia and New Zealand has edged out Colombia to win the right to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s football World Cup. In the early hours of Friday, FIFA announced that Australia and New Zealand received 22 of the valid 35 votes from the …

the_briefing June 25, 2020

IMF warning on wage support

The International Monetary Fund has warned governments that a sudden end to wage subsidies would jeopardise the recovery, as updated forecasts indicated the world will be left with more debt than at the end of World War II. The IMF projects a deeper global …

the_briefing June 24, 2020

Albanese seeks energy policy truce

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will today offer the Morrison government bipartisan support to design a new energy policy, including potential backing of controversial carbon capture and storage technologies. In a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison …

the_briefing June 23, 2020

Labor calls for robodebt royal commission

Labor will today join the Greens’ call for a royal commission into the Coalition’s robodebt program, which saw 470,000 unlawful demands for money made to welfare recipients. Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese will pledge to initiate a public inquiry …

the_briefing June 22, 2020

Hotspots targeted to control outbreak

Australia's chief health officers have urged against travel to six local government areas in Melbourne, as authorities switch to more targeted measures to ward off a second wave of Covid-19. On Sunday night the Australian health protection principal committee …

the_briefing June 19, 2020

Uni fees double for humanities courses

Education minister Dan Tehan will today announce a plan to more than double the cost of humanities degrees and slash prices for “job-relevant” science, engineering, nursing and maths courses. In a speech at the National Press Club at 12.30pm AEST, …

the_briefing June 18, 2020

Pacific exercises as China tensions rise

Australian troops and warships will join major military exercises ($) with the US and Pacific allies, as China and India seek to de-escalate following a violent border confrontation. Australia is planning to participate in joint exercises in Hawaii and …

the_briefing June 17, 2020

National takeover of Victorian Labor

The Australian Labor Party’s national executive will stage a dramatic intervention into the Victorian division, seizing control of all state and federal preselections for three years. Former Victorian premier Steve Bracks and former federal deputy leader …

the_briefing June 16, 2020

Third minister implicated in branch stacking

Federal Labor is considering an overhaul of the party’s Victorian division, as secret recordings implicate a third state government cabinet minister in the branch stacking scandal. According to tapes obtained by The Age and 60 Minutes, …

the_briefing June 15, 2020

Recordings detail ‘industrial-scale’ branch stacking

An investigation into Victorian cabinet minister Adem Somyurek has uncovered secret cash drop-offs and “industrial-scale” stacking of branches with fake members in a bid to amass political power. The Age and 60 Minutes unearthed …

the_briefing June 12, 2020

Court blocks refugee protest

Refugee activists have pledged to go ahead with a protest this weekend in Sydney despite the Supreme Court of New South Wales moving to block the gathering on public health grounds. In a Thursday night ruling, Justice Michael Walton granted a NSW police …

the_briefing June 11, 2020

Broker leak reveals Adani insurers

Leaked invoices reveal four global insurers are underwriting the Adani coal mine in Queensland, despite all of them promoting climate policies that restrict coverage of new coal projects. Global firms Liberty International Underwriters, HDI, XL Australia, …

the_briefing June 10, 2020

Senate to vote on JobKeeper expansion

The JobKeeper wage subsidy is expected to dominate debate today as parliament resumes for two weeks of sittings in Canberra. The Senate will vote on whether to expand the scheme to include workers at foreign government-owned companies such as airline …

the_briefing June 09, 2020

Push to close the gap in prisons

A meeting will be held today ($) to discuss more ambitious targets to reduce Indigenous incarceration, as a new study finds three quarters of the Australian population is biased against Indigenous Australians. In the wake of mass weekend protests, Indigenous …

the_briefing June 05, 2020

New security test for foreign investment

The federal government is to propose ($) a new national security test for all foreign investment bids for sensitive assets, with no minimum dollar threshold to trigger the assessment. According to The Australian, the test will encompass sectors …

the_briefing June 04, 2020

New charges in George Floyd death

The former Minneapolis Police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd's neck has had his charges upgraded to second-degree murder, and a trio of police officers on the scene have been charged with aiding and abetting the act. Derek Chauvin, 44, …

the_briefing June 03, 2020

US defends free press crackdown

The US ambassador to Australia has said his country remains committed to a free press, as Foreign Minister Marise Payne confirmed a formal complaint over a police assault of Channel 7 media during a brutal crackdown on non-violent protests outside the …

the_briefing June 02, 2020

Government plots robodebt return

The federal government is considering new laws to preserve the controversial income data method that prompted the refund of $720 million in unlawful robodebts on Friday. According to Guardian Australia, the solicitor-general explored legislative …

the_briefing June 01, 2020

Australians warned over US protests

Australians in the United States have been issued a Smartraveller warning to avoid large gatherings, after the country imposed curfews and authorities violently cracked down on protests over police killings of African Americans in custody. Protests and …

News May 30, 2020

How Covid-19 will change cities

With Covid-19 restrictions easing, plans are afoot to revitalise Australia’s city centres, even though international students and office workers may never return in the same numbers.

the_briefing May 29, 2020

Australia condemns HK security laws

Australia has joined the United States in condemning new laws approved by China’s national congress to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong. The National People’s Congress of China voted 2878 to 1 to advance with alteration to the former …

the_briefing May 28, 2020

NSW child abuse cover-up revealed

The New South Wales government has secretly paid out millions of dollars to at least 14 Indigenous men who were abused by a paedophile teacher when they were children. Guardian Australia reports that the state’s education department included …

the_briefing May 27, 2020

Soldier accused of killing disabled Afghan civilian

An Australian SAS soldier is under investigation for allegedly executing an unarmed and intellectually disabled civilian, in an act referred to within the military as “the village idiot killing”. The ABC reports that the accused soldier was shown …

the_briefing May 26, 2020

Morrison unveils ‘JobMaker’ plan

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today pivot from the beleaguered JobKeeper scheme to a “JobMaker” plan, including a federal overhaul of the Technical and Further Education system. Morrison will use his National Press Club address to put conditions …

the_briefing May 25, 2020

Bushfire Royal Commission hearings begin

The first hearings for the bushfire Royal Commission begin today, with the initial two weeks to focus on climate change, the impact on communities, and Commonwealth responsibilities. The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements will …

the_briefing May 22, 2020

Employees fear unsafe workplaces

A survey of workers finds most claim their employers are yet to implement sufficient hygiene measures and make arrangements for pandemic leave, as major businesses are poised to reopen for business. Of 1367 workers polled by UComms on behalf of the Australian …

the_briefing May 21, 2020

Leaked plan for huge gas subsidies

A leaked draft report for the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission details plans for a taxpayer-supported investment into new gas fields and pipelines that would operate for decades. It recommends helping companies develop the Northern Territory’s …

the_briefing May 20, 2020

Unanimous vote for Covid-19 inquiry

The World Health Assembly has unanimously voted in favour of a resolution calling for an impartial and independent review into the Covid-19 pandemic. The European Union motion was formally adopted at a virtual meeting hosted in Geneva on Tuesday evening, …

the_briefing May 19, 2020

China imposes barley tariff

China has followed through on a threat to impose an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley imports from today, with the tax set to remain in place for five years. The tariff is expected to wipe out Australia’s trade of the grain with China, worth $1.5 …

the_briefing May 18, 2020

Virus inquiry wins global support

An Australian and European Union proposal for an independent inquiry into Covid-19 has secured the support of 62 countries, ahead of this week’s World Health Assembly meeting. Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea are among the countries …

the_briefing May 15, 2020

Leaders plan mental health response

The national cabinet of federal and state leaders will today consider the mental health impacts of the pandemic and economic crisis, which experts fear could overshadow deaths from the virus itself. The plan will see more ($) data on mental health shared …

the_briefing May 14, 2020

Coalition tables draft security laws

The Morrison government will today push legislation granting new powers to Australian Border Force, one day after proposing controversial draft laws bolstering the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge said …

the_briefing May 13, 2020

Integrity concerns over virus response

A coalition of integrity groups is calling for legislation to govern the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission, as fossil fuel executives and lobbyists on the advisory body push for a gas-fuelled recovery. Guardian Australia reports that …

the_briefing May 12, 2020

Frydenberg tallies cost of second wave

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today warn the public that ignoring Covid-19 prevention measures could see lockdown restrictions return at a cost of billions of dollars per week. In a formal address to federal parliament on the day he was due to release …

the_briefing May 11, 2020

Albanese warns against ‘snap-back’

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese will today warn against a “snap-back” to the problems of pre-coronavirus Australia, calling for a reshaping of the national economy. Albanese will today deliver a broad ranging “vision statement” pushing high-speed …

News May 09, 2020

Teachers fear for health and safety

As the federal government pushes for schools around the country to reopen, many teachers are concerned about poor communication and fear for their health and safety.

the_briefing May 08, 2020

National cabinet mulls rollback

The national cabinet will meet today to consider a timetable for easing restrictions, as state premiers warn against relaxing measures too early. The meeting of federal, state and territory leaders will discuss a staged lifting of restrictions, potentially …

the_briefing May 07, 2020

Early-access super scheme hacked

Federal police are investigating a data breach in the early-access superannuation scheme, as Labor warns the hack could undermine confidence in the ailing COVIDSafe app. There have been at least 100 cases of fraudulent activity affecting those who registered …

the_briefing May 06, 2020

Virus control bungles emerge

Victoria’s Health Department was aware of a Covid-19 case at an abattoir weeks before the infections worsened, as private medical company Aspen Medical faces new allegations over handling of a Sydney nursing home outbreak. The Australian ($) …

the_briefing May 05, 2020

Ardern joins national cabinet

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will participate in Australia’s national cabinet meeting of state and federal leaders today, to discuss a “trans-Tasman bubble” to open up travel and business between the two countries. Ardern, who will …

the_briefing May 04, 2020

Morrison pressures ABC over app

The ABC altered a story on Australia’s Covid-19 contact tracing app following a written complaint from the office of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, which criticised “unnecessarily alarmist” coverage of privacy concerns. Morrison’s senior media …

News May 02, 2020

Angus Taylor’s bioenergy plans

As the Covid-19 disruption pushes Australia to rethink its energy security, minister Angus Taylor is championing a national bioenergy road map. But is this plan as green as he claims?

the_briefing May 01, 2020

Aged-care visits on cabinet agenda

A draft voluntary code of practice allowing visits to dying relatives in nursing homes will be released today, as the national cabinet meets to discuss aged care restrictions. Council on the Ageing chief executive Ian Yates told The Sydney Morning …

the_briefing April 30, 2020

Finkel urges drug trial prudence

Australia’s chief scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, has cautioned against claims of sudden cures for COVID-19, as results from preliminary drug trials dominate media headlines. Finkel issued the warning on Wednesday at the launch of the Rapid Research Information …

the_briefing April 29, 2020

Tehan offers $3.3bn to private schools

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan has unveiled an offer of more than $3.3 billion in early funding for private schools on the condition students return to classrooms within a month. Tehan wrote to the independent schools’ peak body and the National …

the_briefing April 28, 2020

Race to shape COVID-19 recovery

Renewables advocates and mining sector lobbyists are jostling for federal government support to shape the direction of the recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown. Australian Renewable Energy Agency chairman Martijn Wilder has called for a long-term green …

the_briefing April 27, 2020

Million downloads of COVID-19 app

More than a million Australians have already downloaded the national contact tracing app, after the federal government released it at 6pm on Sunday evening. The government, which also released its privacy impact assessment, previously said that 40 per …

the_briefing April 24, 2020

Laws to safeguard tracing app

The federal government has promised to develop legislation to address privacy fears about the COVID-19 tracing app, after rejecting law enforcement requests for “added capabilities” in the software. Experts warn that encryption laws passed 18 months …

the_briefing April 23, 2020

Pandemic cover for ‘right-wing agenda’

Labor has accused the Morrison government of using the pandemic to push its ideological industrial relations agenda, as business groups call for taxes and regulations to be slashed. Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said the federal government signalled …

the_briefing April 22, 2020

Report urges action on global threats

A new report from a collection of Australian researchers and public figures has called for governments to use the COVID-19 crisis to address 10 threats to humanity’s survival. The Commission for the Human Future proposed ways the disruption and recovery …

the_briefing April 21, 2020

Virgin Australia bailout rejected

The board of Virgin Australia has agreed to ($) put the airline into voluntary administration today, after the Morrison government rejected a late bid for support. International shareholders signed off on the move on Monday night, reports The Australian, …

the_briefing April 20, 2020

Tech giants forced to share revenue

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today announce a mandatory code of conduct that requires Facebook and Google share online advertising revenue with Australian media companies struggling with the COVID-19 downturn. In response to a report of the digital …

the_briefing April 17, 2020

Three-step plan to ease restrictions

Federal Government modelling has detailed how strict control measures have sharply reduced COVID-19 transmission rates, as the national cabinet plans a three-step process to relax social restrictions. The modelling shows that while physical distancing …

the_briefing April 16, 2020

Bosses denying workers JobKeeper

Employers are shutting retrenched workers out of the federal government’s $1500 wage subsidy scheme, as legal analysis reveals businesses are not required to nominate all eligible staff. Workers say employers are refusing to rehire them so they can …

the_briefing April 15, 2020

Worst recession since Great Depression

The International Monetary Fund has forecast that Australia’s economy will shrink by 6.7 per cent in 2020, with the world facing a $14 trillion hit in the space of two years. In a baseline projection that assumes the global pandemic peaks in the next …

the_briefing April 14, 2020

Pell faces new investigation

Cardinal George Pell is under investigation by Victoria Police over child abuse allegations by a new accuser, in news to emerge just days after his previous convictions were quashed by the High Court. Victoria Police had been quietly undertaking a probe …

the_briefing April 09, 2020

JobKeeper package clears Senate

The federal government’s $130 billion JobKeeper legislation has passed both houses of parliament without amendment, meaning eligible workers will receive $1500 fortnightly payments for at least six months. Labor supported the package despite its proposed …

the_briefing April 08, 2020

Parliament returns for wage subsidy

A special one-day sitting of Federal Parliament today is expected to debate and pass the $130 billion wage subsidy package, with no further scheduled parliamentary dates until August. The legislation allows businesses to use the payments to pay down workers’ …

the_briefing April 07, 2020

Boris Johnson in intensive care

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson is being treated in intensive care after his COVID-19 symptoms “worsened”, as another 439 British patients died from the virus in the space of 24 hours. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will deputise “where …

the_briefing April 06, 2020

Ruby Princess cover-up revealed

Leaked correspondence shows thousands of people were allowed to board the Ruby Princess after a wave of passengers fell sick, as New South Wales police begin a criminal investigation into the cruise ship. 7NEWS reports that the NSW Port …

the_briefing April 03, 2020

Concern over heavy-handed policing

Police in New South Wales and Victoria have used new laws restricting public movement to fine more than 50 people for reasons including eating a kebab on a bench and sitting in a car. With police in most states empowered to arrest or heavily fine people …

the_briefing April 02, 2020

More accusers come forward against Pell

Two men have come forward publicly for the first time to accuse George Pell of sexually abusing them when they were young boys housed in a Catholic orphanage. In allegations to be detailed in the ABC's Revelation program tonight, the men say …

the_briefing April 01, 2020

Morrison holds on to tax cuts

The Morrison government plans to continue with hundreds of billions of dollars in income tax cuts, despite massively ramping up spending to address the COVID-19 crisis. Former Reserve Bank of Australia governor Bernie Fraser has told The Sydney Morning …

the_briefing March 31, 2020

Businesses race to join wage scheme

Business and union leaders have broadly welcomed the Federal Government’s $130 billion wage-subsidy scheme, but there are concerns that it excludes some casual workers and comes too late. More than 8000 employers have already signed up to the scheme, …

the_briefing March 30, 2020

New restrictions on gatherings and evictions

The national coronavirus cabinet has agreed to a six-month moratorium on evictions and to limit gatherings to a maximum of two people. Speaking after a Sunday night meeting with state leaders, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said “states and territories …

the_briefing March 27, 2020

Government prepares $550m robodebt refund

The federal government expects to lose an upcoming class action against the robodebt scheme and be forced to refund more than 400,000 welfare debts, according to a leaked ministerial submission. The advice, obtained by Guardian Australia, reveals …

the_briefing March 26, 2020

Testing criteria expands nationally

A broader range of people will be eligible to be tested for COVID-19 from today, after a national panel of medical experts urged the expansion of the current criteria. At a Wednesday night meeting of the National Cabinet, comprising Prime Minister Scott …

the_briefing March 25, 2020

Restrictions on weddings and funerals

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a complex new set of restrictions on Tuesday night, including bans on guests at weddings and a 10-person limit on funerals. The regulations, which come into force at midnight tonight to address the continued rise …

the_briefing March 23, 2020

Mass shutdown of indoor venues

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a mass closure of pubs, clubs, gyms, cinemas, religious venues and other “non-essential” indoor facilities starting from midday today, following a meeting with state premiers and chief ministers on Sunday …

the_briefing March 20, 2020

Temporary visa holders face uncertain future

Migration advocates are calling on the federal government to provide support to two million temporary visa holders, as a travel ban on non-citizens and non-residents comes into force tonight. Migration Council of Australia chief executive Carla Wilshire …

the_briefing March 19, 2020

Debate rages on school closures

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has defended his decision not to recommend the closure of the nation’s schools, as some private education providers defy government advice under pressure from parents. Morrison warned on Wednesday night that closing schools …

the_briefing March 18, 2020

Government urges travellers return

The federal government has called on Australian travellers who wish to return home to do so now, as it unveils $715 million in assistance for airlines hit by COVID-19 travel bans. The Department of Foreign Affairs upgraded international travel advice, …

the_briefing March 17, 2020

Ex-SAS soldier reveals executions

An investigation has uncovered explosive evidence of potential war crimes committed by Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment in Afghanistan. Ahead of a major inquiry soon to report on concerns about the SAS, ABC’s Four Corners team has …

the_briefing March 16, 2020

Global lockdown as virus spreads

Australia is just one of dozens of countries to impose tight new restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19, as a sharply rising death toll in Italy and Spain serves as a warning to the world. In the space of 24 hours, the Spanish death toll doubled …

News March 14, 2020

Private schools’ spending arms race heats up

While the nation’s elite schools outspend one another building new facilities, experts question why public schools have effectively had their funding cut.

the_briefing March 13, 2020

Call to ban public gatherings

Medical professionals are urging the Morrison Government to ban large public gatherings in response to COVID-19, as organisers of the Australian Grand Prix agree to call off the event. West Australian president of the Australian Medical Association, Andrew …

the_briefing March 12, 2020

Stimulus arrives as pandemic declared

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today unveil a stimulus package expected to be worth almost $18 billion, as the World Health Organisation officially designated COVID-19 a global pandemic. The package includes ($) tax breaks for small businesses which …

the_briefing March 11, 2020

ASIO warns of ‘race war’ threat

A classified ASIO intelligence report warns that Australian white supremacists may launch a terrorist attack in a bid to “accelerate the race war”. The report, obtained by The Saturday Paper, details concerns that the far-right movement may …

the_briefing March 10, 2020

Cabinet scrambles to finalise stimulus

Federal cabinet is today expected to sign off on a stimulus package worth up to $10 billion, in the wake of the worst day for the Australian sharemarket since the global financial crisis. The Morrison government will consider ($) reversing its opposition …

the_briefing March 06, 2020

Tourism ministers seek virus help

State tourism ministers will lobby federal trade and tourism minister Simon Birmingham for extra funding at a crisis meeting in Canberra today, as the travel sector reels from COVID-19 containment measures. The agenda paper for the meeting, obtained by …

the_briefing March 05, 2020

COVID-19 hits nursing home

A 95-year-old resident of a Sydney aged-care facility who died this week tested positive for COVID-19, as criticism of the federal government’s response to the outbreak grows. It is feared that an aged-care worker also diagnosed with COVID-19 exposed …

the_briefing March 04, 2020

Manus Island guard takes own life

A former Manus Island detention centre security guard wrote a suicide note addressed to the Prime Minister and took her own life, ahead of a legal showdown with the Australian government and G4S Australia. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald …

the_briefing March 03, 2020

Police grapple with domestic violence accusations

The Queensland Police Service has admitted that 84 serving officers have been accused of domestic violence in the last five years. In a statement, the police service told Guardian Australia that they “manage or support” officers in domestic …

the_briefing March 02, 2020

National summit to tackle plastics

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will unveil new Commonwealth procurement rules to increase demand for recycled products at a national plastics summit in Canberra today. Commonwealth agencies would need to consider environmental sustainability and use of …

the_briefing February 28, 2020

Health ministers prepare for pandemic

Federal health minister Greg Hunt will meet with state and territory ministers today to prepare for a possible COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. “We are doing all of that work across medical stockpile, personal protective equipment, supply chain, in particular …

the_briefing February 27, 2020

Tourism faces COVID-19 wipeout

Up to 1.5 million international visitors could be lost to Australia due to the coronavirus and bushfires, as cases of COVID-19 continue to spread globally. A draft Deloitte Access Economics report projects Australia will suffer at least a 10 to 15 per …

the_briefing February 26, 2020

Agency urges action to safeguard water access

Infrastructure Australia has called for federal and state governments to respond to the climate crisis by investing billions of dollars into safeguarding access to fresh water and protection against rising sea levels. In a new list of priority projects, …

the_briefing February 25, 2020

Weinstein guilty of sex crimes

A New York jury has found Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty on sex crimes charges, but acquitted him of two counts of predatory sexual assault crimes. Weinstein, whose sexual abuse of female actors sparked the #MeToo movement when revelations …

the_briefing February 24, 2020

Push for domestic violence reforms

Advocates are pushing for coercive control to be made a criminal offence, as an emotional vigil was held in memory of the victims of the Camp Hill killings. The Queensland Women’s Legal Service have proposed reforms in the wake of the murders of Hannah …

the_briefing February 21, 2020

Two killed in ‘horrific’ train derailment

Two people have been killed and a dozen injured after a train came off the tracks in the town of Wallan, 45 kilometres north of Melbourne. Investigators are picking through the wreckage to determine the cause of the derailment, which killed the driver …

the_briefing February 20, 2020

Trump ‘offered Assange pardon’ for Russia denial

United States President Donald Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon if he would say Russia was not involved in the hacking of Democratic party emails, a court in London has been told. Lawyers acting for Assange made the claim at Westminster Magistrates’ …

the_briefing February 19, 2020

Australia’s hidden money problem

Australian tax authorities are not doing enough to counter money laundering and international tax avoidance, according to the 2020 Financial Secrecy Index. The Cayman Islands topped the Tax Justice Network’s index, with Australia ranked at 48th position, …

the_briefing February 18, 2020

Morrison turns to climate tech target

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to take a technology investment target to this year’s United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, in place of a goal of zero emissions by 2050. According to The Australian ($), the target is designed …

the_briefing February 17, 2020

Backpackers to rebuild firezones

The federal government will today unveil changes to the working holidaymaker program that encourage backpackers to help in the reconstruction effort in areas hit by bushfires and boost regional tourism. Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge told The …

the_briefing February 13, 2020

Australia faces annual $29bn climate bill

A “business as usual” response to climate change will cost Australia at least $29 billion a year, according to a new study. The World Wide Fund for Nature report projected that Australia’s economy will be the fifth worst-affected over the next three …

the_briefing February 12, 2020

Wyatt bemoans failure to close gap

Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt has acknowledged failures to meet targets to address Indigenous childhood mortality, life expectancy, school attendance and employment, as detailed in the 2020 Closing the Gap report to be released today. Wyatt told …

the_briefing February 11, 2020

Virus, fires end surplus hopes

Economists are confident that the coronavirus and bushfire crises mean the Morrison government’s optimistic forecast of a budget surplus will not come to pass. Former Reserve Bank of Australia board member Bob Gregory told The Sydney Morning …

the_briefing February 10, 2020

Floods trigger Sydney evacuations

The heaviest downpour in decades has prompted evacuations in Sydney, as New South Wales suffers flash flooding and mass blackouts. In the most severe rains for coastal NSW since 1998, thousands were ordered to evacuate from low-lying suburbs, with the …

the_briefing February 07, 2020

Heavy rains drench NSW bushfires

Heavy rainfall has brought relief to communities ravaged by fires and drought in Queensland and New South Wales. The downpour reduced the number of active fires in New South Wales by almost one-third in a day, according to the NSW Rural Fire Service. …

the_briefing February 06, 2020

Mining camp option for virus evacuees

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says remote area mining camps and hotels are being identified to potentially quarantine more evacuees from the coronavirus outbreak in China. Dutton said he worried “whether we face the prospect of trying to assist …

the_briefing February 05, 2020

Nats strife spurs cabinet reshuffle

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to announce a rejigged cabinet today, following the resignation of two Nationals ministers in as many days. Vacancies have been created after Bridget McKenzie gave up the agriculture portfolio on Sunday in response …

the_briefing February 04, 2020

Nationals and Greens to determine leaders

The Nationals and the Greens will determine their respective leaders in party meetings today, on the first sitting day of Federal Parliament in 2020. Former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says he “will put my hand up” to challenge Deputy Prime …

the_briefing February 03, 2020

Evacuation from Wuhan begins

Australian travellers are being evacuated by plane this morning from the central Chinese city of Wuhan for a two-week quarantine stay on Christmas Island. On Sunday a Qantas flight operated by a volunteer crew, left Sydney for Wuhan in Hubei province, …

the_briefing January 31, 2020

World Health Organisation declares global emergency

The World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global public health emergency. After deciding not to do so last week, the United Nations health body opted to go ahead with the declaration after a health regulations committee meeting …

the_briefing January 30, 2020

Critics query Christmas Island quarantine

The federal government plan to quarantine Australian coronavirus evacuees from China at Christmas Island detention centre has been criticised by doctors, refugee advocates, island residents and the evacuees themselves. In a joint operation with New Zealand, …

the_briefing January 29, 2020

PM foreshadows emergency powers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is today expected to push for federal state of emergency powers at his National Press Club address in Canberra, as bushfires encroach on the city. He plans to call for constitutional and legal changes to allow the declaration …

the_briefing January 28, 2020

Australia yet to decide on China evacuation

Foreign Minister Marise Payne says it is unknown how many Australians are caught up in China’s coronavirus quarantine lockdown, and would not commit to an evacuation. With countries including the United States, France, and Germany planning evacuations, …

the_briefing January 27, 2020

Thousands protest Invasion Day

Tens of thousands of people have marched in Invasion Day rallies in every Australian capital city. A small group of far-right counter-protesters at Flinders Street Station attempted to disrupt the Melbourne event, but were soon contained by police. Ky-ya …

the_briefing December 20, 2019

Two firefighters die in NSW blazes

Two volunteer firefighters have been killed and two put into induced comas after a record heatwave fanned fires in New South Wales and melted roads in South Australia. The firefighters are believed to have died when their NSW Rural Fire Service truck …

the_briefing December 19, 2019

Record heat combines with record bushfires

The record-breaking national heatwave is set to combine with forecast 100km/h wind gusts to fan bushfires across the country today. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has issued "extreme" fire warnings for the Sydney, Illawarra/Shoalhaven and Southern …

the_briefing December 18, 2019

First Nations fear climate exodus

Indigenous people in Central Australia fear rising temperatures will force them to become climate refugees, as another wave of extreme heat sweeps the country. Guardian Australia reports that Indigenous leaders around the Alice Springs region …

the_briefing December 17, 2019

Water ministers assemble for Murray-Darling showdown

Federal Water Minister David Littleproud will push for additional powers for a federal water compliance inspector when meeting state ministers today in Brisbane. Littleproud will argue that the inspector-general of the Murray-Darling Basin water agreement, …

the_briefing December 16, 2019

Australia helps derail global climate deal

A handful of major polluters including Australia have seen off efforts to ramp up emissions reduction targets at the United Nations climate summit in Madrid. The talks finished two days late on Sunday afternoon with countries failing to ramp up targets …

the_briefing December 13, 2019

UK goes to the polls

Unusually long queues across the United Kingdom indicate high voter turnout for the country’s third election in less than five years. Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the warm favourite to retain power for much of the election campaign, …

the_briefing December 12, 2019

NSW Liberals mutiny over climate policy

New South Wales Environment Minister Matt Kean plans to introduce targets for a 35 per cent cut in emissions by 2030, breaking ranks with Liberal Party colleagues on the link between bushfires and climate change. After a climate rally in Sydney attracted …

the_briefing December 11, 2019

Firefighters call for national summit

Former emergency leaders have called for a national summit to address how to resource bushfire containment in a changing climate. “What we’re saying long term is there needs to be a paradigm shift for how we deal with these fires,” former chief …

the_briefing December 10, 2019

Police: no survivors on NZ volcano

Five people are dead, eight are missing and 31 are in hospital after a New Zealand volcano eruption on Monday caught visiting tourists, including Australians, off guard. New Zealand police believe there are no survivors among those left behind on Whakaari/White …

the_briefing December 09, 2019

Taylor heads to UN climate conference

Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor is heading to the United Nations climate negotiations in Madrid this week, where he will fight to justify Australia's plan to count “carry-over credits” towards national targets. The conference …

the_briefing December 06, 2019

Exploiting far right for profit

An investigation has uncovered a covert enterprise that co-opted at least 21 far-right Facebook pages to monetise Islamophobia across the world. The Guardian reports that the pages would funnel audiences to 10 websites to earn advertising revenue. …

the_briefing December 05, 2019

Senators call for Taylor inquiry

Scandals continue to swirl around Energy Minister Angus Taylor, with key developments in the grasslands inquiry and the doctored documents saga. A Senate committee on Wednesday found Taylor “consciously used his position as an MP and minister” to …

the_briefing December 04, 2019

Bushfire smoke hits record levels

A ring of bushfires around Sydney is causing the city to experience record levels of hazardous particulates in the air, with smoke expected to linger across New South Wales for weeks. The NSW environment department reported that ($) safe guidelines for …

the_briefing December 03, 2019

Tech giants lobby against regulations

Technology companies Facebook, Google and Twitter are lobbying the Morrison government to roll back its response to the competition watchdog’s digital platforms inquiry. The Australian reports that the company representatives met MPs in Parliament …

the_briefing December 02, 2019

Morrison unveils measures to counter foreign interference

The Morrison government will spend close to $90 million on a new counter foreign interference task force to target those believed to be undermining Australia's national interests. The initiative will for the first time ($) see domestic spy agency ASIO …

the_briefing November 29, 2019

Westpac double standard inspires crossbench revolt

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said an inadequate response to the Westpac scandal prompted her surprise blocking of the Morrison government’s crackdown on unions. Hanson, who with fellow One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, unexpectedly voted with …

the_briefing November 28, 2019

Lambie pushes for New Zealand resettlement deal

Senator Jacqui Lambie has asked the Morrison government to consider New Zealand’s offer to receive offshore asylum seekers, as she weighs her critical vote on whether to repeal the medical evacuation laws. The Tasmanian independent issued a statement …

the_briefing November 27, 2019

Crossbench warms to union crackdown

The Morrison government appears on the verge of passing its union-busting legislation, with Senate crossbenchers agreeing to extend sitting hours to debate the laws. Having already secured the support of Centre Alliance, the government needs the support …

the_briefing November 26, 2019

Fears for safety of Chinese defector

Wang Liqiang, the alleged Chinese spy who defected to Australia, is in significant danger, warn experts. Wang, who the Chinese government say is being investigated for fraud, has made a claim for asylum and is staying at an undisclosed location in Sydney. …

the_briefing November 25, 2019

Claims China attempted to plant spy in Parliament

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is investigating allegations that a Chinese espionage ring tried to get a spy elected to federal parliament. The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes report that the group offered a million dollars …

News November 23, 2019

Peter Ridd and the climate sceptics

Dismissed by James Cook University, climate sceptic Peter Ridd sued for unfair dismissal and won. Now, he’s touring the globe, and being feted for insisting the Great Barrier Reef is fine and the science behind claims to the contrary is broken.

the_briefing November 22, 2019

Health fears as smoke chokes cities

As the bushfire crisis spreads to southern states this week, hospital visits have spiked from the smoke enveloping cities and towns across the country. With record spring temperatures and wild winds fanning fires across the country, Sydney and Adelaide …

the_briefing November 21, 2019

Trump envoy delivers bombshell testimony

A senior United States diplomat has testified that he was ordered by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to pressure Ukraine into announcing an investigation into political rivals. On Wednesday the US Ambassador to the European Union, …

the_briefing November 20, 2019

Sweden ends Assange rape investigation

Swedish authorities have discontinued a preliminary rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The deputy chief prosecutor, Eva-Marie Persson, said that after nearly a decade the memories of witnesses had faded. “Time is a player in this …

the_briefing November 19, 2019

Hong Kong protesters stage dramatic escape

Dozens of Hong Kong protesters have made a bold escape from a police siege of a university campus. The anti-government protesters used ropes to lower themselves from a footbridge onto waiting motorcycles, as thousands of others approached the Polytechnic …

the_briefing November 18, 2019

More mass killings of Aboriginal people uncovered

Aboriginal people were made to collect wood for their own pyres in at least four mass killings in Western Australia, according to new research. Guardian Australia and the University of Newcastle found the practice was still happening as late …

the_briefing November 15, 2019

Boochani makes bid for freedom

Behrouz Boochani, the Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist detained by Australia in Papua New Guinea for six years, has flown to New Zealand. He has been granted a visitor visa to New Zealand to appear at the WORD Christchurch literary event, and told …

the_briefing November 14, 2019

NT policeman on bail after murder charges

A Northern Territory police officer charged with the murder of an Indigenous 19-year-old has been released on bail. Charges were pressed against Constable Zachary Rolfe, 28, after the alleged shooting on Saturday night of Warlpiri man Kumanjayi Walker.  …

the_briefing November 13, 2019

Bushfires could burn for months

The New South Wales rural fire services commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons has warned it could be months before more than a million hectares of bushfires are brought under control. After a day of catastrophic conditions in which firefighters battled more …

the_briefing November 12, 2019

Millions face unprecedented bushfire threat

Areas of Sydney, regional New South Wales and Queensland are bracing today for some of the most dangerous bushfire conditions on record. A “catastrophic” fire warning has been issued for the first time for Sydney, as well as for the Hunter, Illawarra …

the_briefing November 11, 2019

Sydney to face ‘catastrophic’ fire danger

As devastating bushfires continue to burn in New South Wales and Queensland, on Tuesday Sydney will face its first “catastrophic” fire risk since the rating was introduced a decade ago. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service RFS warned the bushfire …

the_briefing November 08, 2019

New Zealand passes Zero Carbon Bill

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has declared New Zealand on the “right side of history” as the country’s Parliament passed the landmark Zero Carbon Bill with near-unanimous support. In a speech on Thursday Ardern said the world is “undeniably” …

the_briefing November 07, 2019

Morrison reveals drought relief

The federal government will today unveil a major drought relief program, including a $1bn concessional loan package. Loans will be available up to the value of $2m for farmers and $500,000 for small businesses. “Farmers will not have to pay a cent for …

the_briefing November 06, 2019

Six steps to avoid ‘untold suffering’

The world faces “untold suffering” from climate change unless there are deep and lasting shifts in global society, warn more than 11,000 scientists. In a paper published in the journal BioScience on the 40th anniversary of the first climate …

the_briefing November 05, 2019

Melbourne Cup faces ‘cruelty-free’ competition

Dozens of alternative events will be held on the first Melbourne Cup day since explosive reports on systematic abuse and culling of racehorses at abattoirs. According to The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, at least 26 events have been organised …

the_briefing November 04, 2019

Trump defence cites Turnbull phone call secrecy

The leaked phone call between Malcolm Turnbull and Donald Trump is to become a key part of the United States President’s defence against impeachment, according to Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon. In an interview with The Australian

the_briefing November 01, 2019

Police investigate Cormann travel whistleblowers

Victoria Police is investigating two suspected whistleblowers linked to revelations that travel company Helloworld gave free international flights to Finance Minister Mathias Cormann’s family. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

the_briefing October 31, 2019

Chile cancels climate and trade summits

Weeks of massive street protests against inequality have prompted Chilean President Sebastián Piñera to withdraw from hosting two major international meetings. In what he described as a “very difficult decision”, Piñera announced the country could …

the_briefing October 30, 2019

Private insurance in ‘death spiral’

Consumer advocate group Choice has called for an inquiry into private health insurance, after finding some insurers “scamming” more money for less cover than competitors. A Choice investigation found a new tiered ranking system introduced by the federal …

the_briefing October 29, 2019

Albanese: coal mining needed for wind turbines

In his first vision statement as Labor leader, Anthony Albanese will today argue that coal has a valuable role to play in the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Speaking in Perth, Albanese will distinguish between thermal coal, which is burned for energy, …

the_briefing October 28, 2019

Daesh leader dies in US raid

United States President Donald Trump has claimed Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “died like a dog” during a US military raid in north-west Syria. At a Sunday press conference at the White House, Trump said a special operations team targeted Baghdadi, …

the_briefing October 25, 2019

Tourists make final scramble up Uluru

A surge of climbers is expected to scale Uluru, on the last day in which they will be legally allowed to defy the wishes of the Anangu traditional owners. This afternoon workers will begin the process of removing any indication that climbing ever took …

the_briefing October 24, 2019

Employee dissent at Adani mine contractor

A major contractor for Adani’s Carmichael coal mine has been plagued by internal dissent over its work on the controversial project. An ABC investigation reveals that engineering firm GHD plunged into “crisis mode” after protests outside the company’s …

the_briefing October 23, 2019

Brexit approved, timeline rejected

British MPs have for the first time voted in favour of a Brexit withdrawal bill, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson “paused” the legislation after his fast-track timetable was rejected. The House of Commons voted by 322 to 308 to reject his plan to …

the_briefing October 22, 2019

Palmer coal mine dwarfs Adani

Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has applied for a mining lease and environmental assessment to build a coalmine four times the size of Adani’s Carmichael mine in the Queensland Galilee Basin, reports Guardian Australia. If burned, coal in the …

the_briefing October 21, 2019

News blackout over press freedom

Newspapers across the country carry heavily redacted front pages today, as part of a campaign to protest against laws restricting freedom of the press. The initiative, which includes an advertising campaign as well as news articles, opinion pieces, and …

the_briefing October 18, 2019

US announces Turkish ceasefire

US Vice President Mike Pence claims to have reached a deal with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan for a ceasefire in northern Syria. The 120-hour pause on the Turkish invasion would allow a pullback of the Kurdish YPG militia. Pence, who met with Erdogen …

the_briefing October 17, 2019

Crown high-roller smuggled weapons to war criminal

A businessman blacklisted by the United Nations over smuggling arms to a war criminal gambled millions at Crown Resorts in Australia, according to confidential gambling records. The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald report that Joseph …

the_briefing October 15, 2019

Universities linked to Chinese surveillance

Australian universities could be complicit in development of mass surveillance and military technologies for the Chinese Communist Party, reports the ABC. A joint Four Corners-Background Briefing investigation has detailed collaborations between …

the_briefing October 14, 2019

Joyce calls for Assange protection

Coalition backbencher Barnaby Joyce and former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr are leading calls for the Morrison government to intervene to stop WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s potential extradition from Britain to the United States. “I support …

the_briefing October 11, 2019

Turkey weaponises refugee crisis

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to send millions of refugees into Europe in response to international criticism of his attack on Syria. Erdogan said if European leaders refer to the assault as an occupation “we will open the gates …

the_briefing October 10, 2019

Citizenships stripped as Turkey invades Syria

Reports have emerged that Australia has stripped citizenship from three dual nationals in Syria, as Turkey begins its invasion of the country. The Morrison government is under pressure to evacuate about 80 Australians from Syria held in camps for Daesh-affiliated …

the_briefing October 09, 2019

Bushfires sweep NSW and Queensland

Dozens of bushfires are blazing through New South Wales and Queensland, as the two states swelter through unseasonably high temperatures and dangerous fire conditions. Up to 20 properties were lost in the NSW town of Rappville, and at least one home was …

the_briefing October 08, 2019

US begins Syria withdrawal

United States forces have begun a sudden and unflagged withdrawal from Northern Syria, which critics warn will further destabilise the region and put Australian lives at risk. US President Donald Trump, who agreed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan …

the_briefing October 07, 2019

Labor counts election losses

The Labor Party faces a budget deficit after spending $31.9 million on the failed federal election campaign. The New Daily reports that the Labor Party budgeted for greater public funding from what it expected would be a successful election result …

the_briefing October 04, 2019

Dutton backed over climate activist crackdown

A number of Liberal National Party MPs have supported Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s call to strip welfare payments from climate protesters and jail them. Employment Minister Michaelia Cash told The Australian ($): “Taxpayers should …

the_briefing October 03, 2019

Police kill gunman after Western Sydney shootout

A gunman has been killed by police following a shooting spree across Sydney's west on Wednesday night. The man pulled up outside the Penrith police station on High Street and approached police armed with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, NSW Police said. …

the_briefing October 02, 2019

Former Trump adviser targets Downer

A former adviser to US President Donald Trump has said it is time for payback for former Australian foreign minister, diplomat and “Clinton ally” Alexander Downer, who he claims was “spying” on him. In an interview with The New Daily, …

the_briefing October 01, 2019

Trump pressed Morrison for investigation help

US President Trump pushed Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to help gather information to discredit the investigation into collusion with Russia, according to two American officials. The New York Times reports that officials claim to have …

the_briefing September 30, 2019

Australia world’s second-largest weapons importer

Australia was the world’s second biggest importer of military arms in 2018, according to analysis from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The ABC reports projects including the $17 billion Joint Strike Fighters program and the $50 …

the_briefing September 27, 2019

Trump Ukraine call ‘cover up’

An anonymous whistleblower claims the White House attempted to “lock down” records of a phone conversation at the heart of the impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump. The New York Times reported Thursday that a male …

the_briefing September 26, 2019

Australian coast faces extreme flooding every year

Sea levels are rising faster than previously thought, with a new UN report warning Australia's coastal communities are set to face massive disruptions from climate change unless rapid action is taken to cut carbon emissions. The report, compiled by more …

the_briefing September 25, 2019

Trump faces impeachment pressure

The speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has announced a formal impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump. According to The Washington Post, Pelosi will support the inquiry on the back of allegations …

the_briefing September 24, 2019

‘How dare you’: Thunberg slams world leaders

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has delivered a scathing speech at the United Nations Climate Action summit in New York on Monday, warning her generation will never forgive world leaders if they fail to cut carbon emissions. “People are dying,” …

the_briefing September 23, 2019

Ex-SAS soldier under AFP investigation

The highly decorated former Australian soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith, is being investigated by federal police for allegedly kicking a handcuffed Afghan man off a small cliff before he was shot dead. The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and …

the_briefing September 20, 2019

World goes on climate strike

Employers, unions and governments around the globe are urging people to walk off the job today to join students in what organisers claim will be the largest climate protest in history. For the first time adults are being asked to join the growing student …

the_briefing September 19, 2019

Dutton bids for power to revoke citizenship

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton would have the exclusive right to strip citizenship from dual nationals, under legislation to be introduced to parliament today. The Australian ($) reports the laws would allow Dutton to revoke citizenship for …

the_briefing September 18, 2019

Pell turns to High Court

Cardinal George Pell is attempting to make one final appeal to overturn his child sex abuse convictions to the High Court of Australia. The 78-year-old’s lawyers lodged an application on Tuesday for special leave to appeal his convictions. If granted, …

the_briefing September 17, 2019

NSW Premier to face spill motion

A trio of New South Wales Liberal MPs have pledged to move a spill motion today against Premier Gladys Berejiklian over her handling of the abortion decriminalisation bill. Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies and upper house members Matthew Mason-Cox and Lou Amato …

the_briefing September 16, 2019

Calls to boycott disability inquiry

Disability advocates are calling for a boycott of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability, which begins today. Craig Wallace, the convener of the Disability Royal Commission Action Group, is one of …

the_briefing September 13, 2019

Brown coal plummets, renewables rise

The dirtiest form of coal energy is on the decline in Australia, with renewables sharply up, according to statistics to be released by the Morrison government today. Brown coal use dropped 17 per cent in the 2018 financial year, now meeting roughly 13 …

the_briefing September 12, 2019

ASIO warned Turnbull to shun Liu event

New revelations have emerged about Liberal MP Gladys Liu's links to Chinese identities considered a security threat. The ABC understands that in February 2018 the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Director-General, Duncan Lewis, advised …

the_briefing September 11, 2019

Detainees moved off Manus Island

Papua New Guinea's Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Petrus Thomas, claims that only nine people remain at the asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island. Transfers have reportedly occurred daily since last week, with most asylum seekers …

the_briefing September 10, 2019

Winds fan unprecedented spring bushfires

Wild winds and dry conditions have exacerbated Queensland’s worst start to a bushfire season on record, with at least 10 more homes destroyed and hundreds evacuated overnight. Unprecedented fires for early spring saw homes lost at Peregian Beach on …

the_briefing September 09, 2019

Lambie backs cashless welfare

The government has secured key crossbench support for a national cashless welfare card program, with independent senator Jacqui Lambie endorsing the idea. “I've always been a big supporter of the cashless welfare card,” she said. Two One Nation senators …

the_briefing September 06, 2019

Ukraine releases ‘key suspect’ of MH17

A Ukrainian court has released a man linked with the downing of flight MH17, in what is believed to be part of a prisoner swap deal with Russia. Ukraine captured Vladimir Tsemakh in June, with European lawmakers describing him as a “key suspect” in …

the_briefing September 05, 2019

MPs back no-deal Brexit block

A bill that aims to prevent the United Kingdom from exiting the European Union without a deal has passed 327-299 in the House of Commons, which also rejected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wish to hold an early election. The no-deal prevention …

the_briefing September 04, 2019

Tamil family face deportation

The Federal Court in Melbourne is poised to make a final decision regarding the fate of a family facing deportation to Sri Lanka. Tamil couple Priya and Nadesalingam and their two Australia-born daughters Kopika, 4, and Tharunicaa, 2, could be deported …

the_briefing September 03, 2019

AMA declares climate health emergency

The Australian Medical Association has officially declared climate change a health emergency. According to Guardian Australia, AMA president Tony Bartone says that climate change will affect human health “by increasing the environment and situations …

the_briefing September 02, 2019

Case of Sri Lankan family in court

A Sri Lankan couple and their Australian-born children, spared deportation by a last-minute injunction, will have their case heard in the Melbourne Federal Circuit Court today. Thousands of people rallied across Australia on Sunday to voice support for …

the_briefing August 30, 2019

Morrison to agree maritime boundary with Timor-Leste

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will today visit Timor-Leste to sign an oil and gas deal on the 20th anniversary of the young country’s vote for independence. Morrison, the first Australian prime minister to visit the regional neighbour in nearly 12 years, …

the_briefing August 29, 2019

Boris suspends UK parliament

The Queen has approved an order from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend parliament ahead of the October 31 Brexit deadline. The parliament will be prorogued from the second week in September until 14 October. The move provoked outrage on …

the_briefing August 28, 2019

ABS denies misrepresenting income data

Internal documents reveal that the Australian Bureau of Statistics last month toned down references to wealth inequality to help craft a “good media story”. Records of messages and earlier drafts show that statistics and language used in press releases …

the_briefing August 27, 2019

G7 agree on limited aid for Amazon

The G7 leaders’ summit in France has agreed to deliver a $29 million package of aid to fight massive fires burning across the Amazon rainforest. The amount – around the same outlay as the cost of the summit itself – would be complemented by the …

the_briefing August 26, 2019

Spies suppress Australia’s refugees

Foreign spies are attempting to silence asylum seekers in Australia, according to a top domestic intelligence agency. An Australian Security Intelligence Organisation spokesperson issued the warning following revelations by the ABC that Rwanda has a network …

the_briefing August 23, 2019

Lungs of the world on fire

Environmental organisations have contradicted the claims of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who says non-government-organisations are behind vast fires burning across the Amazon rainforest. Instead the environmental movement blames cattle ranchers …

the_briefing August 19, 2019

Australia world leader on fossil fuel exports

Australia is the third biggest exporter of fossil-related emissions, according to a new report. Analysis by the Australia Institute finds that the country is responsible for 7 per cent of global fossil fuel exports based on carbon dioxide potential, behind …

the_briefing August 16, 2019

Australia stands against Pacific coal phase-out

Australia has prevented a statement of unanimous regional support for the phasing out of coal at the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu. In a marathon meeting with 17 regional leaders that lasted nearly 12 hours, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison …

the_briefing August 15, 2019

Sydney stabbing victim identified

The 24-year-old woman killed in a Sydney CBD apartment on Tuesday has been formally identified as Michaela Dunn. Friends said she was a "true delight" who spent her last few months travelling the world. Mert Ney, 21, is accused of killing her with a kitchen …

the_briefing August 14, 2019

Police: no terror links to Sydney stabbing

New South Wales police say the alleged perpetrator of a stabbing rampage in Sydney was arrested carrying a USB drive full of extremist materials, but has a history of mental health issues and no apparent links with terror organisations. The 21-year-old …

the_briefing August 13, 2019

Road congestion to cost Australia $38.8bn

Australia’s major cities are on track to become paralysed with congestion, according to a new audit of infrastructure spending. The Infrastructure Australia report released today finds that congestion cost the economy $19bn in 2016 – a figure that …

the_briefing August 12, 2019

Trio of investigations into Epstein death

Three different investigations in the United States will look into the circumstances of the apparent suicide in prison of wealthy financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the US justice department, and …

the_briefing August 09, 2019

Climate change threatens food systems

We need to immediately change our diets, how we grow food, and the way we use land if the world is to tackle climate change, according to a new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. The report found the current trajectory of forest destruction …

the_briefing August 08, 2019

Canadian fugitives found dead in bush

Canadian police believe they have found the bodies of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod, the teenagers suspected of murdering Australian Lucas Fowler, his American girlfriend Chynna Deese, and university lecturer Leonard Dyck. The discovery was made at …

the_briefing August 07, 2019

Record $3m payout for ‘third wave’ asbestos victim

A 42-year-old man has won a record $3 million payout from former asbestos manufacturer James Hardie, after he developed a rare form of mesothelioma. Adelaide man Mathew Werfel was exposed to asbestos from renovating two homes between the late 1990s and …

the_briefing August 06, 2019

#ArrestUs, say women, as NSW debates abortion

More than 60 women who have had abortions urged authorities to arrest them ahead of the New South Wales parliament debating a decriminalisation bill today. Emily Mayo, who had an abortion in 2005, launched the #ArrestUs campaign on Facebook and Twitter, …

the_briefing August 05, 2019

Suspects identified in US gun massacres

Two separate mass shootings in the United States have left at least 29 dead and 53 injured, with one attack linked to white supremacy and the other counting the suspected gunman’s sister among the victims. The first, a massacre in El Paso, Texas, saw …

the_briefing August 02, 2019

Whistle blown on NAB relationship with auditors

Documents leaked to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age reveal that while Australia’s banks faced scrutiny at the royal commission into banking, National Australia Bank chairman Ken Henry privately confided to auditors that the bank …

the_briefing August 01, 2019

Crown ad blitz amid new investigation

Crown Resorts is today running a series of full-page advertisements to counter what it describes as “deceitful” reporting on alleged links with organised crime. The casino operator is reportedly outlaying at least $250,000 on the advertisements ($) …

the_briefing July 26, 2019

Foreign fighters legislation passes Senate with bipartisan support

Civil liberties groups warn new counter-terrorism laws could see Australian journalists and whistleblowers refused entry to Australia. The “temporary exclusion” bill yesterday passed the Senate with bipartisan support, allowing the government to block …

the_briefing July 25, 2019

Mueller testifies on Trump and Russia

The man charged with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible obstruction of justice by US president Donald Trump, testified in Washington on Wednesday before two congressional committees. Over the course of nearly …

the_briefing July 24, 2019

Boris Johnson wins race to become British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson will today become the new British prime minister, after comfortably winning a ballot of Conservative party members to replace Theresa May as leader. Johnson defeated rival candidate Jeremy Hunt 92,153 votes to 46,656. In his victory speech, …

the_briefing July 19, 2019

Ardern to confront Morrison on ‘corrosive’ deportations

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern plans to address Australia’s deportation of thousands of Kiwis when she meets with her trans-Tasman counterpart Scott Morrison in Melbourne today. Changes to Australian law in 2014 saw the automatic cancellation …

the_briefing July 18, 2019

World failing mission to free 40 million modern slaves

A report by an Australian philanthropic organisation has estimated 10,000 people per day must be liberated to meet the UN goal to end slavery by 2030. Unveiled at the UN headquarters in New York yesterday, the assessment of 183 countries by the Walk Free …

the_briefing July 12, 2019

PM to ’veto’ Indigenous voice to parliament despite popular support

A poll has found a majority of Australians support recognition of Indigenous Australians in the constitution, and the establishment of a voice to parliament. The Essential survey found that in a sample of 1097 respondents, 70 per cent supported constitutional …

the_briefing July 11, 2019

Coalition divided on referendum promise

Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt, yesterday promised to work towards holding a referendum for Indigenous recognition “during the current parliamentary term”, but met immediate resistance in Coalition ranks. Wyatt, who is Indigenous, …

the_briefing July 05, 2019

Tax cut delivers short-term windfall and long-term fears

The Senate has passed the Morrison government’s tax cut package in full, with the Greens the only party to vote against the legislation. The package will cost Commonwealth coffers $158 billion in revenue, but delivers more than 10 million Australians …

the_briefing July 04, 2019

Senate expected to wave through $158bn tax cut package

The Federal Government believes it has secured crossbench support to pass its $158 billion tax cut package, with Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie understood to have committed to back the legislation. A senior government source told The Australian ($) last …

the_briefing June 28, 2019

Folau legal proceedings begin

Israel Folau has claimed Rugby Australia offered him money to remove the controversial Instagram post that led to his sacking. Rugby Australia issued a statement declaring the allegation, made in Folau’s first public interview since the scandal broke, …

the_briefing June 27, 2019

Trade war on menu for Morrison and Trump

Prime minister Scott Morrison plans to ask US president Donald Trump to halt the trade war with China when they dine tonight. Morrison has secured a working dinner with Trump and his advisors in Osaka, Japan, on the eve of the G20 Summit. Joining Morrison …

the_briefing June 21, 2019

Dutton claims pregnant asylum seekers lying about rape to access Australia

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has told Sky News that female asylum seeker detainees on Nauru had pretended to be victims of rape and in need of abortion so they could get to Australia. Dutton claimed the women would change their minds upon arrival …

the_briefing June 20, 2019

Four charged with murder over MH17

Nearly half a decade after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, four suspects have been charged with the murder of 298 people on board an aircraft that included 38 Australian passengers. International arrest warrants have …

News August 05, 2017

Exporting Australia’s offshore detention policy

The Manus Island detention centre may be closing, but its legacy lives on in Europe, where leaders have looked to Australia for lessons on how to stop the boats – no matter the human cost.

News March 18, 2017

Renewables and South Australia’s power policy

The outcome of the South Australian government’s bold energy policy could be key to the future of renewable energy throughout the nation.

World November 05, 2016

BHP Billiton’s Brazil disaster a year on

One year after an iron ore tailings dam part-owned by BHP Billiton burst its banks, locals of a Brazilian village lament ruined livelihoods and uncertain health risks.

News August 06, 2016

Life in Rio de Janeiro as the Olympics arrive

In Rio de Janeiro, the locals are trying to find positives in lavish spending on the Olympic Games while the city is mired in corruption and economic recession.

News June 18, 2016

The grassroots strategy of the Nick Xenophon Team

Nick Xenophon’s team of candidates looks set to give the major parties a shake-up at the federal election, but there are questions about what exactly the NXT stands for.

News April 30, 2016

ABS unemployment figures overlook the hidden jobless

The ABS unemployment figure, used to direct government policy, ignores hundreds of thousands of jobless Australians.

News February 20, 2016

South Australia ponders nuclear waste options

The initial findings of a royal commission into the merits of South Australia becoming a hub for uranium mining and waste storage raised as many questions as they answered.

News December 12, 2015

Using climate change to question immigration

Right-wing populists aren’t the only ones arguing to lower Australia’s immigration rate – some environmentalists worry it will doom efforts to cut carbon emissions.

News November 28, 2015

South Australia pins jobs hope on driverless car industry

Is developing a driverless car industry the answer to South Australia’s unemployment crisis, or a harbinger of far greater job losses across the nation?

News October 03, 2015

Family First and the parties rallying the right

Angry at the tearing down of a conservative PM, traditionalist parties of the right are hoping to at least benefit by attracting disaffected Liberal voters, or even a notable backbencher.

News September 12, 2015

Veterans fight for the right to join Kurdish militias

Keen to join the fight against Daesh, a group of former Australian servicemen have enlisted legal help in a bid to wage their own war on the government’s Foreign Fighters bill.

News August 29, 2015

Gayby Baby and same-sex families

The debate over same-sex marriage has led to a focus on children, with opponents citing the damaging effects of of what they call “imperfect families”.

News July 25, 2015

Tinkler tale a solvent lie

One-time billionaire Nathan Tinkler continues to flout the law, as his many creditors remain no closer to seeing their money.

News July 11, 2015

Legalising sex work in SA

A woman's murder has renewed debate in South Australia over the lack of protections for sex workers and decriminalisation of the industry.

News June 06, 2015

Mining downturn hits FIFO mental health

Inquiries into fly-in fly-out workers reveal hidden depression and an industry in denial. With the weakening mining sector now delivering redundancies, it will only get worse.

News March 07, 2015

Criminalising those who fight against IS

The government is threatening to jail Australians who join the fight against Islamic State.

News February 28, 2015

Backyard solariums creating a dangerous market

A recent ban on commercial solariums has seen many turning to backyard operations, ignoring the cancer risk.

News February 14, 2015

Adverse reaction to anti-vaccination campaigners

As the states toughen up vaccination regulations, anti-vaxxers claim their rights as parents are being denied.

News December 13, 2014

GMH auto workers Holden out for a miracle

There are still three years before General Motors pulls the pin on its South Australian operations, but plans to soften the blow remain stuck in first gear.

News November 29, 2014

Social media attacks on target halal suppliers

A small dairy producer is accused of supporting terrorism and then, perversely, of racism.

News October 25, 2014

Subs division

With South Australia already reeling from impending manufacturing job losses, calls grow to sink the PM’s plan to send submarine building offshore.

News September 06, 2014

How Immigration decides asylum seekers’ age

Asylum seekers who say they are under-age are being cross-examined by immigration authorities and given new dates of birth.

News August 09, 2014

Vietnamese asylum-seeker boys on the run

While an inquiry into children in detention has been told psychological damage is being covered up, two Vietnamese boys have given immigration the slip in Darwin.

News July 26, 2014

Adelaide child asylum seekers on the run

Fifteen children fled community detention during a ministerial review. A month later, they are still missing.

News June 14, 2014

Napthine government considers the economic impact of game-hunting

Changes to the control of game-hunting in Victoria may be giving shooters the upper hand.

News May 17, 2014

The silence on Manus Island

Amid false reports and an official policy of evasion, the public is being kept in the dark about the murderous violence at the Manus Island detention centre.

News April 26, 2014

SA’s Edinburgh RAAF base to host drones fleet

The government plans to buy a fleet of unproven unmanned aerial vehicles to patrol for asylum seekers and illegal fishing boats. Basing it in Adelaide suggests a political agenda.

News March 22, 2014

SA and Tas elections see ALP lose more of their faithful

As the Liberals claim the popular vote in every state, a fight-to-the-death campaign by SA Labor may yet get them over the line.