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post May 03, 2021

Albanese uneasy about India penalties

the_briefing April 30, 2021

Taylor reveals plan to save coal

Energy Minister Angus Taylor will today detail his plan to pay coal, gas and hydro plants for their capacity rather than the energy they actually produce, in a radical shake up of electricity markets. The plan, which will also cover batteries, would see …

the_briefing April 29, 2021

Treasurer holds off austerity budget

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today pledge to delay plans for budget repair measures, as he unveils a new target to drive unemployment below five per cent. In a Canberra speech that creates room for further big-spending measures in the May 11 federal …

the_briefing April 28, 2021

Fury over India travel ban

Australians impacted by the shutdown of all travel from India have slammed the federal government’s decision and called for dedicated mass quarantine facilities. Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday announced a temporary halt on flights from the …

the_briefing April 27, 2021

Dutton sues refugee advocate over tweet

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has made good on his threat to bring legal action against social media critics, taking a refugee advocate to court over a tweet that labelled him a “rape apologist”. Dutton filed Federal Court defamation proceedings on …

the_briefing April 26, 2021

Australia in line to cop US carbon tax

US President Joe Biden is eyeing a carbon border tariff to pressure countries with high emissions like Australia into taking climate action, echoing a similar European Union plan. As Biden unveiled a plan to cut US emissions by at least 50 per cent by …

News April 24, 2021

Morrison off target on climate

Hosting a global climate summit this week, Joe Biden plans to reduce US emissions by more than 50 per cent by 2030. Scott Morrison’s focus on unproven technology, experts warn, will not achieve our climate goals.

the_briefing April 23, 2021

Morrison last to budge on targets

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to strengthen Australia’s emissions targets at the Earth Day global climate summit, as the United States, Japan and Canada ramped up their 2030 commitments. In his speech, Morrison boasted that Australia had …

the_briefing April 22, 2021

Hunt for missing submarine off Bali

Indonesian authorities have called for urgent Australian assistance to help rescue a submarine missing in the Lombok Strait near Bali with 53 people on board. The 44-year-old submarine was conducting a torpedo drill before Indonesian authorities lost …