Max Opray
is an Adelaide-based freelance journalist.

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News November 28, 2015

South Australia pins jobs hope on driverless car industry

Is developing a driverless car industry the answer to South Australia’s unemployment crisis, or a harbinger of far greater job losses across the nation?

News October 03, 2015

Family First and the parties rallying the right

Angry at the tearing down of a conservative PM, traditionalist parties of the right are hoping to at least benefit by attracting disaffected Liberal voters, or even a notable backbencher.

News September 12, 2015

Veterans fight for the right to join Kurdish militias

Keen to join the fight against Daesh, a group of former Australian servicemen have enlisted legal help in a bid to wage their own war on the government’s Foreign Fighters bill.

News August 29, 2015

Gayby Baby and same-sex families

The debate over same-sex marriage has led to a focus on children, with opponents citing the damaging effects of of what they call “imperfect families”.

News July 25, 2015

Tinkler tale a solvent lie

One-time billionaire Nathan Tinkler continues to flout the law, as his many creditors remain no closer to seeing their money.

News July 11, 2015

Legalising sex work in SA

A woman's murder has renewed debate in South Australia over the lack of protections for sex workers and decriminalisation of the industry.

News June 06, 2015

Mining downturn hits FIFO mental health

Inquiries into fly-in fly-out workers reveal hidden depression and an industry in denial. With the weakening mining sector now delivering redundancies, it will only get worse.

News March 07, 2015

Criminalising those who fight against IS

The government is threatening to jail Australians who join the fight against Islamic State.

News February 28, 2015

Backyard solariums creating a dangerous market

A recent ban on commercial solariums has seen many turning to backyard operations, ignoring the cancer risk.