Max Opray
is an Adelaide-based freelance journalist.

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News February 14, 2015

Adverse reaction to anti-vaccination campaigners

As the states toughen up vaccination regulations, anti-vaxxers claim their rights as parents are being denied.

News December 13, 2014

GMH auto workers Holden out for a miracle

There are still three years before General Motors pulls the pin on its South Australian operations, but plans to soften the blow remain stuck in first gear.

News November 29, 2014

Social media attacks on target halal suppliers

A small dairy producer is accused of supporting terrorism and then, perversely, of racism.

News October 25, 2014

Subs division

With South Australia already reeling from impending manufacturing job losses, calls grow to sink the PM’s plan to send submarine building offshore.

News September 06, 2014

How Immigration decides asylum seekers’ age

Asylum seekers who say they are under-age are being cross-examined by immigration authorities and given new dates of birth.

News August 09, 2014

Vietnamese asylum-seeker boys on the run

While an inquiry into children in detention has been told psychological damage is being covered up, two Vietnamese boys have given immigration the slip in Darwin.

News July 26, 2014

Adelaide child asylum seekers on the run

Fifteen children fled community detention during a ministerial review. A month later, they are still missing.

News June 14, 2014

Napthine government considers the economic impact of game-hunting

Changes to the control of game-hunting in Victoria may be giving shooters the upper hand.

News May 17, 2014

The silence on Manus Island

Amid false reports and an official policy of evasion, the public is being kept in the dark about the murderous violence at the Manus Island detention centre.