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the_briefing June 27, 2019

Trade war on menu for Morrison and Trump

Prime minister Scott Morrison plans to ask US president Donald Trump to halt the trade war with China when they dine tonight. Morrison has secured a working dinner with Trump and his advisors in Osaka, Japan, on the eve of the G20 Summit. Joining Morrison …

the_briefing June 21, 2019

Dutton claims pregnant asylum seekers lying about rape to access Australia

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has told Sky News that female asylum seeker detainees on Nauru had pretended to be victims of rape and in need of abortion so they could get to Australia. Dutton claimed the women would change their minds upon arrival …

the_briefing June 20, 2019

Four charged with murder over MH17

Nearly half a decade after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, four suspects have been charged with the murder of 298 people on board an aircraft that included 38 Australian passengers. International arrest warrants have …

News August 05, 2017

Exporting Australia’s offshore detention policy

The Manus Island detention centre may be closing, but its legacy lives on in Europe, where leaders have looked to Australia for lessons on how to stop the boats – no matter the human cost.

News March 18, 2017

Renewables and South Australia’s power policy

The outcome of the South Australian government’s bold energy policy could be key to the future of renewable energy throughout the nation.

World November 05, 2016

BHP Billiton’s Brazil disaster a year on

One year after an iron ore tailings dam part-owned by BHP Billiton burst its banks, locals of a Brazilian village lament ruined livelihoods and uncertain health risks.

News August 06, 2016

Life in Rio de Janeiro as the Olympics arrive

In Rio de Janeiro, the locals are trying to find positives in lavish spending on the Olympic Games while the city is mired in corruption and economic recession.

News June 18, 2016

The grassroots strategy of the Nick Xenophon Team

Nick Xenophon’s team of candidates looks set to give the major parties a shake-up at the federal election, but there are questions about what exactly the NXT stands for.

News April 30, 2016

ABS unemployment figures overlook the hidden jobless

The ABS unemployment figure, used to direct government policy, ignores hundreds of thousands of jobless Australians.