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the_briefing April 22, 2020

Report urges action on global threats

A new report from a collection of Australian researchers and public figures has called for governments to use the COVID-19 crisis to address 10 threats to humanity’s survival. The Commission for the Human Future proposed ways the disruption and recovery …

the_briefing April 21, 2020

Virgin Australia bailout rejected

The board of Virgin Australia has agreed to ($) put the airline into voluntary administration today, after the Morrison government rejected a late bid for support. International shareholders signed off on the move on Monday night, reports The Australian, …

the_briefing April 20, 2020

Tech giants forced to share revenue

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will today announce a mandatory code of conduct that requires Facebook and Google share online advertising revenue with Australian media companies struggling with the COVID-19 downturn. In response to a report of the digital …

the_briefing April 17, 2020

Three-step plan to ease restrictions

Federal Government modelling has detailed how strict control measures have sharply reduced COVID-19 transmission rates, as the national cabinet plans a three-step process to relax social restrictions. The modelling shows that while physical distancing …

the_briefing April 16, 2020

Bosses denying workers JobKeeper

Employers are shutting retrenched workers out of the federal government’s $1500 wage subsidy scheme, as legal analysis reveals businesses are not required to nominate all eligible staff. Workers say employers are refusing to rehire them so they can …

the_briefing April 15, 2020

Worst recession since Great Depression

The International Monetary Fund has forecast that Australia’s economy will shrink by 6.7 per cent in 2020, with the world facing a $14 trillion hit in the space of two years. In a baseline projection that assumes the global pandemic peaks in the next …

the_briefing April 14, 2020

Pell faces new investigation

Cardinal George Pell is under investigation by Victoria Police over child abuse allegations by a new accuser, in news to emerge just days after his previous convictions were quashed by the High Court. Victoria Police had been quietly undertaking a probe …

the_briefing April 09, 2020

JobKeeper package clears Senate

The federal government’s $130 billion JobKeeper legislation has passed both houses of parliament without amendment, meaning eligible workers will receive $1500 fortnightly payments for at least six months. Labor supported the package despite its proposed …

the_briefing April 08, 2020

Parliament returns for wage subsidy

A special one-day sitting of Federal Parliament today is expected to debate and pass the $130 billion wage subsidy package, with no further scheduled parliamentary dates until August. The legislation allows businesses to use the payments to pay down workers’ …