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is a Walkley Award-winning journalist.

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News April 21, 2018

Banks royal commission won’t change culture

While banks at the royal commission admit to misleading conduct and corruption – permitted by a compliant regulator – they are protected by government as too big to fail.

Opinion May 13, 2017

Multinationals’ brazen tax avoidance

“American Express is the archetypal multinational tax avoider. It conducts ‘related party transactions’ with other Amex entities in a tax haven. Via these transactions, profits are siphoned offshore before tax can be paid. It produces very low profits, …”

News August 13, 2016

Who audits the Big Four auditors?

While some thought the suspension of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ audit of the Vatican a blow for church transparency, it is the Big Four accounting firms themselves that remain hypocritically inscrutable.

Opinion July 02, 2016

How business lobbyists trump your vote

“The rise of private power is far more critical to the future of Australians than are the policy tweaks on offer from the major parties in today’s election. ”