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Culture November 04, 2023

The In-Between

There’s a trick Christos Tsiolkas does in his eighth novel, The In-Between. At several points in the action, as the central drama plays out in the foreground, the focus drifts away. Tsiolkas brings our attention instead to a passing youth on …

podcast November 02, 2023

Charlotte Wood Thinks Restraint Is Underrated

Michael sits down with author Charlotte Wood to discuss her new book, Stone Yard Devotional, and she shares the psychic catastrophe that informed its final form.

podcast October 26, 2023

It’s Trent Frickin’ Dalton

This week, Michael sits down with Trent to discuss this new work, where his boundless enthusiasm comes from, and much more.

podcast October 19, 2023

Robyn Davidson and the Impossible Book

Michael sits down with Robyn Davidson, famed author of Tracks (1980), to discuss fear, loneliness and how she completed her self-proclaimed “impossible memoir” Unfinished Woman.

podcast October 12, 2023

David Marr vs Australia’s Old Lie

Michael talks with David about shame – both personal and national – and why his family agreed that he had to write Killing for Country.

podcast October 05, 2023

Melissa Lucashenko is the Poet Laureate of Ratbags

Michael sits down with Melissa for a conversation about her new book, Edenglassie, and they discuss history, eccentric characters, and why writing a love story is a revolutionary act.

podcast September 28, 2023

The Three Words That Made George Saunders a Writer

Michael chats with him about his life and career, and George reveals the three words that made him a writer.

podcast September 21, 2023

Daniel Browning Has Something to Say

Michael speaks with Daniel about what 30 years in broadcast journalism has taught him about art, life, and being brave.

podcast September 14, 2023

Eleanor Catton Has Her Doubts about Certainty

Michael sits down with Eleanor to discuss her latest book and the dangers of feeling ideologically certain.

podcast September 07, 2023

Kate Grenville Makes History

Michael heads to Kate's house to discuss her latest novel, Restless Dolly Maunder, and why she is preparing for the chance that someday someone’s going to rifle through her life and make up their own stories.

podcast August 31, 2023

Sarah Krasnostein Was Wrong About Peter Carey

Sarah discusses how reading that book challenged her expectations and why many people who own Peter Carey's work might be surprised to discover what his books are actually saying.

podcast August 24, 2023

Daniel Lavery Has Some Advice for You

This week Daniel Lavery chats with Michael about writing Slate’s long running advice column Dear Prudence.

podcast August 17, 2023

Leigh Sales Is a Professional Stickybeak

Long before she was hosting 7:30 on the ABC, Leigh Sales dreamed of becoming a novelist.

podcast August 10, 2023

The Restlessness of Christos Tsiolkas

Christos joins Michael for a discussion on how becoming part of the literary establishment has changed the author, why he finds bodies endlessly fascinating, and his forthcoming book The In-Between.

podcast August 03, 2023

Colson Whitehead Loves a Doomed Heist

This week, two-time Pulitzer prize winning author Colson Whitehead joins us for a discussion about his latest novel Crook Manifesto and why he loves a doomed heist.

podcast July 27, 2023

The Miles Franklin Winner Who Nearly Gave up Writing

Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens is the book Shankari Chandran always wanted to write.

podcast July 20, 2023

Tony Birch Doesn’t Believe in Luck

Award-winning writer and historian Tony Birch grew up listening to stories from his nan, Alma.

podcast July 13, 2023

Anna Funder is Her Own Wife

Anna Funder has a habit of writing about humans in extremis: under the Stasi, then the Nazis, and now, she's taken on the patriarchy in her new book Wifedom: Mrs Orwell's Invisible Life.

podcast July 06, 2023

We Went to Helen Garner’s House

This week, she invites us over for cake and conversation about what she’s writing about, how she solves problems and the inspiration she gets from watching her grandson’s footy training.

Culture July 01, 2023

Writer Anna Funder

In her latest book, Miles Franklin winner Anna Funder rescues George Orwell’s first wife, Eileen O’Shaughnessy, from the shadows of incuriosity.

podcast February 08, 2023

Can artists finally eat?

Editor of The Monthly Michael Williams on whether the Albanese government’s arts policy can revive the sector.

podcast January 04, 2023

What to be watching right now, with Clem Bastow

We’ve invited writer and critic Clem Bastow to share some of her favourite releases.