Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News June 20, 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on asylum seekers

The precarious situation of asylum seekers in Australia has been heightened by Covid-19, as they struggle to find work, keep their children in school and put food on the table with little to no support from the government.

News June 13, 2020

Who Morrison is looking after

The political power of tradesmen helped put Scott Morrison in office – and now he has a scheme to repay them.

News June 06, 2020

The robo-debt class action

With the government set to refund $721 million over the robo-debt fiasco, the scheme’s early critics are feeling vindicated. And the damage in cash terms could be far worse following a class action trial set to begin next month.

News May 30, 2020

Bushfire hearings spotlight climate change

Experts called during the opening week of the bushfires royal commission warned the Black Summer will not be an isolated event.

News May 23, 2020

Finding agreement on economic fix

While Scott Morrison drops hints about a deal with the unions to boost Australia’s economy, the unions say a modern Prices and Incomes Accord is not on the table. But one of the original scheme’s architects, former ACTU boss Bill Kelty, has a plan of his own.

News May 16, 2020

National Covid-19 Coordination Commission scrutinised

Questions are being raised about the government’s National Covid-19 Coordination Commission – its appointees, purpose and ties to the fossil fuel industry – but the group’s chairman is offering no answers.

News May 09, 2020

Hundreds facing the sack with ABC cuts

Staff members reveal the significant pressure they are under as the public broadcaster continues to face budget cuts of more than $100 million a year.

News May 02, 2020

JobKeeper: The inner workings of the bailout

As Treasury secretary Steven Kennedy seeks to explain the rollout of Australia’s three-phase relief package, questions mount about timings and exclusions.

News April 25, 2020

The generation Covid-19 will scar

As details emerge of the government’s plan for economic recovery, it is clear young people will suffer the brunt of the pandemic’s fallout for years to come.