Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News September 26, 2020

NSW Nationals over a Barilaro

On everything from policies regarding water capture to koalas, the NSW Nationals – led by the controversial John Barilaro – are fast losing popularity with their rusted-on constituents and the support of their own party members.

News September 19, 2020

Gas plan locks in decades of high emissions, experts warn

While the prime minister’s newly announced gas funding is politically useful – soothing the Coalition backbench and wedging Labor – it will imperil Australia’s climate targets.

News September 12, 2020

Murdoch grab: The other story behind AAP’s sale

News Corp’s decision to launch a newswire could be part of a larger plan to torpedo AAP and further concentrate Murdoch’s media influence.

News September 05, 2020

The next fight with Google and Facebook

The ACCC thought it was leading the world in pushing major reforms – but the result might harm journalism.

News August 29, 2020

How branch stacking drags policy to the right

Another branch stacking scandal shows the practice is not just about numbers: in both parties, it is about furthering conservative agendas.

News August 22, 2020

Hopes of a gas boom fizzle

While the government continues to push for a gas-led recovery from the coronavirus-induced recession, the ACCC has another message – that Australia pays far too much for domestic gas.

News August 15, 2020

Politics and messaging across borders

The politics of dealing with coronavirus are beginning to come into view, as the stakes in each state become clearer.

News August 08, 2020

Super funds transformed by Liberal ideology

The Morrison government’s superannuation changes risk turning the scheme into ‘privately funded unemployment insurance’.

News August 01, 2020

Could Frydenberg ease this crisis by printing money?

As the treasurer lauds supply-side economics, a once-controversial recovery theory is gaining traction.