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is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News May 15, 2021

What’s behind Frydenberg’s debt epiphany?

The budget surprised many as the treasurer shrugged off long-held fears of spending and deficits, which may be the result of consultation with some unexpected advisers.

News May 08, 2021

Clive Palmer’s method of attack

Clive Palmer is running a multimillion-dollar campaign against the corporate regulator. The only question is: What does he hope to achieve?

News April 17, 2021

US climate summit to be a reckoning for Morrison

While Joe Biden looks set to double America’s emissions reduction target at a meeting of world leaders next week, Australia’s ‘gas-fired recovery’ sees it increasingly isolated.

News April 10, 2021

Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government

While the government pushes ahead with its major tax cuts, despite the pandemic, new analysis shows they will have a negative impact on women.

News April 03, 2021

Poverty and the end of JobKeeper

The federal government has reduced or removed the supports that helped millions of Australians survive the pandemic. JobKeeper’s end could cut 150,000 jobs and push millions into poverty, particularly women and children.

News March 27, 2021

Australian billionaires doubled their wealth during Covid-19

While the pandemic raged, the country’s richest people became vastly richer – due to booming commodity prices, policy failures and sheer luck.

News March 20, 2021

Agriculture and species extinction

Little is known about the extent of species extinction among insects, but research shows that Australia’s farming practices, land clearing and susceptibility to climate change are making the problem worse.

News March 13, 2021

The children of gods: how power works in Australia

The rarefied and entitled boys-only private school network has created massive imbalances and injustice in the halls of power, public policy and broader society.

News March 06, 2021

Experts: Vaccine rollout deadline impossible at current rates

The government’s rollout plans have been stymied by untrained doctors, spoiled doses and communication failures with the states.