Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News August 07, 2021

Bridget McKenzie and bushfire recovery grants

Questions remain about the allocation of bushfire relief funds after the Black Summer fires. But as new minister Bridget McKenzie takes over the programs, there is also increasing concern the money is being used for pork-barrelling.

News July 31, 2021

Inside story: What happens when you win the Olympics?

As Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympics, there are questions over contracts that siphon off revenue and invest almost all power in the International Olympic Committee.

News July 24, 2021

How power and factionalism work in Berejikliand

A power-sharing relationship inside the NSW Liberals has given the party stability – and edged out the influence of Scott Morrison.

News July 17, 2021

Exclusive: How three men stopped China funding Adani

Bob Carr and Geoff Cousins led an unlikely coalition to block Chinese funding for Adani. Not a cent has flowed to the company since.

News July 10, 2021

Exclusive: Frydenberg pushed AGL to sack boss

As AGL attempted to clean up its energy, Josh Frydenberg intervened to have its chief executive sacked. Now the company is de-merging to salvage its failing coal assets.

News July 03, 2021

Barrier Reef: Ley stunned by 22 years of warnings

Two decades ago an Australian scientist warned climate change would kill the reef. Since then, governments have steadfastly ignored what is happening.

News June 26, 2021

How the religious right is trying to take over the Liberal Party

The South Australian Liberal Party has frozen new memberships after an apparent Pentecostal takeover, but the move speaks to a vulnerability both feared and exploited in conservative politics.

News June 19, 2021

Taxing big land deals

Dismayed by huge profits made on rezoned land, a Liberal MP is pushing for the federal government to tax windfall gains at 75 per cent.

News June 12, 2021

State leaders seize control of Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Frustrated with the federal government’s beleaguered vaccination plan, the states and territories have stepped in. But experts warn the race to vaccinate the nation is becoming a ‘free-for-all’.