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News February 06, 2016

Who foots the bill for open-cut mine rehabilitation?

There’s a new vogue in mine rehabilitation: sell the mine for nothing, and let someone else sort it out.

News January 30, 2016

Friction between factions as disunity threatens Liberal Party

A 30-year war that is once again spilling over destroys Malcolm Turnbull’s claim the Liberal Party is free from factional infighting and backroom deals.

News January 23, 2016

Is it all over for Clive Palmer and PUP?

During the past two years, Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel donated $21 million to the Palmer United Party. Now it can’t afford to pay its workers.

News December 19, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull rethinks climate strategy

A policy of ‘indirect action’ may be one way Malcolm Turnbull can hang on to the reins of the Coalition while keeping his emissions reduction dream alive.

News December 12, 2015

Coal seam gas leaks a climate debacle

Hundreds of uncapped bores have for decades been leaking methane, a gas more polluting than CO 2 – and the government knows almost nothing about them.

News December 05, 2015

The truth about Australia’s Ebola hospital

A year on from the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, Australia’s slow, privatised and ineffective response has come in for questioning.

News November 28, 2015

The vexed power of Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed

A controversial figure, Australia’s Grand Mufti is of more importance to The Daily Telegraph than he is to many Muslims.

News November 21, 2015

Shenhua’s Mongolia coalmining scandal highlights local fears

International criticism hardens opponents of the Chinese coalmining giant’s plans for the Liverpool Plains, as governments roll over.

News November 14, 2015

The many trials of Cardinal George Pell

As Cardinal Pell prepares for another child sex abuse hearing, his ‘company man’ style has made him enemies within the Vatican.