Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper's national correspondent.

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News March 05, 2016

Inside John Howard’s legacy

Twenty years after he won government, the economic and political damage of John Howard’s leadership is becoming clearer.

News February 27, 2016

Coalmine approvals based on flawed models

The coal industry uses flawed economic models to persuade gullible governments to approve new mines and expansions, grossly inflating employment benefits and ignoring profitability questions.

News February 20, 2016

Lockout laws and violence in the streets

Sydney’s lockout laws answered a media panic in the wake of two violent deaths on the streets. Assaults in trouble spots have since dropped, but are protests about ruining nightlife businesses misguided?

News February 13, 2016

Stuart Robert and political donations

The Stuart Robert scandal highlights deep flaws in the system when it comes to political donations, accountability and influence.

News February 06, 2016

Who foots the bill for open-cut mine rehabilitation?

There’s a new vogue in mine rehabilitation: sell the mine for nothing, and let someone else sort it out.

News January 30, 2016

Friction between factions as disunity threatens Liberal Party

A 30-year war that is once again spilling over destroys Malcolm Turnbull’s claim the Liberal Party is free from factional infighting and backroom deals.

News January 23, 2016

Is it all over for Clive Palmer and PUP?

During the past two years, Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel donated $21 million to the Palmer United Party. Now it can’t afford to pay its workers.

News December 19, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull rethinks climate strategy

A policy of ‘indirect action’ may be one way Malcolm Turnbull can hang on to the reins of the Coalition while keeping his emissions reduction dream alive.

News December 12, 2015

Coal seam gas leaks a climate debacle

Hundreds of uncapped bores have for decades been leaking methane, a gas more polluting than CO 2 – and the government knows almost nothing about them.