Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News October 08, 2016

Australia scoring low marks on education

As elite private schools continue to benefit from government funding, Australian education standards are sliding in global terms and politicians remain reluctant to take a stand.

News October 01, 2016

China’s coal price cartel

China’s plan to increase coal production and keep global prices low is bad news for Australian miners and their political allies.

News September 24, 2016

Unions poisoned by ALP affiliation

With plotters using the labour movement as a means to amass power, unions have become vulnerable to rorting and the erosion of workers’ rights.

News September 17, 2016

Battlelines drawn on same-sex marriage plebiscite

In the face of consistent public support for same-sex marriage, the right is pushing the prime minister to delay, obfuscate and ultimately scupper reform.

News September 10, 2016

Inside the split at the Climate Change Authority

The body that provides government with advice on global warming is being pulled apart by politics, yet may prove more effective than ever.

News September 03, 2016

The truth about ICAC’s corruption rulings

With reduced powers to name corrupt individuals, ICAC’s findings are increasingly shaped by politics.

News August 27, 2016

Former IPA head: radicals ‘hijacked’ think tank

After early co-operation with Bob Hawke, Roger Neave watched as the IPA became the radical propaganda arm of the Liberal Party.

News August 20, 2016

How top-ranking NSW police failed the Lindt cafe siege

Deleted text messages and botched directions underscore the flaws in an operation senior police say was not their responsibility.

News August 13, 2016

Census attacks raise issue of security of foreign investment in infrastructure

The attack on the census website highlights concerns over more damaging cyberwarfare, potentially state-sponsored, leading some experts to caution against foreign investment in critical infrastructure.