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is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News July 09, 2016

How GetUp! boosted Labor in Election 2016

Activist group GetUp! made 40,000 phone calls in seats selected to target Abbott-aligned parliamentarians, helping Labor win its key gains.

News July 02, 2016

The $250 million federal election question

When it comes to election campaigns, it’s easier to sell the negative over the positive – at a massive cost to taxpayers.

News June 25, 2016

The success of the Parliamentary Budget Office

The PBO has proved a boon for accountability, preventing political parties from citing fanciful costings or embarking on ‘black hole’ scare campaigns.

News June 18, 2016

Parakeelia: The inner workings of the Liberals’ funding rort

Donations from a Liberal Party-owned company, through which thousands in taxpayer dollars have been funnelled, expose deep flaws in political fundraising.

News June 11, 2016

NSW premier Mike Baird’s flaws beginning to show

Mike Baird’s winning ways are losing their lustre as critics accuse him of pushing NSW towards being a privatised police state.

News May 28, 2016

Political dirt units defining elections

As the long election campaign grinds on, political dirt units remain the most reliable source of interest, leaking within parties and between them.

News May 21, 2016

Economic think tanks setting the election agenda

A new political nous in economic research groups has seen them capture debate and set the policy course for the election.

News May 14, 2016

Teething on the 2016 election campaign trail

In any ordinary circumstances, Malcolm Turnbull would be out selling last week’s budget. Instead, he’s on the hustings, largely ignoring it.

News May 07, 2016

Reagan ‘voodoo economics’ at the heart of Scott Morrison’s budget

Following a sponsored visit by Reagan adviser Arthur Laffer, Malcolm Turnbull’s budget is based on the fallacy of his trickle-down economics.