Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News May 09, 2015

The hashtag crusaders

How does 'clicktivism’ stand up against the old-fashioned footslog of offline campaigning?

News May 02, 2015

Negative gearing’s social carnage on low-income earners

How tax breaks for investment properties have created a housing affordability crisis while lining the pockets of those least in need.

News April 25, 2015

Western Australia’s brazen call for more GST money

WA's treasurer, a former IPA economist, epitomises the hypocrisy of the state’s special pleading for a bigger share of GST revenue.

News April 18, 2015

Resources bust worse thanks to Howard–Costello

As Hockey finally acknowledges the budget’s revenue problems, there are serious questions about whether resources will ever boom again.

News April 11, 2015

Taxation, inequality and the wealth gap

The tax debate has raised the ongoing issue of Australia's underlying inequality.

News April 04, 2015

ALP struggles for relevance as unions further wither

With the ALP gradually losing the hearts and minds of many of its rusted-on faithful, the party must prove that it actually believes in something in order to survive.

News March 28, 2015

Govt acts to reassure World Heritage committee on Reef

New government measures to preserve the Great Barrier Reef are more about protecting the ‘brand’ than admitting any environmental mismanagement.

News March 21, 2015

Christopher ’The Fixer’ Pyne’s bid to deregulate uni fees

He calls himself a ‘fixer’ but Christopher Pyne’s achievements heading the Coalition’s education portfolio have done nothing to support this school of thought.

News March 14, 2015

ALP leader Bill Shorten faces big test on civil liberties

The opposition leader is being wedged on data retention laws, not just by the government and the Greens, but by his own party.