Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper's national correspondent.

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News October 11, 2014

The Australia Institute are the real senate puppet masters

What is the Australia Institute and how did it cultivate such critical influence over the government’s agenda?

News October 04, 2014

The troubled campaign to privatise state assets

Governments love privatisation; the public loathes it. Elections can be won and lost on the strength of the disagreement.

News September 27, 2014

Betting against political resolve on gambling

Despite regulatory fig leaves, live and online gambling is growing exponentially. And there’s no will to change it.

News September 20, 2014

Terror laws also threaten right to protest

Hidden in new anti-terrorism laws are wide powers governments want to silence dissent and quash protest.

News September 13, 2014

Illegal donations from developers fund NSW Libs’ win

ICAC poses one big question: why would a party buy an election it has already won?

news September 06, 2014

Confidence tricksters dominate unions royal commission, ICAC

Standover men and convicted terrorists, mingling with unions and corrupt politicians, have hollowed out faith in institutions.

News August 30, 2014

When team building fuels racial unrest

Encouraging membership of ‘Team Australia’ must include active recruitment of Muslim players and consultation on the game plan.

News August 23, 2014

How to kill off a lord mayor: inside the ’Get Clover’ plot

The major parties are legislating to take over city councils with an attempt to stack votes in their favour.

News August 16, 2014

Hunter now the hunted at ICAC

Bags of money and faulty memories cost two Newcastle Liberals their jobs.