Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News August 29, 2015

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Christian right

As Australia becomes less religious, churches have insinuated themselves into politics and gained particular control over Tony Abbott.

News August 22, 2015

Abbott’s smoke and mirrors before Paris climate summit

Tony Abbott’s emissions reduction pledge ahead of the UN climate summit in Paris smacks of statistical sophistry and deceptive deadlines.

News August 15, 2015

Smoking ban set to inflame larger issues in prisons

A ban on cigarettes in NSW prisons sparked fears of insurrection, but questions have arisen over the effectiveness of such policies and the greater problem of overcrowded facilities.

News August 08, 2015

Filthy secrets shroud Aust’s emissions reduction plans

Weak regulation is increasing Australia’s carbon emissions and allowing dirty power stations to survive.

News August 01, 2015

Fresh calls for inquiry into Ayers Rock Resort purchase

Calls for a thorough inquiry into the ill-fated purchase of the Ayers Rock Resort by the Indigenous Land Corporation are being blocked at every turn by the government.

News July 25, 2015

The true cost of green energy

The arguments against renewable energy are not just without scientific basis, they lack economic credibility.

News July 18, 2015

Final fight against same-sex marriage

Opponents of same-sex marriage are mounting a last-ditch campaign to prevent parliament heeding public opinion, Mike Seccombe reports

News July 11, 2015

The government’s $14.2 billion budget fantasy to sell an election

While the government is looking for any distraction it can find from the economy, it is banking on unlegislated budget cuts hidden beyond the next election.

News July 04, 2015

Barton Deakin, the Coalition’s ‘evil twin’ lobby firm

Hidden behind two of Australia’s biggest lobbying firms is one company and an endless list of political links.