Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News January 31, 2015

Inside the Sydney siege

State and federal inquiries are under way. But is there sufficient independence to assess potential shortcomings at the policing, intelligence or political levels?

News January 24, 2015

Inside Peter Dutton’s asylum-seeker endgame

Peter Dutton’s new portfolio is no longer about stopping the boats but whether to maintain cruel and expensive detention.

News December 20, 2014

How John Howard’s tax cuts undid his protégé Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott’s great mentor left him with a squandered boom and a tax system that may yet destroy his government.

News December 13, 2014

PM’s Literary Awards ignite fresh history wars

Awarding a PM’s literary prize to a poorly sourced anti-union tome is an unsubtle attempt to rewrite history.

News December 06, 2014

Greg Hunt’s hostile attack on the environment

As the government walks away from pricing carbon and dismantles climate initiatives, it reveals itself as our most radical in decades.

News November 29, 2014

What Mark Scott is really doing with the ABC cuts

Funding cuts to the ABC play perfectly into the hands of the national broadcaster’s management.

News November 22, 2014

Newman government courts Adani on Galilee Basin coal deal

As the market deserts coal, Queensland’s government is offering money to Indian mining giant Adani to exploit the state’s reserves.

News November 15, 2014

Luxembourg tax deals hard for G20 meeting to ignore

A timely leak of documents may finally force the G20’s hand on corporate tax dodging.

News November 08, 2014

Who is running green politics?

While the Greens fight over relevance, the movement from which they were born is going professional.